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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 2*

I did not want to know where the bus was going to take me. Maybe that was something stupid I was thinking right now. I had to know where I was going. I had to inform my mom and dad as to where I was heading to. So I was going to shift to a place somewhere near North Yorkshire. Yeah this was a pretty far away place from reality. I boarded the bus. With the little money I had I bought the ticket and catched a seat somewhere at the back. I no longer wanted to think about this stuff.
Total shit it was. I plugged in my earphones and stared out of the window. The music and my tiredness made me went off to sleep within minutes.

I was woken up by the conductor. When I opened my eyes I was the only one left in the bus. “its your stop boy” I tried to regain my senses as to where I was.
“oh yeah, thanks” I replied standing up from my seat and deboarding the bus.
i was here standing at a totally new place. i did not even know an inch of this. But I knew I had to move on far away from filth. I stretched my arms as I walked forward.
I reminded my self dat I needed a job and RIGHT NOW. first I moved onto a store to buy a newspaper to search for jobs. but I wasn’t qualified enough to get a professional one. I flipped through the classified pages but cud find none! I walked ahead to a park to sit in d shade. It was quite sunny here. I thought of looking for a rental room.

I had to stay somewhere. I again traced my finger across those columns and found 2-3 places nearby this place. I called onto the first one. “Sorry we’re full”
Second “sorry boy. We had our deal done today” the only hopes were with the last one. So my fingers crossed I called up. Within two bells this person picked up the phone. “Hello, this is Harry styles” a man which according to his voice sounded somewhere in his early 20’s in a deep raspy and crisp voice said.
“umm. This is Louis Tomlinson and I found this ad for a rental room in th—“

“oh yeah. U’ve called the right place. Yeah I put this ad for just one person.”

“yes yes its just me. I wanted to talk about this deal when can I visit?”

‘can u visit me in an hour? I’m out for work”

“sure. Its totally fine”

“well then see u in an hour”


And that man cut the call off. I had plenty of time to resume my search for the job but right now my stomach was making noises. I was really hungry. I got up and walked back to the streets. I had only a few dollars left in my wallet. I headed into a bakery shop and bought the cheapest donut” I stepped out of the shop but something caught my eye. They had put up a notice for a salesman. I was so thrilled. It read “salesman required urgently. Salary negotiable”

Oh my god I didn’t know my day was so lucky. Two deals in a day.


I stepped inside again. I glanced my eyes on men standing at the table near a stand. I walked over to a man. ‘do u people require a salesman?” I asked that grumpy man, nearly in his 40’s, in a bit lowered tone.
“yeah, go into the office, straight left”

I walked down as I was directed. I knocked twice before peeping in.
“YES?” that man asked me. I waked in as I said.” I read dat notice. It said u required a salesman.

“yeah we do “ that man replied rocking his chair. “so I would like to—“

“C’mon fill in this sheet with details and get me up passport size picture”
My eyes opened wide as to everything so fast?
“okay” I start filling up the form as the man asked me again,
“how much salary?”. Was I supposed to decide the salary? Me?
“ umm me? How am I supposed to---anything would do” I finished up the sentence trying to sound kind enough.
“Okay soo $180 would do right?” “yes yes that is fine”

“so u can join from tom or today if u please” I told me as he got up to exit the room. I walked out after placing the sheet onto the table.
Now I headed to my new rental house.

I rang the bell twice as I waited for the person to open the door. I stood there in the silent corridor of the 2nd floor of this building. I looked down at my shoe. I don’t know why but my heart beat raced faster.
I heard the door knob twisting and unlocking as the door opened and a tall body appeared in front of me. i was looking down so my traced from his shoes to his knee to his thin thighs to his perfect abdomen his broad shoulders his neck and then that face.

He was tall. Taller than me about a foot and a half maybe. I looked up at his face and his eyes looked soo piercing. The beautiful emerald green colour filled them. dressed in a black tee and black skinny jeans and yes those golden brown curls could make any girls heart faint.

“is it Louis Tomlinson?” this man asked. The voice on the phone was just the same. But completely different from his personality.

“umm yeah “ I managed to gather words.

“Its me, Harry. Harry Styles” he says gesturing me a hand shake. I slipped my hand out of the pocket to shake his hand. This mans hand was huge. He had a tighter hold than anybody I've ever had hand shakes with.

“c’mon in. we don’t wanna discuss it outside. Do we?” he asked me . I stepped into the house.

”no no not at all” I say


another one! sorry for spelling mistakes(if there are any) lol

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Hi guys, if you are reading this fiction, please continue reading it on the new user id I have created. Which is "Boomelouu". The old one is "boomelou" The one I am using now. I shall be continuing the story there.

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AlexxStylinosn28 AlexxStylinosn28

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

LizzyM101 LizzyM101