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Why? Liam Payne One Shot

Lyrics To You

Opening my mail on this brisk Friday night in the middle of Santa Cruz California. I didn't think a famous boy would send me a song. I stared at the page trying to make out how I was meant to feel by the way he wrote.

I couldn't believe
Those beautiful eyes
I've passed you for many nights
Wondering what to say
I can't get you out of my head
Cassie my love you're so beautiful today

I didn't know what to think when I read those precious words. But I could feel this was going to be a wonderful day.
He hit me through the bone. This really nice guy that somehow knew my postal address. His name was Liam Payne.

I closed my postbox up and began walking. I couldn't believe what I'd just read it was a miagic dream come true. I couldn't believe any of what he said. I opened my black volvo and sat in the drivers seat with the handwritten letter in my hand. I moved slowly, buckling my seat belt and about to pull out when there was a knock at my passenger window. Putting down the window, I saw a beautiful dark brown haired boy with beautiful hazel eyes.

"You forgot this". He said handing me a peice of paper, saying.

I still have many things to say to you but I hope this is just the start.

Looking over at him, wondering why he'd picked me. I opened up the passenger door letting him get in, then we talked and he made me laugh.

Ever since that day on that Friday night the 5th of April 2002. Liam and I have become the closet of friends. Cassie is now pregnat with Liam's little girl and we are planning to get married in about seven weeks.


Hi guys (:
This is my first fan fic.
I hope you like it.
Can you please comment what you think :)
Thanks xo


looooove it
Niallergirl586 Niallergirl586
Me and Liam sitting in a tree
first comes l❤ve
Then comes marriage
then comes a baby in a carriage
write me a one shot please