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A Harry Styles Love Story

Chapter 4- "I Remember..."

Harry’s POV

It was almost morning and Sarah still wasn’t back yet. She promised that she would return before morning. I sense that something is wrong, something must have happened to her on her way back. I decided to jump into my car and find her. I was driving down the street and noticed that the headlights were reflecting off of something in a ditch up ahead.

I pulled my car over to the side of the road and as I walked closer to the reflection of the lights, noticed that it was a car upside down. The car had the same license plate as the one Sarah was driving the night before. I quickly ran over to the driver side and noticed that Sarah was unconscious in the driver seat. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911.

Within minutes they were trying to pry her body out from the car. After I had arrived and parked my car in the parking lot, I texted the boys to meet me at the hospital. I sat in the same room as her once she got out of surgery. I just prayed that she would make it through.

Sarah’s POV

Why is it that I always get caught in these situations? I have probably been in the hospital more times than I can remember. Whatever though. I can sense that Harry is with me and that is all that I care about right now. I have a pounding headache which is driving me nuts right now.

I can’t respond to Harry’s pleas for me to react. I’m stuck in my own body for a while. I hear the doctor walk into the room which caused Harry to immediately stand up and turn towards the doctor.

“So, I have some good news and some bad news.” I could almost sense Harry’s uneasiness as the doctor said this.

The doctor paused a moment before proceeding. “So, the good news is that she made it through the surgery and by some miracle her memory is intact. The bad news is that she will be in a coma for the next few days because of the injuries that the accident has caused. She had completely shattered her leg and broke her left arm. We have her on anti-biotic and strong pain killers which would kill her if she were awake.”

“So then what should I do? Is there anything that I could do for her?” Harry asked the doctor.

“Well, it is said that people who are in comas do have an idea of what is going on around them. It might not seem like she is listening but she is listening to absolutely everything. She probably is listening to what we are saying right now. It would be a good thing to talk to her, keep her company, tell her stories or maybe about everything that you have gone through together. I can guarantee you when she wakes up she will understand more than you would think. You might feel stupid at first but it will help her to be calm.”

“So then when will she wake up approximately? Like after how many days?”

“Well, she should wake up in about 5 days. When she does wake up she will need constant assistance and help until she is fully recovered. So would you be willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of her until she is healed?”

“Definitely. Whatever it is, I will do it.” Harry said.

“Then follow me you have to sign some paper work.” The doctor left the room with Harry I’m guessing.

A while after they both left, I heard another set of footsteps walking into the room.

“Sarah, the doctor told us about what happened. Oh, and by the way it’s Larissa if you weren’t able to tell by the sound of my voice. Ummm. This kind of does feel weird talking to you without knowing if you can actually hear me. The boys are arguing about whether to go kick Nathan’s ass for what he did. They want to wait until you wake up and tell us what happened.”

I then heard another set of footsteps enter the room. “Love, how is it going with Sarah?” I could recognize that voice anywhere it was Louis.

“Good I guess? I don’t really know what to say.” Larissa said while standing up and going over to where Louis was standing.

I then heard another set of footsteps into the room. I tried to open up my eyes and found myself staring down at my body in the hospital bed. I looked at my hands and they looked almost transparent. I saw Stephanie come into the room with Niall’s hand intertwined with hers. They both looked at Larissa and Louis.

“Harry wants to talk to you guys, so he sent us in here to keep her company.” Stephanie said.

Louis and Larissa nodded and walked out of the room. Niall and Stephanie both sat down next to the bed.

“So, Sarah we know that you’re probably upset about what you and Nathan went through so we are going to remind you about all the good times we have had.” Stephanie said then turned toward Niall.

“Which one should we start with?” Niall took a second then answered her.

“How about when we all went ice skating?”

“I remember that! Harry was being a baby about it though, which I have to admit was pretty funny! Oh, and when you took off to start skating but ended up falling on your bum.”

Niall shook his head and responded, “Yes, but then you tried to help me up and ended up falling down as well!”

“That’s only because you pulled me down with you.”

“Yep, because I wanted to hug you and that was the first idea that came to my mind.” He then put his arm around her waist.

“That was the last time I remember doing something fun before all of this had happened.” Stephanie sighed while putting her head on his shoulder.

She was about to say something else when I saw Harry come back into the room.

“Hey Stephanie and Niall, having fun I presume?” Harry said while walking over to the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, we were just sharing the story of when we went ice skating, while we were waiting for you to get back.” Stephanie said. There was an awkward pause.

“If you guys are getting hungry you can go to the café downstairs and I will stay up here with her.” Harry said while sitting down in the chair next to the bed.

“Ok, then. And Harry, don’t worry so much, remember only four more days until she wakes up.” Stephanie said while Niall took her hand and led her out of the room. I started feeling tired so I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with Harry’s hand in mine.

*The Next Day*

I heard voices and I opened my eyes. Yep, still hovering above my body. I looked down. Yep, my hands are still transparent. Harry was mumbling something and then feel something being slid onto my ring finger and I looked down and he was slipping a ring onto my finger and all of a sudden it hit me.

* Flashback*

Harry turned his head to see Eleanor standing there with a dagger in her hands.

“So, have you made your decision yet?”

“Fine, Eleanor I will have sex with you under one condition. If I do you let Sarah and I go unharmed afterwards.”

“Harry. No, I can’t let you do that to yourself.” Eleanor turned to me.

“Looks like he doesn’t care about what you think. Besides he has done it before.”

“That’s not true.” I shook my head.

“Oh but it is. He had an affair with me while he was ‘dating’ Caitlin and while he was secretly dating you.” She said with a smug look on her face.

What she said hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked over to Harry.

“Is that true? You and Eleanor were having sex while we were secretly dating?”

He shifted his eyes around the room.

“Oh my gosh, you did. I can’t believe you would do that to me. You lied to me.”

“It’s not what it sounds like I swear. Please Sarah trust me.”

“That’s what you told me about our secret relationship. You said to trust you and I did.”

I remembered that my hands were tied in front of me. When I looked down I saw the promise ring Harry had given me.

I started twirling the ring on my finger. “Nathan was right. I should’ve forgotten about you. All you ever do is lie and cheat on me anyway.” Tears were streaming down my face.

I slipped the ring off of my finger and threw it over in Harry’s direction.

“Here take your stupid ring back. I’m so done with you Harry. I keep trusting you over and over again and the situation just keeps getting worse. After all you and Eleanor have been closer than we ever were.”

I saw Eleanor pick up the ring and put it on. “Looks like I didn’t have to hurt her, you already have. So the faster we finish this, the faster that you can go back to your life.”

I looked up while the tears were streaming down my face and saw Harry get up and head to the see-through room attached to the one we were in. Eleanor followed him close behind.

*End of Flashback*

I remember…I almost felt like my breath hitched in the back of my throat. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and then all of a sudden I was being sucked back into my body. I was in excruciating pain and I heard a bunch of people shouting different things, but the last thing I remember hearing was “the medication has worn off we are going to lose her if we don’t get the pain killers back into her system.”


ok guys so this is officially where i left off and i will not update for a few days because i have finals this week so yeah kill me now...


Can you pleaseeeeeeee update?? This story is so good!!!!:)

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how about this since i just got my laptop back that means that i will be able to work on my stories more yaya but it is also senior year and i have like no studies this year and i will have to be stage manager for both of my school productions and it is a demanding job as well as homework i dont know why i said that its kind of irrelivant and i forgot where i was going with this...oh right ok so i might not have as much time to work on this story but it you can somehow get this story to 60 subscribers and 58 votes then i promise that i will update ok?
Update please please please
This story is great! Please update </3
i love this story please update soon !!!!!!!!! <3 <3
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