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A Harry Styles Love Story

Chapter 10- Decisions Decisions

Sarah’s POV

“Are you ready for our picnic date in the park?” Harry said while wrapping his arms around my waist as I prepared the sandwiches.

“Of course I am. I’m just putting the finishing touches on our sandwiches and we are good to go.” I said while putting the now finished sandwiches into the picnic basket.

“Let’s go!” Harry said while taking my hand and grabbing the picnic basket with the other.

We got into the car and headed to the park. There were barely any people there. Harry led me to a place underneath a tree which shielded us from the outside. It was almost like our own personal hideaway.

Harry and I ate our picnic while exchanging flirty banter. Once we finished, he put the picnic stuff back in the car and we decided to walk around for a while. His hand was linked with mine and it fit perfectly as if we were made for each other.

We were so engaged in conversation that we never noticed the rain clouds that were rolling in. We felt a few rain drops and then realized that it was in fact starting to rain.

The scene was set just right. It was raining, we were together, it seemed as if nothing else in the world mattered anymore, it was just me and Harry. We were trapped in this moment, one that I would never want to leave. It would be a memory that I would want to remember forever.

As the rain poured down around us, Harry turned us so that we were facing each other only a few centimeters separating ourselves from each other.

Our foreheads were touching, his eyes staring deeply into my eyes, before he says the words that I have been dying to hear for the longest time.

“Sarah, I love you.” He said while pulling my waist closer to him.

I looked in his eyes, his beautiful hazel colored eyes filled with hope, sincerity, and love.

“I love you too.” I said before we both crashed our lips together. The kiss quickly turned into a hard core make out session in the rain.

Once we finished kissing for a good few minutes before we decided that it would probably be good for us to both take a breath before continuing, Harry reached into his back pocket.

He opened the box and there in the box was the promise ring that he had given me earlier, which I returned to him.

“Will you please be mine again?” He said with hope in his eyes.

I hesitated a moment but then answered him, “Yes.”

He slipped the ring on and we kissed again.

After a while we headed to the car, he gave me a piggyback ride in the rain to the car. We both got in and headed back to the house.

Harry’s phone started to ring on the way home but he ignored it. We held hands while he was driving. Once we got to the house Harry got fed up with his phone ringing and answered it.

“Hello…I’m kind of busy right now, can we talk later? Ok…thanks bye.”

“Who was that?” I said while shutting the door behind us.

“Taylor Swift. Simon wants me to fake date her but I’m trying to convince him that I don’t want to.” Harry said while sitting down on the couch.

“Why do you think Simon wants you to fake date her?” I said.

“He thinks we need more publicity and by dating her we can get that publicity.” He said while sighing.

“Oh, so then what if he doesn’t let you get out of the deal? What will happen to us?”

“We will just have to remain a secret until it all blows over.” He said.

“No, Harry.” I said while standing up.

“Sarah, why not. I thought you would be reasonable about this.” Harry said while running his hands through his hair, which was a sign that he was getting frustrated.

“I am being reasonable about this.” I said while crossing my arms over my chest.

“Sarah, I promise you that we can make this work.”

“Are you going to tell Taylor that you already have a girlfriend?” I turned and asked him.

“Yes, but not yet.”He said while looking away.

I sighed and turned to walk away, when he grabbed my hand and turned me around to face him.

“Please, Sarah, I just got you back.” He eyes were pleading with me.

I pulled my hand away from his grasp, “I’m not going to come back until you get this Taylor situation cleared up.”

“Where are you going?” He yelled as I walked out the door.

“I’m going to Stephanie’s. Call me once you get your situation settled so we can talk.”
*A Few Days Later*

“Stephanie, what do I do?” I said while sitting down on the couch in her and Niall’s apartment.

I’ve been staying here for the time being while Harry tries to get Simon to let him stay with me. So far, it seems as if he isn’t winning the fight. Harry said he would call me once he finds out what is going on.

All of a sudden on tv, flashed a breaking story.

Breaking news, it seems as if Harry Styles, popular singer in the worldwide band One Direction, is now taken by American country singer Taylor Swift. Pictures were taken of them visiting the London Zoo, holding hands and kissing, more on the story next.”

“Well, I guess that settles that. Please excuse me, I need to call someone.” I said while getting up off of the couch and stepping into the hallway of the apartment.

I pulled out my phone and called the one other person that I could rely on…George.

“Hey, Sarah. I heard about Harry are you alright?” George asked me.

“No, I’m not. I was wondering if it would be alright if it wasn’t too much to ask, if I could stay at your place for a while so that I could clear my thoughts?”

“Sure, come on over. So, I’m guessing I will see you in a bit?”

“Yeah, I just have to get my stuff from the house so I will be right over.”

“Ok, see you soon bye.” George said.

“Bye.” Then I hung up the phone.

I walked back into Stephanie and Niall’s apartment and told them that I was going to go back home and then go to visit George.

I hugged them good bye then got in my car and headed to my house. I was dreading what was going to be there when I opened the door, but hopefully they will be out so that I can go in get my stuff and get out but knowing how everything has been lately. I highly doubt that is what will happen…Here is the update you guys !!!!! yaya!! sorry if it is bad I just made it within the past two hours i was brainstorming more for the plot for another youtuber story that we will be co-writing :) slave/master type story it will be smut but it also will be amazinggggg

Anyway here is the deal...If I get 110 hearts on this story I will update the next chapter :) Comment and tell me what you think will happen next tell me what you liked tell me what you hated


Here is the update you guys !!!!! yaya!! sorry if it is bad I just made it within the past two hours i was brainstorming more for the plot for another youtuber story that we will be co-writing :) slave/master type story it will be smut but it also will be amazinggggg

Comment and tell me what you think will happen next tell me what you liked tell me what you hated


Can you pleaseeeeeeee update?? This story is so good!!!!:)

SarahXoX SarahXoX



how about this since i just got my laptop back that means that i will be able to work on my stories more yaya but it is also senior year and i have like no studies this year and i will have to be stage manager for both of my school productions and it is a demanding job as well as homework i dont know why i said that its kind of irrelivant and i forgot where i was going with this...oh right ok so i might not have as much time to work on this story but it you can somehow get this story to 60 subscribers and 58 votes then i promise that i will update ok?
Update please please please
This story is great! Please update </3
i love this story please update soon !!!!!!!!! <3 <3
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