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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 2 - Three Years? Really Shannon?

Chapter 2 - Three Years? Really Shannon?

THUD! This was the sound I woke up too, well the sound and the feeling. My bum hurts and I wonder why.

"NIAAALLLLLLLLL!" I screamed whilst pulling all the covers and the teddy off the bed. He had a habit of kicking me out of bed and I had a habit of waking him up.

"AHHHHHH!" Niall screamed sitting bolt upright. "What? What? What?" He continued half screaming.

"You like kicking me out of bed don't you? Every single time Niall!" I say acting annoyed, folding my arms simultaneously.

"Hahaaa, awwh Shannon, I'm sorry!" He laughed not sounding sorry at all.

"No you're not, don't lie!"

"Yeah, I know." He said winking and stretching. "What time is it anyway?"

"Oh god, it's like 7am already..." I say scooting over to bed and placing my head on my hands.

"7AM!" Jesus Christ Niall liked screaming this morning. "Are you serious Shannon?"

"Yes, I'm serious, do you have any idea how much we have to do today? We're driving London because YOU decided it would be fun to have a 'road trip' and you're not even prepared for it!"

"Whoa... Can we at least get breakfast before we start doing everything?"

"You and your god damn food, but yeah I'm hungry and YOU'RE MAKING IT!"

"Ahhh, okay fine. You want a cup of tea with it?"

"Do you even need to ask?" I say petulantly finally getting up from the side of the bed. "C'mon, chop, chop!" I say snapping my fingers in his face.

"Oh no you did not!" Niall snapped jumping out of the bed.

Niall liked to chase me around the house, it always made us both giggle, Mum and Dad on the other hand didn't like it so much. I finally made it into the safety of the bathroom after he'd chased me down the stairs, through the living room around the kitchen and all the way back again. I stood there for a while after I locked myself in with my hands on the door, making sure he didn't try and bust it open. Yes, before you ask that has happened before. I was stood there for at least 5 minutes before I realised he's probably gone to make breakfast.

I switched on the shower and looked at myself in the mirror for a second. Oh my god, today is the day. The day I will meet One Direction. Well the rest of One Direction. I quickly snap out of my thoughts, thoughts that have been a lot more frequent since I found out I was going to be touring with the boys and step into the warm water. Most people think I would have met and gotten used to them by now, but with Niall's busy schedule he doesn't really have time for sleepovers at the Horan house. Plus there's the secret, the secret I could never even dream of telling Niall. I've had a crush on Harry Styles ever since I saw him at X-Factor. I mean I know I've not even met him yet, but oh Jesus that boy...

I quickly finished my shower as I heard Niall shout me from downstairs. I walked into my room, and scanned my wardrobe for something to wear. Without looking I grabbed a t-shirt and my favourite pair of black skinnies. I ran down the stairs, with a towel still wrapped around my wet hair, nearly tripping over the bottom one. I walked into the kitchen to find Niall sat at the island with 2 plates of beautifully cooked pancakes. Niall was an amazing cook he just never liked to admit it. He looked up at me and laughed.

"Seriously Shannon? Today of all days you choose that T-Shirt!" He shouted, again, pointing and glaring at me.

"What?" I say spinning round to look in the mirror. "Oh." I giggled.

I had randomly chosen the best T-shirt for the occasion, my favourite One Direction piece. A grey shirt with their logo in a circle and the word Directioner curved over the top.

"It was by accident but I'm sticking with it." I snicker finally joining my brother at the island.

"Haha!" Niall squeaked. "Oh C'mon you really think I'm going to believe you did that by 'accident'."
He said giving the famous finger movement.

"Yes I did!" I defended.

"C'mon Shannon; I know you're a full on Directioner..." He said with a wink.

"Yeah... I know, but it's embarrassing!" I mumble taking a bite of my pancakes. Beautiful by the way.

"What? Why is it embarrassing?"

"Well I mean, I know I'm supposed to like my brothers band... because it's my brothers band, but I'm not supposed to like my brothers band as much as I do..." My voice slowly fading as I finish this mini speech.

Niall just sat there staring at me... he continued to stare, his mouth slowly turning into a huge O shape.

"W... W...What? Oh my god, you're a complete fangirl aren't you? Who's your favourite? In fact wait no, that's obviously me... It is me right?" He said looking at me puzzled.

"Yeahh... Yeahh sure it's you..." I stuttered lowering my head and taking the last bite of my pancakes.

"Oh my god it's not! I'm hurt!" He said gasping and placing his hand on his chest. "Who is it? No wait let me guess!"

"Oh god... okay" I said plonking my elbows on the table trying to keep a straight face.

"Is it Liam?" Niall said studying my face. It stayed straight. "Ahhh not Liam, is it Louis?" Again my face stayed straight. "Zayn?"

"Nope." I said again with my face completely straight.

"Harry...? It can't be Harry..."

"Mhmmm!" I hummed meekly, my face going bright red in the process.


"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SHOUT ALL THE TIME?! AND NO! Yes... No! Okay maybe a little..."

I exclaimed my voice getting weaker towards the end, more jumbled than the letters in a word search.

"SHANNON! How long?" His eyes squinting to a playful glare.

I said nothing, it wasn't even a proper crush, I've not even met him, it's just wow... NO Shannon, now is not the time to get distracted the perfect skin and the beautiful brown curls that fall next to his beautiful brown eyes... Oh I give up, he's heaven.

"How long?" He asked now walking towards my chair.

Again I said nothing, he was now twisting my chair around to face him. He stood over me with his hands pinning my arms to the chair.

"Since X-Factor..." I said as quite as I could.


Why must he always shout? Anyway...

"I'm sorry, it's just I knew it could go one of two ways... and right now it's going the bad way..." I say finally looking him in the eye and feeling slightly upset.

"I'm sorry too Shannon, I didn't mean to shout, I'm just really shocked you didn't tell me earlier..."

I stood up moving Niall away from me for a few seconds, until I pulled him into sister sorry hug.

"Do me a favour babe? Please don't make this embarrassing for me on tour... I mean I don't even know if this is a real crush yet, I haven't met him remember."

"Yeah I never understood that about girls! RIGHT C'mon Squirt we've got a tour to prepare for."

I laughed, pulling Niall into another quick hug before we both parted ways for the long day ahead.

"FINALLY!" We screamed in unison as we loaded the last of our stuff into the van. Yes Niall Horan and sister own a van. We walked back inside to say goodbye to our parents. The goodbye's took longer than expected, which in fact was actually expected as we are going to be away for 10 months, did I mention this tour was WORLD WIDE? Well it is, 10 months is a long time away from home. With a final wave we hopped into the van and began driving. Niall was driving which is bad because he's a terrible driver, however it's much better having him at the wheel than me.

"So, how you feeling Shannon? You're going to be in front of your 3 year crush in about 8 hours..." He Laughed, glancing at his watch.

"Niall... Please don't I'm already nervous as hell and you ain't helping..."

"Woahh... This is real isn't it?" He said getting serious.

"I don't know Niall, I mean it feels real but I'm not sure, like I said I haven't met him so we'll just have
to see..." I said my mind fluttering into complete and utter awe of the situation I am about to face.

"You'll be fine Shnoon, I got your back, and don't worry I won't tell him."

"Thank you, Niall. But do promise one thing? Be there for me if it goes wrong?"

"I was going to be there for you every step of the way anyway... You didn't have a choice."

"Thank you, Middle?" I smirked at him sticking my middle finger out at him.

"Middle" he confirmed linking his middle finger with mine, shaking it up and down twice before putting both hands back on the wheel.

That was our thing... We didn't bother with the cliché pinkie promise, we're different and we like it. The rest of the journey was spend laughing and joking, just having a good time and before we knew it, we we're waiting in our hotel room for the other boys to get here. Suddenly Niall's phone began ringing... He answered and walked into the other room leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Oh my gosh, they'll be here any second, that's probably HIM on the phone to Niall right now, c'mon Shannon compose yourself. Oh who am I kidding! Three years, I've been waiting for this... THREE YEARS! Okay, okay calm down Niall's back... Breath...

I took a deep breath before speaking.

"Who was that?"

"Oh just Harry... He'll be here in any minute"

"JUST HARRY? Niall this is not just Harry... And on his own... Why? What did you do?" I screamed, automatically suspicious.

"Oh yeah... Sorry... And he, err, may or may not be sharing this room with us..."

"Niall! You promised!" I shouted launching a pillow at his face.

"It's not my fault the hotel staff could only get 2 rooms, one for us three and one for the other guys."

"Oh and Harry just happened to be in ours..."

"Okay I might have had something to do with THAT part..."

"I hate you." I said running to the bathroom.

As I ran down the hall I turned back to see Niall with a strange look on his face. I found out why when out of nowhere my body collided with something soft but hard at the same time. I suddenly felt strange as I notice the floor was talking a lot longer to catch up to my bottom. That's when I noticed the arms... Not just anybody's arms. I had literally fallen into the arms of my crush and I was
now inches away from Harry Styles himself.

"Why hello there..." Harry said in the most perfect way.



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