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Niall's P.O.V.
Hannah's voice echoed in my mind while i slept. Hearing her voice made me smile. Feeling her touch made me blush. Knowing she had a crush on me back made me have butterflies.
"Niall, niall, niall," i heard someone call my name.
I wake up to see who it is calling my name.
"Niall," i heard the person say, it was Hannah trying to wake me up.
"Yes Hannah? What is it?" I say in a sleepy voice yawning.
"I can't sleep anymore. i'm in too much pain. my brain is banging against my skull too hard and my tummy hurts like i'm going to throw up," she says, as i can tell she is trying to hold back tears.
"Shhhhh its okay Hannah. Just lay down and relax, i know a little trick to help you feel better."
I watch her lay back down and get comfortable, so i can do what my mum did to me whenever i felt sick.
Hannah's P.O.V
I look up at Niall noticing he's smiling a bit. He puts his hand on my tummy and rubs it gently. I felt butterflies form a bit.
"This is what my mum would do whenever i felt sick. it would help me get my mind off of the pain," he says, while still rubbing my tummy.
"Well it is helping a bit."
I just stare at his charming gorgeous eyes. while he smiles. He leans down and kisses my head a couple of times. I feel my eye lids get heavy, but before i could fall back asleep Niall says something to me.
"Hannah, are you falling asleep?" he says in a gentle voice.
"Just a bit, but what if the doctor comes in?"
"Well here," he says getting out of my bed," i will be right here next to you. i will stay here with you for as long as you want me to," he says trailing off again.
"Niall, thank you for everything you've done. i really appreciate it-" i say but get cut off by the doctor coming in my room.
"How you feeling this morning Hannah? anything hurt?" he says writing on his clipbard.
"Just my head hurts, a lot."
"well here," he says handing me blue pills that look like ibuprofen," take this. it will help your headache go down in about 15-20 minutes."
Niall hands me my cup of water from the table by my bed. After taking the ibuprofen i lay back down.
"so doctor, when can i leave?"
"well you did great over night, so you can leave anytime you want today. Just be careful, if you decide you want to leave."
"Don't worry doctor, i will watch her. keep a close eye on her," we both look at Niall.
"Alright then Hannah. if you want to leave now i had a nurse wash your clothes, but other than that your bag is over there on a char," the doctor says before walking out of the room.
I get up carefully and get of the bed, grabbing my bag and going in the bathroom and change out of the hospital gown.
Niall's P.O.V
I text Harry and the other telling them to meet us at the mall in about an hour. After that, i wait for Hannah in the room. My mind drifts off in the clouds until the door opens with Hannah coming in.
"Hey Niall, i'm ready," she says putting the hospital gown on the bed.
"Okay Hannah and may i say you're still beautiful," i say staring at her smiling and blushing.
"Thanks Niall. So what do you wanna do?"
"Well i thought we could go to the mall. I told Harry and the others to meet us there, if that's okay with you."
"Yeah, sure but would they like me? I'm not really all that good at meeting new people,"
she says in a scared voice.
I go over to her and take a hold of both of her hands.
"Of course they would like you. Just be yourself. Like you were with me."
"Okay, i will try," she says as a small smile forms on her face.
I still hold one of her hands as i walk her out of the hospital and to my car. I open the door for her then close it. I get in the car and drive off to the mall to make sure Hannah has fun.
Hannah's P.O.V.
Why is Niall so nice and sweet to me? Would his band mates like me or diss me? So many questions roamed my mind with some answered, and some not.
"Niall, do you think i would get my memory back?" i say trying to talk to him.
"i know you will soon i just hope you don't forget about me," he says smiling.
"I could never forget you. you're the first person who treated me like i existed."
"Well that's great to know. Don't worry about being invisible anymore."
Once he says that i get a bit scared, but a bit happy. Showing people who i am is what i should instead of hiding.
"Will you help me Niall? Become a better me?"
"Of course Hannah. i will try my best."
We finally get to the mall, once we meet up with the others they all look at Niall and say, " Niall's got a girlfriend."
He blushes looking at me, and i think will he ask me to be his girlfriend?


hey lovlies(: heres the new chapter.. you guys inspire me to do better at making my dream come true of becoming a writer<3 thank you for the 2k views. it means a lot. let me know what you think(: xx


hey lovlies(: sorry i havent wrote on here for a couple of days. but i wrote the 2 chapters extra long for you guys..i will write them on here later on when i get home from school. thanks for all the views(: xxx

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hey lovlies(: i actually changed up chapter 5 (it says 6) a whole lot to make it more interesting...so i will say this...comment if you want to know if Hannah will get her memory back sooner or later.. thanks(: xx

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hey lovlies(: I was wondering if you guys could go read my sisters stories. she apparently wants to follow in my footsteps and be a writer just like me. I helped her make an account an she wants to see if people would like her writing as much as mine. so please go read her stories. it would mean a whole lot to me. her name on here is lovebear. thanks<3 xxx

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hey lovlies(: I just edited this story a bit to help make the romance a bit better and so it would help them get a better connection. I hope you guys it like it(: xx

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Ove you

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