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Lots of One Direction short stories

The List- denied orgasms

The List: Denied Orgasms

Niall was coming home today!!! He had hinted that he was going to combine two things off of the list and do to me tonight; I was excited but nervous as he wouldn’t tell me what.

I was in my tracksuit bottoms and a crop top as I had gone for a jog, and threw my comfortable clothes on after I had a shower. Niall had told me to go over to his place and let myself in; he had also instructed that I wait for him in the bedroom. I drove over to Niall’s and let myself in.

I had no idea when Niall was coming home so I decided to make myself a sandwich; I had just made my sandwich and sat down at the kitchen counter to eat it when the door opened and in walked Niall followed by Harry and Liam. Surprisingly Liam was the first to hug me and tell me how much he missed me, Niall then pulled me into a tight hug and crashed his lips onto mine, his hands roamed all over my body as he deepened the kiss, if that was possible “get a room guys!” Liam joked, Niall before pulling away from me whispered into my ear “I missed you like fuck, but I told you to wait for me in the bedroom… I’ll have to punish you for that”, “Oh don’t worry Liam we will!” Niall said louder so everyone could hear. Harry then pulled me into a hug “Hey Rachael we all missed you, especially Niall of course” Harry then lightly bit on my ear lobe causing me to make a really quiet moan that only Harry could hear, “I can’t wait to fuck you senseless, whilst Niall watches” Harry whispers seductively into my ear as he runs his hand down my spine resting on my arse just before he realises me and smiles at Niall. “Have fun you two!” Harry shouts as both him and Liam leave.

Niall slaps me lightly on the arse and carries me to his bedroom, “so I guess you spoke to Harry already?” I ask “ye why what did he say?” Niall asks as he kicks open his bedroom door and puts me onto the bed. “He said he couldn’t wait to fuck me senseless while you watch…. I’m guessing he said yes to the threesome then?” I nervously swallowed. “Ye I told you he would, he was shocked but said he would love to longs it didn’t make things awkward, I said you said the same. He said he couldn’t wait until he finally gets to make you scream his name” Niall laughed. “Now enough about Harry that will be for another night”. “Now stand up and strip for me” Niall commanded sexily. I sexily and slowly took off all my clothes so I was standing in front of Niall completely naked, “mmm so sexy babe, now lay on the bed” I did what Niall said.

Niall rummaged through his suitcase and pulled out some long silk ties, he began to tie me to the bed, once he was done I tested the ties and found that I couldn’t move at all. “Babe there is no escape, Liam showed me how to tie the knots, and Louis suggested using silk ties rather than rope because they will not leave marks on your skin, but will feel uncomfortably tight if you struggle too much” Niall informed me as he walked over to his suitcase. “Wait, you talked to the others about the things on the list?” I asked shocked. “Ye well we don’t really keep secrets and I knew Liam had past experience with this type thing, they did all volunteer to help with the list though, and with the double penetration Harry has a few ideas” Niall winks at me, I guess it’s a good job that over the past few months of dating Niall I had grown very close to the other guys as well.

Niall crawled onto the bed and kissed me passionately, he pinched my nipples playfully until he managed to coax a moan from my lips. He lightly brushed his fingers over my core; I arched towards him as best I could whilst being restrained. Niall applied pressure to my clit and plunged a finger into me, “mmm so wet babe, you like it dirty don’t you?” Niall said as he added two more fingers into my soaking pussy. “God yes!” I half screamed as Niall rubbed my g-spot vigorously. I could already feel my orgasm approach, it had never happen this fast before. “Oh babe I can feel that you’re close already, but you disobeyed me and didn’t wait for me in here, therefore you need to be punished” Niall said with a lust filled voice. “Niall babe I was hungry, I didn’t know when you were coming back” I moaned feeling bad that I didn’t do what he had wanted. “Well I was hungry for you but instead I had to play nice cause Liam and Harry was there, all I wanted to do was push you onto the kitchen counter and fuck you right then and there….maybe next time I will and put on a show for the guys” Niall said as he pumped his fingers harder into me. I moaned as I could feel my walls tighten around Niall’s fingers, suddenly he withdrew “naughty girls don’t get to cum, now do you want to make me happy Rachael?” he asked as he started into my eyes clearly still checking that this is what I wanted. “I’m sorry Niall, and yes I want to make you happy” I managed to say. “Good, now you will only cum when I tell you to, is that clear?”, “Yes Niall, I will try” I say, “no Rachael you will succeed, if you want to keep me happy you will not cum until I tell you to, is that clear?” Niall asked sternly, I have to say I really like this side of him. “Yes Niall, I won’t cum until you tell me to” I manage to say as my throat suddenly felt very dry. “Good girl” Niall said as he kissed my forehead.

Niall grabbed a small vibrator out of his suitcase, looks like he had brought a few things whilst on tour, that must have been awkward going through baggage scan. I suddenly thought though that the vibrator looked really familiar, I frowned confused. “Ah do you recognise this? it is yours after all, Zayn grabbed it from your flat not long after you left, he was pretty surprised to find your little stash” Niall laughed, well now I felt embarrassed so not only had all the guys in One Direction found out about the list and talked about it, but I was also going to at some point have a threesome with Harry, and Zayn had gone through my flat to find my vibrators and dildos, I had never imagined this. Niall turned on my vibrator and pressed it against my clit, the sudden strong vibrations had me quickly shaking on the bed, Louis was right the silk ties did get more uncomfortable the more I struggled, but the slight pain pleasure mix only added to my arousal. I could feel myself start to lose control “Niall…..I can’t”, Niall removed the vibrator “you will!” he said sternly. After I relaxed a bit he applied the vibrations again, this time he bent down to suck my nipple as well, the familiar feeling of my orgasm approached again “don’t” he warned, he removed the vibrator again and bit down onto my nipple, I screamed out in pain and pleasure. Niall just sat there and stared at me for a few minutes, I couldn’t take this torture, I needed to feel my release, he had been teasing me for well over an hour now. “Please…” I begged. “Nope” Niall simply said as he reapplied the vibrator, this time plunging his fingers into my and forcefully rubbing my g-spot. “Fuck!” I screamed I didn’t care if anyone heard (Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn all live in the same apartment complex as Niall, Harry lives next door).

I shook on the bed dripping in sweat, my muscles ached and my wrists and ankles hurt from the tight silk ties. The slight pain only turned me on more. Niall had left me alone for about 20 minutes, he said I needed to calm down, the absence of Niall only made me want him more, I couldn’t stop thinking about him finally fucking me, I squirmed on the bed that was now damp with my sweat and juices. “Have you finally calmed down now babe?” Niall asked as he entered the room “yesss” I moaned huskily my throat dry from screaming. Niall just smirked as he bent down to lick me core, I bucked my hips and screamed again loudly, I thought I had calmed down but his absence had clearly just worked me up more, “you don’t sound like you have calmed down” Niall laughed “but you have been a good girl and held off from your much needed orgasm for 2 ½ hours, I’m really impressed, I think you deserve to be rewarded.” Niall suddenly stripped and untied my legs so he could position me better, he suddenly thrust into me, it felt so good I couldn’t even scream, I just flung my head back in pleasure, Niall wrapped one of my legs around his waist and the other onto his shoulder, he thrust deeper into me, “Fuck!” I cried, “don’t forget I still haven’t given you permission to cum” Niall warned. He thrust into me with force as he hit my g-spot every time, after a few minutes of Niall going full out I could feel myself lose it, I needed to cum and even if Niall told me not to I don’t think I would be able to hold it off, “Niall….I……FUCK!….I’m going to….” I panted, “I know me too, you can cum, cum for me Rachael!” Niall panted as he thrust into me harder, I shuddered and let my orgasm take hold of my body, I was cumming so hard! Niall shuddered into me and emptied his load into me (I was on the pill so we didn’t use condoms) as Niall pulled out of my still shaking spent body I could feel a mixture of our juices drip down my thigh. Niall untied my arms slowly and carefully lowered them to my side, he pulled me into a huge embrace as he kissed my forehead. “Babe, that was amazing, you were amazing, How you managed to hold off for so long, I was so impressed! How was it for you?” Niall asked as he pulled me tightly against his body, “Wow” was all I could actually say, I was too tired and exhausted from my mind blowing orgasm. Niall just chuckled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, I knew you would” he laughed. “I never realised you were so loud, I think everyone may have heard” Niall said smiling. I just smiled up at him. “I’m going to run us a nice hot bath” Niall said as he carried me to the bathroom, he kissed me fully on the lips and whispered “I can’t wait until we try the next thing on the list”. Neither could I.







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