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Lots of One Direction short stories

All of One Direction- part 4

Water cascaded over my body as I leant against the cold wall in the shower to steady myself, my muscles ached and I was worn-out. I lathered up the soap and thoroughly washed off the sweat from my body, the room was filled with steam which made the air I breathed in feel hot and heavy. The scenes of the other night ran through my mind making me hot and bothered, I turned the shower to cold, surely that would help. I shivered as the icy water pounded against my sensitive skin causing little goosebumps to rise to the surface. That kept the erotic scenes from resurfacing. I quickly towel dried and threw on my jeans and hoodie then roughly tied my wet hair into a ponytail. I grabbed my car keys and sped to Uni. I was studying music as a degree and I knew our lecturer had managed to get some guest speakers to talk to us about the industry, shit I can’t be late why is every traffic light red!

I crept into the lecture hall and joined my friends on the back row; luckily I had arrived before the guest speaker. The door flung open and in walked five guys that I was not expecting to see again. I sunk lower into my seat hoping that I would be shielded from view. I don’t think any of them saw me. The lecture was interesting and the guys clearly knew what they were talking about but I just couldn’t concentrate, the scenes from earlier resurfaced and I suddenly flushed. Please no-one notice! As soon as the lecture had finished I was hoping to quickly slip out and hide or something but no luck, I was asked to show the boys around the uni and them entertain them for the evening (we do this for all our guests, a student rep will show them around the uni then take them out for a meal in the evening to say thank you for taking time to speak to us) normally this is quite a privilege as you are expected to represent the university and your course, but it just felt a bit like a nightmare today. Harry put his hand on my lower back on the way out and smiled at me as if he was a little kid in a candy store. Great I have a feeling this will end badly.

All five boys actually behaved whilst I gave them a tour of the uni, they actually seemed pretty interested and we engaged in some light conversation. For some reason though I had a feeling it was just for show whilst in a public place, which is fine just as long as I keep the meeting public there will be no replay of the other night. I had decided on a nice restaurant for later today that was very public but quiet enough that they guys wouldn’t be harassed by fans (as requested by the bands manager that I spoke on the phone to). My plan to keep our meeting public was going well until I realised that I still had damp hair and was in jeans and a hoodie, I could not go out like this! “I’ll meet you at the restaurant at 6pm, I just need to go home and change first” I told the boys. “Come on you can’t leave us, we don’t know where it is anyway, and do you really want to be known as the girl who lost one direction?” Liam said with slight amusement in his voice. Ok well he had a point I couldn’t just leave them in the street. Crap! “Fine you’ll have to come to mine and wait there” I sighed as I led them to my car. The six of use squeezed into my five seater car, which would have been quite funny if I wasn’t really flustered being this close to them all again.

I unsteadily unlocked my flat door and led them in, suddenly the show that they had put on for when we were in public had dropped and I was surrounded my five guys looking at me as if I was something to eat. No no no not again! I pushed past grabbing hands and rushed to my bedroom and locked the door. That was close. I quickly did my hair and threw on my little black dress that I would always wear for occasions like this, it seemed right at the time but looking in the mirror I realised that it probably showed a bit too much cleavage and leg. I heard the boys giggling to themselves; I unlocked the door and found them all standing in my living room looking at the selection of my sex toys. “Shit!!!”

Niall stood holding my bright purple Rampant Rabbit while Zayn swung my fluffy pink handcuffs (that I had won at an Ann Summers party) around his little finger. I immediately blushed and tried to rescue myself “they’re not mine” I said weakly “well this is your flat isn’t it?” Louis questioned “yes” I sighed, “and you do live on your own?” Liam asked knowingly “ok fine but can you please just put them down” I tried to sound stern. “So do you use these and think of us?” Harry asked with a slight glint in his eye. “No of course not” I quickly stated, honestly I really don’t but maybe I should. “Well you will after tonight” Harry smirked.
Zayn walked up to me without me noticing, he suddenly grabbed my wrists and cuffed them behind my back, yep I was definitely right when I said that this must be their secret kink. Heat flooded to the places between my thighs, these guys seemed to really know how to push my buttons. Liam gently lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder, cave man style. He carried me to my bedroom and placed me down on the bed, Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn all followed. I started off the day with good intentions to forget about these five guys, but know I was desperate for them all. “As amazing as you look in that dress love it really has to go” Louis stated as he easily unzipped my dress and threw it onto the floor, well this was a bad design… who the hell puts a massive full length zip down the centre of a dress? And what muppet buys a dress like that…… oh wait me! Another design flaw…. strapless front clasping bras (well I guess it makes it easier for someone to undo and remove when your hands are cuffed behind your back). Niall removed my black thong seductively causing me to whimper with need, great I was naked on a bed with one direction again, I’m clearly a sucker for punishment….. well I’m a sucker for something, probably not that though. Zayn pushed my legs slightly apart and placed his knees on the inside of my thighs to spread my legs, he smiled at me when my eyes widened in surprise when I saw the Rampant Rabbit in his hands, he lazily stroked my clit with his hand which instantly made moisture pool between my thighs. A soft buzzing filled the room as the toy was turned on, I gasped and flinched slightly when the buzzing hit my clit, sending shivers through my body. Harry and Louis came and sat either side of my shoulders and started to gently stroke my breast, Liam and Niall sat next to my legs and stroked my thighs. I could already feel a warm wave wash over me, and they hadn’t really done anything yet. Zayn pushed the vibrator into my wet pussy and turned the vibrations up, whilst he played with my clit. The vibrations hit my g-spot causing me to scream quite loudly in pleasure, Harry quickly leant down and took my mouth with his, his tongue lightly stroking mine, I’m guessing he didn’t want the neighbours to hear me scream. I’m thankful for that.
The vibrations continued to take over my body, a light sweat formed a sheen on my skin, my back arched trying to get away from the continuous assault of my g-spot and clit. Zayn held the vibrator firmly in place and continued to rub circles onto my clit. I could feel myself erupting with pleasure, suddenly a large orgasm took hold of me and I screamed into Harry’s mouth, my body shook and bucked under the firm hands that were holding me down. The orgasm started to fade and my body started to relax, “tut tut tut babe, you didn’t ask to come and we didn’t give you permission” Harry goaded as he released my mouth. Zayn turned off and removed the vibrator from my pussy; he walked to the bathroom and plonked it into the sink. “I think someone needs to be taught some manners” Liam sighed. The next thing I knew I was bent over Liam’s lap with my arse in the air, how embarrassing. Liam told me he was going to spank me for not asking to come, is it wrong that I was turned on by this? “You will get five swats to your lovely perky bum, but if you do it again the number will go up.” Louis said while staring me lustfully in the eyes. “You ready?” Liam asked as he massaged my bum cheeks. No I wasn’t! “yesss” I breathed. Ok maybe I was then. Smack! “One” Liam’s hand came down on my bum unexpectedly, it wasn’t as hard as I expected, it was so hot though! “Two……three………four……..five” all five swats were reasonably gentle but firm enough to really turn me on and make me wet. I groaned in pleasure as I was laid back onto the bed, my bum stunk a little as I rubbed against the mattress. “You took that well babe” Liam said as he kissed me passionately.

I was so turned on at this point I would have happily brought myself to orgasm while the boys watched if they didn’t do something soon, I didn’t have to wait long though. Louis stripped off his pants and winked at me when I saw his large erection, he rubbed the opening of my pussy with his cock, he then thrust into me filling me completely. Louis settled into a gently rhythm that made me moan in pleasure. Niall came and knelt next to my head and stripped off his pants too, his erection millimetres away from my mouth, I knew what he wanted. Luckily I was pretty damn good at giving a guy head. I licked up the length of his shaft and then circled the tip of his cock with my tongue, he shuddered slightly. I licked my way back down his length until I reached his balls, I gently sucked them into my mouth causing him to groan, I smiled at the thought of me giving pleasure as well as receiving it from Louis, who had started to thrust slightly harder into me. This made it very difficult for me to concentrate on the blowjob. I took all of Niall into my mouth and down my throat, this caused me to gag a little but I swallowed which allowed his cock to slip further down, I started to pump my mouth up and down his cock ensuring that I took him in all the way, Niall’s eyes rolled slightly back into his head, a clear sign that he was enjoying it and was close. Louis picked up speed and hit my g-spot with every thrust, causing me to pant with need. I could feel Harry, zayn and Liam slightly moving at the bottom of the bed, I stole a glance at them and found that they all had their hands down their pants and were stroking their dicks. Wow this was really hot and a big turn on. Niall’s cock throbbed in my mouth so I started to pump faster; he shuddered and with a groan released his sweet hot load down my throat. Niall remained in my mouth for a moment before kissing me on the forehead and moving to the bottom of the bed.

Louis thrusts became harder and faster, I was so close, I could also feel that he was too. I looked to the guys who were still masturbating “I need……” I panted “come” they all said in unison. I let go and the orgasm hit me with such force I didn’t think I would be able to walk after. My body shuddered and spasmed, Louis could feel my realise which in turn caused him to lose control; he came in me and fell down by my side smiling. The remaining of the guys grunted in unison as their release also came. After a few minutes of us all just lying there, zayn undid my handcuffs. All five of the guys joined me on the bed and lay down, good job I had quite a large bed. After a few minutes of pure bliss I could hear heavy breathing next to me, I looked down and found Louis, Harry and Niall asleep. Zayn and Liam were smiling at me but looked half asleep too, I smiled and finally came to the conclusion that maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. I felt my eyes drift shut and I too fell asleep lying next to the members of one direction………….







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