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Lots of One Direction short stories

Sexting Niall Horan

Sexting Niall Horan

I bumped into Niall (literally) about a month ago at one of his concerts, he was so sweet. We ended up chatting for a while after the show; he was generally really easy to talk to. We exchanged numbers and were always texting each other. Niall had taken me out on a several dates and our friendship soon became a lot more, unfortunately One Direction are on tour now so I do miss seeing him. We still talk all the time and text each other though. It’s silly but lately I have started to think of Niall in really intimate situations, I’m guessing I’m just a bit sexually frustrated…. It has been a few years, the other day I spoke to him on the phone while I was in the bath; let’s just say it wasn’t the bath that was making me hot.
I sighed and slumped down onto my bed, I felt really agitated. My phone vibrated indicating I had a new message.

Niall: hey babe, miss you, what you up to?

I smiled as I read the message

Me: hey :) I’m not up to much just thinking about you x

What else would I be doing, lately I couldn’t get him out of my head.

Niall: oh really? What you thinking about? ;)

I can’t tell him what I was actually thinking about, it will just embarrass him.

Me: oh nothing much just how much I miss you, and how much I want you

Shit I didn’t mean to write that!

Me: umm….. how much I want you to know I miss you

Good save.

Niall: mmm I want you too babe ;)

Wait…. What?

Me: want me to what?

I played it dump.

Niall: there are a lot of things I want you to do, and there are a lot of things that I want to do to you

Maybe I was reading too much into what Niall had just said, he clearly doesn’t mean what I think he does….. does he?

Niall: haven’t stop thinking about you since I spoke to you the other day when you were in the bath

Oh maybe he is talking about what I think he is then.

Niall: I have been picturing you naked a lot lately ;)

Me: oh…really?

Niall: ye your just so damn hot, I wish I wasn’t on tour right now so I could show you how you make me feel.

Wow Niall was never normally this forward; he was always really sweet, even when he was being rude.

Me: how do I make you feel?

I could already imagine his response but I wanted to feel reassured that it wasn’t just me thinking about Niall that way.

Niall: well…. before I text you I was in the shower imagining you next to me pressed up again the wall, water running over your hot naked body. I imagined that I was kissing your neck (in the sweet spot I know you like) you were moaning my name as you ran your finger nails across my chest……

No don’t stop!!!

Niall: shall I go on?

Fuck yes!!!!

Me: yessss

Niall: lol ok ;)

Niall: ……… I pressed my body against yours as you whimpered. My erection pressed against your stomach. You bit your lip to stop you screaming out, you didn’t want the other guys to hear ;)
Me: go on….. please?

I was getting really turned on by what Niall was writing. He had never been with me like this, ok ye we had shared some passionate kisses as we were dating after all but we always seemed to get interrupted by someone, normally it was one of the other members of One Direction.

Niall: is this turning you on babe?:)

Me: you know it is

Niall: wish we could do this over the phone rather than by text, so I can hear your voice and those cute little moans that you make, but the guys are here :(

Me: I know, I want that too. I have been thinking of the same type things.

Niall: I know. I have been so horny lately!

Me: ye me too!!!!!

Niall: send me a picture?

Me: of?

Niall: you obviously ;)







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