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The Dark & The Twisted

Zayn - Angry Sex

“For fuck's sake, Y/N! I told you a million times I do not want you spending so much time with him!” Zayn shouts at you after you just returned home.

“God, Zayn, he is just a friend!” you argue back, annoyed with his constant complaining.

“I don't care what he is, I don't want to see pictures of you with any other guy out there, don't you get it? They always think you're cheating on me!” he still doesn't calm down.

“Zayn, honey, do you honestly think I would cheat on you?” you sigh defeatedly. He gives you a sharp look before storming over to you, grabbing both of your hands with one of his and pinning them above your head, crashing you into the wall. You gasp surprised at his intensity, but your core starts tingling.

“Of course you wouldn't, I'm Zayn Malik. But that doesn't mean the others don't wanna get into your pants,” he says sharply and starts nibbling on your neck. Your eyes flutter with pleasure, and your hips press against him, but then you remember that he's actually acting like an asshole right now.

“Zayn, stop it,” you try to free yourself, but his hold on you is iron.

“Oh, no, we won't stop this. I'm angry at you and you need to be punished,” he almost commands and drags you over to your bedroom.

“Zayn, I...” you try to protest, but he flings you on the bed, and is on you in an instant, covering your mouth with his hand.

“No. more. Talking,” he says sternly and your eyes widen. You want to protest, but his other hand finds your wet core and you moan into his touch. “That's it, slut. Moan for me,” he says and you do as he wishes. Dirty talk turned you on badly.

In a hurry, he gets rid of his pants and rips yours off, too. Positioning his tip at your entrance, his hands wander under your shirt and squeeze your breasts, hard while his teeth graze your lower lip harshly.

“Zayn, please...” you whisper hoarsely. He cocks up one eyebrow and gives you a challenging look.

“What, Y/N? What do you want me to do?” he teases you, slightly entering his tip before pulling away again.

“Put it in, please. And fuck me, hard,” you continue and a cocky smile plays at the corner of his mouth.

“That's what I thought,” he groans deeply and thrusts into you. You arch your back and let out a loud scream. He continues pumping in and out of you, harder with every time.

“Oh, god...” you pant in between thrusts while you feel your walls tighten. He rids you off his shirt and takes your nipples in between his fingers, twisting them hard. You feel tears forming in the corner of your eye, but it was just because of all the pressure.

“You. Will. Not. Go. Out. With. Him. Again. Understood?” Zayn says with every thrust as you wriggle underneath him. You nod your head feverishly, unable to pronounce words at the moment. He grins satisfied and takes your legs and lays them over his shoulders, changing the angle in which he's thrusting into you, making it even more intense for the both of you.

“Fuck, Zayn, I'm gonna come!” you scream loudly when you feel the pressure built up inside of you.

“On three, baby. One, two, three...” Zayn instructs and you both climax on three, letting out loud moans and connecting your bodies as much as possible. You lock eyes and hold his intense stare.

He puts down your legs and rests on top of you for a moment, panting heavily. You feel numb, that fuck took everything out of you.

“That was intense,” you say while he plays with your hair.

“I get like that when I'm jealous,” Zayn states. You raise your head and look at him, a mischievous grin playing across your face.

“Maybe I should make you jealous more often, then, cause I really liked it;” you confess and he laughs before giving you a hard kiss.

“No need, babe. I can fuck you rough every time from now on. Just don't go out with other guys anymore. Promise?” he says and looks at you hopefully. You stare back for a second before smiling.

“Promise,” you whisper and your lips find each other again, kissing passionately. Why would you need other men in your life when you can have Zayn Malik? Pointless, really.


Any chance these are still open @Mrs_Horaaan

brooke malik brooke malik

I love it! Do you take requests? If you do please comment the needed information

Razan Swaiss Razan Swaiss

What happened to all the imagines??

Syn Roze! Syn Roze!

Yeah, didn't there used to be like 60 or so imagines? What happened to them all??!

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This is my life.:P