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A Harry Styles Love Story


Sarah’s POV

“Go by the other girls, we will take care of this.” I nodded then let go of his grip around me. Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam all went over to the side. All of us went to take off our skates. Gregg stayed with us because well, he didn’t really understand what was going on.

While we were waiting for the situation to be taken care of, all of us girls got some time to talk to each other without the guys being present.

“Guess what guys? I have good news” Melanie said while turning towards us.

“What?!” we all said rather excitedly.

“Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend!!!”

“Congratulations!!!!” We all took turns hugging her.

We looked over to where the boys were and they all seemed happy which I thought was weird. We then brought our attention to Larissa.

“No way! Louis asked me to be his girlfriend as well while we were at the beach. I guess I never really thought of telling anyone until now.”

“What about you and Harry?” Stephanie asked me.

“What do you mean what about me and Harry?” Honestly I don’t know where we stand as of this moment I forgave him. Technically we never broke up.

“Well if you guys are dating why is he kissing that girl over there?” I turned my attention and see that he is in fact kissing another girl.

“Well now we aren’t dating at least not anymore. Let’s go to the car. I will go over and tell them to meet us at the car. Ivana and Colleen you are more than welcome to come home with us and hang out at my house if you want?”

“Well, Gregg offered me a ride home so we are going to hang out there, but thanks for the offer anyway.” Colleen and Gregg both started heading the other way. The girls decided to start to walk to the car. I started walking towards the guys.

Harry saw me approaching and quickly pulled away from the girl.

“Hey Sarah, this is Caitlin and her girlfriend, Eleanor.” I turned towards her.

“It’s nice to meet you. Sorry I would love to stay and chat but I just came over here to tell you guys that we are going to be leaving soon.” Just as the other guys started walking Harry turned towards me and said, “If you don’t mind, Louis and I would like to stay here and talk to them for a little longer.”

I pang of jealously flew through my veins and I just ignored it.

“Sure. Just meet us at the car when you’re done.” He turned around and started talking to them while I just walked away. We waited a good 10 minutes before Harry and Louis came out to us.

They just seemed so happy, and acted like absolutely nothing was wrong. Once we got home Melanie and Zayn went to go “hang out” in his room.

Larissa and Stephanie were talking. Harry and Louis were discussing something that I barely overheard. I could only make out some of the conversation. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“But I…love Caitlin. I…dump Sarah. Eleanor…dating…you. I…think I hate Sarah. Besides…Sarah…ugly…can’t be around her.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to find the one person who I could talk to with my guy troubles. Niall.

I went to find Niall and as usual he was in the kitchen. He turned around towards me, “Hey what's wrong Sarah.”

“I think Harry wants to dump me so that he could be with Caitlin. I overheard him saying it. Then he said that he hated me and that I was ugly.” I couldn’t take it anymore the tear flowed down my cheeks. Niall came over to me and hugged me. “You’re not ugly you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s Harry’s loss. I won’t let him be mean to you or lay a finger on you. I promise.” I looked up at him.

“Niall you’re awesome you know that right?”

“Not as awesome as you are.” He then leaned down and the next thing I know. He closes the space between us. There was no spark but it felt different. It was a good different not the passionate, firework show but more the gentle kiss. Was it bad to think that it was good? After a while the emotions and feelings throughout the day just perished and I just forgot about everything. My hands ran through and played with his blonde hair.

Stephanie’s POV

I walked into the kitchen and heard Sarah and Niall talking. I heard the things that she said that Harry had said but I couldn’t believe it. Harry and Sarah looked so perfect together. I noticed that they stopped talking and I walk in and see Sarah and Niall kissing! I mean Niall and I aren’t dating but I like him a lot. I went upstairs and walked over to Louis and Harry’s room and I told them about what I saw. Louis went downstairs to go tell Niall to come upstairs.

Harry suggested an idea since I told him that I liked Niall on how to get Niall jealous.

“Sure, I need a reason for Sarah to break up with me anyway. I don’t have the heart to dump her myself.” Before I could ask what he meant he crashed his lips to mine just as Niall walked into the room, followed by Sarah.

Sarah’s POV

“Harry…what are you doing with Stephanie?” He ignored me and kept kissing her.

“Harry!” I said a little louder this time. He looked at me like nothing was wrong with what he just did.

“What do you want? You cheated on me with Niall. So I want you to know what it feels like.” I stood there every muscle in my body froze.

“It only happened because we both got caught up in the moment and I overheard your conversation with Louis earlier. I heard you say that you loved Caitlin and that you were going to dump me. I heard you say that you hated me and that you thought I was ugly so I went to Niall because he would listen. He made me feel better.”

“Sarah, I would never sa-“

“Save it Harry. I saw you kissing that girl, Eleanor?? Is that her name? You and Louis seemed like the happiest people in the world talking to them. You acted like it was nothing. Then to go and kiss Stephanie in front of me! I’m so done with this Harry. I’m done with your lies and to think I love you.”

“What do you mean you love m-“

“Exactly what it means I love you but I keep forgiving you over and over again. I won’t stop you from being with Caitlin ok?”

“But I don’t want to be with Caitlin. I want to be with you. I love you not her.” His eyes reflected with a sad glow and then I saw it.

“If you truly love me then tell me the truth about Caitlin. Please. I can’t be in a relationship with someone who keeps lying to me.”

Pain. His eyes were full of pain. “Sarah, Please. I really wish I could tell you but you but I can't. I'm trying to protect you.”

"You know what just forget it." I started towards the door.

Harry’s POV

I can’t hold it in anymore. I need her to be able to trust me. I have to tell her what really happened.

As she was walking away, I ran over to her. “Caitlin told me that I needed to dump you and date her or she would hurt you. She also told Louis that if he didn’t date Eleanor then she would hurt Larissa. Sarah, please believe me when I say that I love you, not Caitlin. I swear to you that I’m not lying. I’m trying to protect you.”

“So that’s why you told me that you needed a way for Sarah to break up with you.” Stephanie said while being half shocked.

“Sarah, please believe me. I’m trying to protect you. It will be hard enough not being able to be around you. I rather fake my feelings toward Caitlin until she gets tired of me then her hurting you.”

“Fine, I will trust you this once. You should pack up your things and switch rooms with someone else so that Caitlin doesn’t suspect anything. "

"Sarah, I swear this is why I love you. I promise I won't mess this up. I won't let Caitlin hurt you. If you want we can discuss all of this later, in private. Once we figure out a plan we can tell the guys." I pulled her in for a hug and kissed the top of her head.

"ok, Harry. I love you." I kissed her one last time.

She turned to walk out the door but stopped and said, "So, as of right now we are 'over' Harry.” while putting air quotes around over because we all know this is not over but just the beginning.

And with that she walked out the door.


i will update two moree


Can you pleaseeeeeeee update?? This story is so good!!!!:)

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how about this since i just got my laptop back that means that i will be able to work on my stories more yaya but it is also senior year and i have like no studies this year and i will have to be stage manager for both of my school productions and it is a demanding job as well as homework i dont know why i said that its kind of irrelivant and i forgot where i was going with this...oh right ok so i might not have as much time to work on this story but it you can somehow get this story to 60 subscribers and 58 votes then i promise that i will update ok?
Update please please please
This story is great! Please update </3
i love this story please update soon !!!!!!!!! <3 <3
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