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A Harry Styles Love Story

Meeting The Guys

Sarah's POV

Even though I have been in England for 5 years now, I still stick to my American accent because I guess guys like it because its different in a cute way so I'm told. My parents are in the house across the street because they want me to try to learn how to be independent. So basically that means that I have the whole house to myself. I couldn’t wait for the guys to get back, they were going to be spending a few months at my house before going back out on tour.

The doorbell rang so I got up and answered it and too my surprise I saw 5 guys standing there. I only recognized 1 though and that one would be Harry Styles.

"Harry!!!!" I ran and hugged him and he hugged me back :)

"ello Sarah, how have you been?"

"Pretty bored nothing much to do in a house all by myself."

"Well you wont have the house all to yourself anymore now will you?" He winked at me.

"Course not? Wanna come in?" I motion for them and they grab their stuff and bring it into the living room.

They all then started to get comfortable on the furniture. They acted more like brothers then friends which is pretty awesome. We will all have a bunch of fun I can tell.

Harry and I were the last ones to the living room. So we both sat down on the couch rather close actually. The boys then looked up at us and started to smirk.

I looked up and Harry didn’t seem to notice. I looked at the boys again. "What?"

"oh nothing." they were still smirking so then I decided to change the subject.

"So tell me something about yourselves. "

The one with the chocolate brown hair and brown eyes replied, "I am sure we are all more interested in learning about you, babe."

I could feel myself blushing, since it I just so happened to realize that there were a few of them that were really hot.

"Well, I'm turning 17 soon. I live in this house by myself because my parents want me to learn how to be independent even though they live right across the street. Your turn."

"ok then well my name is Liam, that’s Zayn, Niall, and Louis." while saying the names he was pointing to each of the boys.

"oh ok well its nice to meet you all."

"Nice meeting you too! " they all said collectively.

"So anyone special."Liam asked while his eyes were moving between Harry and I. I noticed that harry didn't bother to look up.

"Oh um..no there isn't."

"Who wouldn’t want to date you!" Liam said rather flirtatiously. I blush realizing that he is one of the cute ones.

"most boys I hang out with think of me as a best friend type not the dating type I guess."

"Well then those guys are just areses." harry said before looking up for the first time we have entered the room.

I could feel myself blushing. So I decided to change the subject.

"Anyway why don’t you all take your stuff upstairs. So there are 3 bedrooms including mine of course so that means two per bed, and one lucky guy gets to share a bed with me."

"Zayn and Louis can share a room, Niall and Liam, and then I'll share with you." Harry said while getting his stuff and running upstairs.

"How come you get to share a room with Sarah? What if I wanted to?" Liam said acting like he was all offended by it.

"Well I called her first." yelled Harry from upstairs.

"Just fair warning he likes to sleep o-natural." Zayn was saying while picking up his stuff and heading upstairs.

"Oh…thanks for the warning because I so wanted to know that." I said it sarcastically of course.

I went upstairs and saw Harry unpacking. I then went to check on Zayn and Louis and they were almost done. Last room I checked was the one with Niall and Liam. I stayed outside the door though because I heard them talking about me.

"Hey Liam what do you think about Sarah?" Niall turned to Liam.

"First off, she's bloody hot.-"

"and second off Harry said she is off limits remember." Niall interrupted Liam.

"I know Harry fancies her but what if she fancies one of us instead?"

"I don’t know all I know is that Harry said she is off limits. So I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side." Niall said.

"Good point but still. He can't make her decisions for her."

"I know. We should probably head back they are probably wondering what is taking so long."Niall said while patting Liam on the back.

I then headed into their room almost bumping into them as they were coming out.

"Oh hey you guys finished relatively fast."

"Yep. Let's all head back downstairs. I'm getting hungry." Niall said while running down the stairs.

"Yeah I agree with him. Shall we?" Liam motioned for me to go first down the stairs.

"A gentleman I take it? Nice to know that there are some in my house for once."

Once we reached the bottom of the stairs everyone else was just laying around doing nothing. "Who wants to go out to eat?"

I was answered with a cheer of "us". We all decided to order pizza. While we were waiting we decided on playing wii and since there was 6 of us 4 would play at a time. The guys got really into winning the game while joking around at the same time which I thought was cute.

Then the doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

Harry's POV

I followed Sarah to the door to help since I'm guessing there are at least 3 pizzas. By the time I got there the pizza guy had already asked for her number, which was sort of kind of pissing me off.

Knowing Sarah she politely declined once I put my arm around her shoulders. The pizza guy gave me a glare, I then took the pizzas from him and Sarah shut the door behind me and took one of the pizzas.

"Who wants pizza?" she yelled while walking to the kitchen. Faster then ever all of the other boys sped into the room. We all finished eating.

Once we all finished we headed towards the living room and turned on the tele. I wrapped my arms around her and she laid her head on my shoulder. She looked up to ask me something but then stopped. Something was so entrancing about her eyes, so we just stared at each other for a few minutes before being brought back to the present by the wolf whistles from the guys.


Hey so how do u like the story so far? Tell me what you think and comment and follow me please :) Should i start to take one shot requests?? Commenting does make a difference. :D
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Can you pleaseeeeeeee update?? This story is so good!!!!:)

SarahXoX SarahXoX



how about this since i just got my laptop back that means that i will be able to work on my stories more yaya but it is also senior year and i have like no studies this year and i will have to be stage manager for both of my school productions and it is a demanding job as well as homework i dont know why i said that its kind of irrelivant and i forgot where i was going with this...oh right ok so i might not have as much time to work on this story but it you can somehow get this story to 60 subscribers and 58 votes then i promise that i will update ok?
Update please please please
This story is great! Please update </3
i love this story please update soon !!!!!!!!! <3 <3
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