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Lots of One Direction short stories

One of those days

After spending months working on my assignments for university I had finally finished. Most normal people would go out and celebrate, I normally do, but I had to come down sick didn't I! All the stress that built up from the last few months had finally got to me, I was sitting in bed feeling like crap.

I must admit I was feeling pretty sorry for myself as the best part about finishing assignments was the fact that you could finally relax and celebrate with your friends, obviously I won't this year. I decided to go on twitter and see what was happening. I scrolled through my news feed, nothing interesting , I suddenly saw a tweet by Niall Horan from One Direction, ok so I was 21 and I must admit I loved One Direction, I didn't normally tweet them but as I read his tweet I suddenly felt like commenting.

@NiallOfficial: today has been one of those days :( how's everyone else?

I replied to him @hot_Holly: @NiallOfficial 'today has been one of those days' glad I'm not the only one!

Of course I didn't expect a reply from him, I went to my kitchen and made myself a hot chocolate, the bad thing about living on your on is that when you don't feel well there is no one around to look after you. When I came back I noticed that my mentions had suddenly gone crazy. My stomach fluttered slightly, did he reply?

I looked at my news feed and indeed saw a tweet from Niall replying.

@hot_Holly: well at least I know that I'm not the only one having a bad day now! I'll DM you :)

I saw that I had a new direct message, I opened it to see the message from Niall.

@NiallOfficial: hey :) so how come your having one of those days?

I didn't really know what to say, I didn’t want to bombard him with my life story.

@hot_Holly: the stress of doing my university assignments have finally caught up with me, now I have finished and should be celebrating with friends I’m sick in bed :( how about you, what’s happened in your day?

Instantly Niall replied.

@NiallOfficial: oh that sucks, well done on finishing though! Get well soon :) meh I have just been run off my feet, barely had time to think, it’s been a good day don’t get me wrong I just feel like I want to crawl into a corner and have people just ignore me for a few days. Just feel like moaning haha.

@hot_Holly: that must be hard, I’ve had days like that but I can imagine yours is like one of my tough days multiplied by like 100 lol

@NiallOfficial: not necessarily, what do you do?

@hot_Holly: well I’m a student, obviously haha, I’m studying musical theatre and fine art, just means that I spend my days acting, singing, dancing and drawing, doesn’t sound hard lol but it actually is

@NiallOfficial: no it does sound hard, all I do is sing haha

@hot_Holly: wow you’re so not being modest at all lol

@NiallOfficial: well it’s true though, I can’t act or dance and Zayn is the one who can draw so that only leaves singing. Do you enjoy it though?

@hot_Holly: I want to say yes, but the university aspect of it is crap lol, sitting in lectures is bloody boring…good places to catch up on sleep haha. The practical aspects like the singing, dancing, acting and drawing parts are great. I have no idea what I’m actually going to do with my degree once I get it though. I don’t really want to be in the theatre or be an artist haha I haven’t thought that far in advance. Typical student lol

@NiallOfficial: you’ll work it out :)

@hot_Holly: thanks xxx

@NiallOfficial: so what’s with the twitter name hot_Holly?

@hot_Holly: oh haha, well my name is Holly; I’m not being big headed and think I’m hot lol when I was at school that was my nick name as there were loads of Holly’s in my class, apparently I was the hot one. It kind of stuck I suppose.

@NiallOfficial: ahh ok…now creeping through your pictures haha.

@hot_Holly: omg don’t lol there are some embarrassing ones that I didn’t upload my friends did!!!!!

@NiallOfficial: too late!

Oh my god Niall was going through my pictures, shit I had some bad ones on there, plus lots of me in my bikini. I suppose they are not too bad though.

@NiallOfficial: I agree with your twitter name lol ;)

@hot_Holly: haha ye whatever

@NiallOfficial: no seriously you are hot, like really hot! Lots of pictures of you in your bikini…bonus! I particularly like the one of you at Madame Tussauds ;)

Madame Tussauds, what picture was he talking about? I quickly browsed through my pictures…shit! When I went to Madame Tussauds in the summer with my friends I took a picture with the One Direction figures, I feel like such a dick now but at the time it was funny. I had my picture taken with each of the guys, but unlike normal people my friend dared me to make all the pictures looks sexual. It was ok at the time as it wasn’t busy so no one saw. I’m assuming he was referring to the picture where I looked like I was giving Niall a blow job, I was on my hands and knees and everything.

@hot_Holly: OMG!!! I was dared by my friend. I can’t really think of a good excuse other than that though.

@NiallOfficial: haha well I’m sure I enjoyed it ;)

@hot_Holly: well clearly! You actually gave me your number and everything…sorry I haven’t called lol

@NiallOfficial: did I now? Well I’m still waiting for that phone call :(

@hot_Holly: sorry about that, I felt a bit weird since your band mates gave me their numbers too, you weren’t the only one who enjoyed yourself ;) hehe

@NiallOfficial: oh so I’m not special then? Getting off with my mates whilst I’m still sitting there…that’s naughty! Tut tut Holly

It suddenly dawned on me that Niall was actually flirting with me, and I was totally flirting back.

@hot_Holly: you are special really, but what can I say I have needs ;)

@NiallOfficial: thanks :) oh what kind of needs are those then?

@hot_Holly: oh you know having my 5 a day, drinking lots of water, getting exercise…the usual!

@NiallOfficial: I must have a dirty mind!

@hot_Holly: what, why?

@NiallOfficial: your needs are getting your 5 a day (there are five of us in the band), drinking lots of water and having exercise (well after being with 5 in a day you would get your exercise and need lots of water)

@hot_Holly: oh my god!!! That is soooooo not what I meant!!!!

@hot_Holly: yes you do have a dirty mind Niall…you’ll corrupt little ole me ;)

@NiallOfficial: my bad! Nah I think you would be the one corrupting me!

@hot_Holly: ye whatever, in your dreams Mr Horan!

@NiallOfficial: maybe it will be

@hot_Holly: you do realise that you have been flirting with me for well over an hour, is this normal for you?

@NiallOfficial: me flirting? No never! Wow we have been chatting for quite a while haven’t we, no normally when I DM fans it’s normally just a hi or something, your clearly special. On the plus side you have made my day better.

@hot_Holly: aww thanks, you have made my day better too xxx

@NiallOfficial: hang on someone is at my door, I’ll be right back

@hot_Holly: ok

Several minutes later Niall replied.

@NiallOfficial: hey sexy!

@hot_Holly: haha hey yourself ;)

@NiallOfficial: here’s my number 07836748277 you should text me and stuff cause you’re super-hot and seem cool, then you can meet the rest of the guys, especially Harry he is damn sexy!!!!

I laughed, I guessed this wasn’t Niall

@hot_Holly: oh is he? I don’t know his hair is far too curly, and how slow does one person need to talk

@NiallOfficial: haha you knew it wasn’t Niall didn’t you?

@hot_Holly: yes Harry I did! I’m not that stupid

@NiallOfficial: damn haha, hey! That is actually Niall’s number, mine is 07263994637 you should totally come hang with us some time, especially since you live in London! I may have checked out your profile!

@hot_Holly: god what is it with people and looking through my profile lol, you don’t even know me I could totally be a crazy fan that follows you around all the time!

@Harry_Styles: well are you?

Harry had clearly decided to join the conversation from his account this time, that means that now Niall and Harry are following me.

@hot_Holly: well no clearly not! but I could have been. And hanging out with you guys actually sounds nice :) I’m ill in bed though so doesn’t look like it’s going to happen

@Harry_Styles: aww :( feel better soon babe, well as soon as your better I expect you to come visit us!

@hot_Holly: maybe I will

@Harry_Styles: Niall’s moaning at me now because he thinks I’m stealing you away haha, as if, you and Niall have clearly hit it off! What’s your number?

@hot_Holly: haha, we haven’t hit it off lol I only started talking to him tonight, and it’s 07538235261

@Harry_Styles: thanks, now you will never get rid of us haha :P and I know Niall he clearly has a soft spot for you, he never spends ages chatting to people off twitter! Plus your cool, you have our approval xxx

@hot_Holly: gee thanks lol my life is now complete now I have your approval :P and Niall seems like a nice guy :) believe it or not Harry so do you haha

@Harry_Styles: aww thanks! I knew I’d win you over, hair too curly, pah never!!!

@Harry_Styles: rnfhrehigfydsilhvnkfv

@NiallOfficial: sorry about that, Harry has gone now!

@hot_Holly: what did you do?

@NiallOfficial: I stole his phone! He will get it back soon lol

@hot_Holly: haha that’s quite funny

@NiallOfficial: I need to get going as the guys are all here, in case you haven’t already noticed haha, that really was my number, text me :) I’ll def text you, when you’re feeling better you are soo coming to hang with us!!

@hot_Holly: ok, ye I had noticed haha bit hard not to. And yes sir! Sounds great xxx

@NiallOfficial: speak to you later Holly xxxx

@hot_Holly: ye speak to you later Niall, have fun with the guys xxx

The next thing I knew all five guys were following me on twitter and my mentions were going crazy. Niall was really sweet, and Harry seemed like someone I would totally get on with, who knew a crap day would suddenly turn out to be a good one after all.







at the moment yes xx

is that all of them?