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Lots of One Direction short stories

For my eyes only

For My Eyes Only

I had been chatting to Liam; yes Liam from One Direction, on twitter for a few weeks. It was surprisingly easy to talk to him; he even gave me his phone number so I could text him when I wasn’t on twitter. I must admit to start with I did totally freak out, I mean common its Liam Payne, who wouldn’t freak out if he started to speak to you, but after a while I just saw him as a normal guy who was really great to talk to and as a bonus totally freaking hot!

He was on tour now so we only ever talked in the evening after their show had finished, this was fine with me as being a uni student my lectures didn’t actually start until the afternoon, so I could stay up late chatting to Liam and not feel like a complete zombie the next morning.

I got in bed and wrapped the blanket around me, I was expecting a text from Liam saying that they had finished any moment now.

Liam: hey we just finished I’m now back on the bus :) feel shattered but too pumped up to sleep

Me: you’re always too pumped up to sleep! Clearly talking to me at night makes you tired so you can sleep lol am I that boring haha

Liam: haha no you’re anything but boring! Ok maybe I can’t sleep because I feel restless tonight :(
Me: how come? Whats wrong?

Liam: I’m just being stupid, typical guy moment

Typical guy moment what was that supposed to mean? The Liam I knew was anything but a typical guy….well not like any guys I know.

Me: typical guy moment? Care to explain?

Liam: umm….don’t know if you would want to hear my reason though

Now I was well and truly intrigued.

Me: enlighten me, I don’t judge….well unless it was you who swapped my toothpaste for a tube of lube… then I’m never speaking to you again lol

Liam: someone swapped your toothpaste for lube? Hahahaha

Me: don’t change the subject! And whoever said it tastes good is lying!!!

Liam: hahaha you’ll have to try flavoured lube it’s supposed to taste better ;)

Me: good thinking, I’ll keep that in mind if I ever decide to willingly eat lube again lol…so why you restless?

Liam: ugh I’m just going to come out and say it…..

God it would be so much easier if we could talk on the phone rather than text, but the others like quite time after a concert to wind down so the tour bus is normally quiet at night.

Liam:…. I have been thinking about you a lot lately

Me: ok, thanks I think about you too :)

Liam: no, I mean I think about you in different scenarios….like what your wearing when you’re in bed talking to me, and when you text saying you’re about to have a shower all I can think about is you naked with water running off your smooth skin








at the moment yes xx

is that all of them?