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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 18 - Aftermath

The cold air hit my arms with force as Harry and I walked back to the tour bus. Luckily it was late so we managed to get there without being bombarded by fans. We walked the full half an hour in silence before we finally reached the bus. Our driver gave us a small smile out of the window before I clambered onto the sofa's and wrapped a blanket around me. I watched Harry as he walked down the hallway. The way his body moved even when he was tired never failed to fascinate me, the way he held himself was just so perfect.

Ten minutes had passed before Harry came back down the corridor in nothing but pyjama bottoms and 2 cups of tea.

"Thank you." I whispered as he sat next to me.

"Do you mind?" Harry asked softly as he moved closer.

"Not at all." I smiled as I unravelled the blanket from myself and wrapped it round us both.
It was quiet for a while before the loud noises outside indicated that the rest of the lads where back.

"Do you want me to me to move?" Harry asked with sadness in his voice.

"No stay. I'm tired of holding things back." I smiled at him as a rested my head on his shoulder.

The room went silent for a few seconds as Harry smiled back at me. Our perfect silence was interrupted by Zayn, Louis and Niall laughing hysterically as they fell through the door. Harry and I smiled at them as they flailed down the hall into their bunks without a word to either of us.

Harry's face changed from smiling to pure anger as Liam entered the bus.

"Harry don't." I whispered in his ear. He instantly relaxed and waited for what Liam had to say.

"Well?" Harry urged him to speak.

"Shannon, I'm I don't even, can I speak to you alone outside please?" Liam stuttered.

"Yeah sure." I turned to Harry signalling to him that I'll be okay.

I walked outside with Liam making sure I stayed close to the bus.

"Speak then." I said bluntly.

"I'm sorry okay, I don't know what I was thinking. I saw you run off with Harry, I know you where only messing around as friends but I didn't know what else to think and she was just there, I... I'm so sorry." He spoke quickly fumbling his words.

"I don't want to hear it Liam. You really think I can forgive you for that? I'm sorry but It's over." I said quietly.

"No Shannon, please don't say that. I'm sorry, I don't know, I don-" Liam stopped tears now streaming down his face.

I knew Liam was crying because I'd hurt his feelings but the stink of alcohol coming from him also told me that that also had a part to play. I wanted to feel sorry for him in that moment, but I honestly couldn't. I needed to make sure that he didn't stress over me too much. The words I wanted to say didn't come out, and the words that did were out before I could stopped them.

"I kissed Harry." I blurted.

"What?" Liam spat tears suddenly stopping. "You're just saying that to get me to stop right?"

"No Liam. I kissed him." I said defeated.

"What, when?"

"Whilst you where on the dance floor with that slut." I was now shouting.

"Oh hang on a minute princess. So whilst I was cheating on you, you were also cheating on me?!" Liam began shouting as well.

"Yes, but at least I cheated on you with someone I have feelings for and not some random skank I found in a bar!" I screamed in his face before walking back onto the bus slamming the door behind me before Liam could get in.

He pulled the door open behind me grabbing my arm as I entered the lounge area. He span me around before quickly letting go.

"Feelings?" He spat. "How long?"

"I don't know. Recently, but they're strong." I admitted.

"Stronger than the ones you apparently had for me?" He snickered.

"Yes and I did have feelings towards you Liam they're just nothing compared to how he makes me feel!" I said harshly.

"Wow. How who makes you feel Shannon? Go on say it. Shout it to the world!" He shouted waving his arms.

By this time we'd caught the attention of the rest of the guys who were now scrambling out of their bunks.

"HARRY!" I shouted.

"Harry makes you feel better than I do?" Liam questioned again proving to me he was still drunk.

"Yes. Harry makes me feel better than you ever could!" I said, instantly regretting my choice of words.

"Okay fine. Have him then. We're done." He said before shoving through all the boys and straight into his bunk.

"Shannon." Niall said softly as he came towards me.

"Go away!" I shouted. "All of you fuck off!"

I looked up a few tears rolling down my face as all but one of the boys had listened to what I said. I looked up at him as he knelt in front of me placing his hands onto mine.

"Was it true what you said?" He half smiled.

Yes, was the only word I could mutter as he stared into his eyes. My mood was instantly lifted as a huge smile spread across the boys face. I smiled back and he placed both his hands on my cheeks before kissing my nose and standing up.

"Stay with me tonight?" He ask softly.

"Let me get a shower first." I smiled.


"Can you er?" I asked shyly as I pointed to the zipper on my dress.

He didn't verbally respond, just placed his hands on my hips and slowly span me around, I moved my hair off my back as he gripped the zip. He pulled it down slowly the tips of his fingers tracing down my bare skin. Goosebumps covered my body as the zip reached the small of my back. I expected him to stop there, but the feel of his fingers tracing back up my skin told me otherwise. I know we where both still slightly drunk but at this moment I didn't care at all.

I turned to face him, my lips slightly parted as my breathing increased. His hands moved to the front of my hips his thumbs slightly pressing down causing my breathing to hitch. I began to walk towards the bathroom causing a look of surprise to flash across the boys face. I moved his hands from my waist as I walked in front of him.

"Shower?" I questioned.

My hand slipped into his as I pulled him into the tiny room. I giggled slightly as he turned on the water. He returned his focus to me before slowly sliding his hands up my legs before gripping my dress, peeling it off in one swift motion. As soon as I was free, I pressed my lips against his pushing up against the door. I locked the door swiftly before breaking the kiss. I walked away trailing my hands up my sides before unclipping my bra.

I looked behind me, the look on Harry's face and the bulge in his trousers easily showed how he felt. He pushed himself off the wall before wrapping his arms around my waist his lips attaching themselves to my neck. He began nipping and sucking on the base of my neck before sliding his hands into the hem of pants. He trailed his fingers across the material before sliding them down my legs. I easily stepped out of them before I slid away from him stepping into the hot water of the shower.

Harry joined me seconds later, pinning my body against the shower wall. His lips found mine in a heat of passion. I traced my hands down his body before grabbing his hips with my thumbs. He smiled into the kiss stepping even closer to me, our bodies now touching. His hands slid up my body, his thumb ever so softly tracing over my nipples causing me to moan.

"Harry." His name slipped from my mouth so perfectly.

My hands found their way round his neck as he dipped his head and pushed my chest up to his lips causing my back to arch. His tongue flicked over the swell of my breast and his free hand made its way towards my centre. I was surprised when he pushed his fingers into me straight away, but I didn't object. The feeling he gave me was like nothing I've ever experienced.

"Oh fuck." I breathed as his thumb found its way to my clit and began circling. "Harry."

His fingers pushed in and out of me at a quickening pace. My nails dug into his back as he continued to circle. I could feel the pressure in the pit of my stomach building up as he began to speak.

"You're mine, you always have been." Harry rasped into the base of my neck.

I held back a loud moan as his words echoed in my ear. His hand moved from the back of my chest, grabbing my thigh and wrapping my leg around his waist. The change in position made the pressure in my stomach build even more as he continued to pump in and out of me. My head flew back as he attached his lips to my neck for a brief moment before finding my lips.

"Harry... I'm..." I tried to speak but the feeling building through my body stopped.

"Look at me."

I opened my eyes as Harry took me to my climax. His eyes where dark as I let myself go around him. My body shivered as he snaked both his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. My head lolled onto the base of his neck as I came down from my high. I placed soft kisses on his wet skin before looking him in the eye once more.

"C'mon." He purred softly as he stepped out of the shower and grabbed me a towel. He wrapped it around me, before wrapping one around himself. He walked out of the bathroom returning seconds later with a large t-shirt and two pairs of boxers. I took the clothes from him and quickly got dressed.

"Wow." He murmured.

"What?" I said looking down at myself in his shirt.


He smiled sweetly as he took my hand and lead me to his bunk. We lay facing the ceiling, my head resting on his chest.

"Well we've had one hell of a night." He said with a wink before rolling us over.
He flopped his arm over my waist and pulled me closer to him. Our bodies perfectly entwined as we both fell into peaceful slumber.




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