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Lots of One Direction short stories

All of One Direction

All of one direction

It was hot at the concert and the music was pulsating through my body. A tiny bead of sweat fell from my forehead and travelled its way down to my breast and settled in the crevice of my cleavage. I must admit as I am 20 I feel pretty silly at the concert surrounded by 14/15 year olds but seriously the guys are my age group so why I’m getting funny looks off little kids I’m not really sure.

The crowd went crazy when the band announced their last song of the night and I was pushed forward against the hard metal barrier at the front of the concert, fuck sake these kids are obsessed. The girl next to me who must have been 15 suddenly lifted her shirt up and revealed her breasts (or lack of them) to the band, that received a couple of smirks from the guys. These girls have no self-respect, even though the girl standing next to me was half naked a couple of the guys eyes drifted to me. Why were they looking at me? I took a quick glance down at myself when they looked away, the sweat had made my white top a little damp which in return made my top slightly see-through, and the cold metal barrier that I was pushed against had made contact with my breast and had made my nipples slightly hard and visible through my blue lacy bra. Harry looked at me again (well he looked at my 34 DD size chest) and winked when I flushed with embarrassment. Harry turned to Louis and whispered something into his ear that made him smile; he too turned to me and winked.

Once the last song had been sung the boys said their thanks and exited the stage, but not before they exclaimed that they would surely see some of use again, I felt like they were saying this to me as they all seemed to stare at me, surely that was just my tiredness kicking in (as it was getting close to midnight). I pushed my way through the crowd on the way out needing to hurry to my car so I could drive home as I was shattered. I blame it on the size of the crowd and the fact that I had followed a friend into the venue (who had left half an hour ago due to being at university the next morning, luckily I had the day off tomorrow) I had no idea where the toilets were as I needed to freshen up before driving home, I assumed everyone was heading to the car park so I thought maybe the toilets were in the opposite direction. I fought my way through the crowd to the other side of the venue were it was empty, I still couldn’t find the toilets. I did see a door with a silhouette of a man on, I thought what the hell ill just use the men’s. I walked through the door not expecting to see anyone in there but I suddenly walked into a wall, well what seemed like a wall, it wasn’t until I fully focused that I realised that the wall had tattoos and was shirtless.







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