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Lots of One Direction short stories

Sexting Harry Styles

Sexting Harry Styles

My friend (Rachael) loves One Direction and dragged me along to one of their signings. I really didn’t want to go though as I’m not a crazy fan, don’t get me wrong they are really hot and I like their music I just don’t really care if I meet them.

“Common we’re almost at the front!” Rachael squeaked

“Yay” I say sarcastically

As we approach all the guys I quickly say hi and go stand out of the way so Rachael can chat to them. She spent what seemed like ages smiling and giggling with them all, when she met Harry she gave him a note and pointed at me, he looked at me and winked then said goodbye to Rachael. Mmmmm weird.
“What was that?” I asked

“Oh umm…. I may have given Harry Styles your phone number and told him that you’re single” Rachael giggled.

“What????” I could not believe her

“Well common he’s so hot and since I already have a boyfriend so can’t get any from him I thought you should….” I cut her off

“Even if he wanted to which he probably wouldn’t I’m not going to have sex with him just because you think I need to get laid!” I say angrily, I had listen to her go on about me needing to get laid for too long.

“Common your 20 and you haven’t had sex in 2 years; you are clearly sexual frustrated, which luckily for you so is he”

“Please tell me you did not say this to him” I asked already knowing the answer to my question

“Umm I may have….. I’m sorry but I’m just looking out for your best interests. Well I got to go meet Craig he’s taking me to lunch”

“Ok” I say still annoyed at what she had done

“Look thanks for coming with me today you know I love you, and he probably won’t contact you anyway.” Rachael hugged me as she hurried off to go meet her boyfriend.

Ok so maybe Rachael was slightly right, I am sexually frustrated and maybe I do need to get laid, but seriously you don’t tell a stranger this, especially if that stranger was Harry fucking Styles.


My phone buzzed indicating that I got a new text, I looked down at my phone, I had a message from ‘unknown’

Unknown: hey your friend gave me your number, you’re really hot ;) H

Who the hell was this?
I sent a reply back

Me: sorry but who is this, I think you have the wrong number?

Immediately I got a response

Unknown: no love don’t think I got the wrong number, its Harry Styles x

What the actual fuck? I am going to kill Rachael when I next see her, Harry Styles actually sent me a text.

Me: oh um….. ok
Me: no offence but what do you want?

I didn’t really know what to put, plus I did actually want to know why he text me in the first place

Harry: mmm straight to the point…. I like it :P
Harry: your friend told me about you….. your um…. Lack of a sex life…….

I was shocked, was this going to go where I thought it was going?

Me: ok great, well isn’t she wonderful
Harry: I think it’s nice that your friend is looking out for you. She clearly thinks you need something…….. I think I can help :)


Me: haha as much as I’m sure you think you can, it’s not going to happen
Harry: so it’s been 2 years… wow you must be really frustrated, it’s only been like a month for me and I’m already picturing you naked :p

Seriously, we cannot be having this conversation right now. I must admit the thought of him picturing me naked made me feel really hot though.

Me: well thanks but I’m clearly not a horny little shit like you then
Harry: I like them feisty!
Harry: I’m starting to get hard just thinking about you, help a guy out send me something to help my imagination :)

He was not like any other guy I had spoken to before, he knew what he wanted and he was set on getting it. I hate to say it but I was really drawn to cocky guys like him, my last boyfriend was just too nice and didn’t turn me on at all. I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I was actually going to send him a picture, why I’m not really sure but there was something about him that got my hot and bothered. I stripped down to my black lace underwear, shook my hair free from its tie and looked at myself in the mirror. I’m not big headed but I did look hot. I have wavy brown mid length hair, a slim figure but with curves in the right places. I had a good size chest that most guys talked down to rather than actually talking to me face, I guess that’s what you get when you have a natural size DD chest, and I had long toned legs. Well if Harry wanted a picture then a picture he was going to get, but it won’t be what he’s expecting.

I walked over to my draw of secret things that I didn’t really want people to know I had, although most of my friends had stumbled across the draw at some point. Most of my friends were quite shocked when they found out I had a draw of sex toys, but somehow they always came to me for advice when it came to things like that. I grabbed a couple of my vibrators and dildos and flung them on the bed, I took a full length picture of myself and sent it to Harry, I’m sure he would be expecting this but probably not the picture that was to come next.

Me: *picture file*
Harry: omfg you’re soooo hot!!!!!!

I smiled when I saw this; I was in a playful mood so I wanted to see how far this conversation could go. I took a picture of the sex toys on the bed with me lying next to them biting my lip sexily.

Me: *picture file* so which one do you prefer? ;)

I waited for about 20 minutes before I got a reply back, I guessed what he was doing.

Harry: wow I didn’t expect that… I like them all :)
Me: I hope you didn’t make too much of a mess :P
Harry: was it that obvious lol
Harry: I may have got some on Niall’s trainers though :P oops
Me: aw poor Niall

Why couldn’t I get the image of him jerking off to a picture of me out of my head?

Harry: I’ll make it up to him :) maybe I’ll show him the picture ;)

I can just imagine it now, Harry passing around a picture of me lying on my bed in my underwear surrounded by sex toys.

Me: hmmm I’m sure you would anyway
Harry: ye your right I would……







at the moment yes xx

is that all of them?