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Lots of One Direction short stories

Spin the Bottle

Spin The Bottle

Last night was crazy! I think I may have drank a bit too much at the club and somehow ended up sleeping in the lobby of the hotel me and my friends were staying in. I was rudely woken by a bunch of screaming girls outside the hotel. “What the Fuck?” I said to myself. I scrunched up my eyes and saw some of the girls were holding signs; I walked towards the doors to the hotel and read one of the signs that said ‘I want you to Rock me Harry!’ who’s Harry? I wondered. Then it suddenly hit me as I saw another girl, who was crying hysterically, wearing a t-shirt with One Direction written on it. Ohhh now I remember One Direction were staying at the same hotel as me and my friends.

I slowly walked back to my hotel suit (my friend’s dad owns the hotel so we always get a great suit!). The doors to the elevator pinged open and I sheepishly walked in still nursing my hangover. Why do elevators always have annoying music? I asked myself as my head pounded. “I know it’s quite annoying but better than silence I guess” a husky male voice said from behind me. I jumped. “Oh sorry I didn’t realise I said that out loud, and no I would much prefer silence this morning” I said as I turned to face the voice. “Rough night?” the handsome guy who wore black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, large sunglasses and a beany over his obviously curly hair asked. “Ye I think it was, I ended up waking up in the lobby so it must have been good” I laughed. “I’m Hannah by the way” “hey I’m Harry” he smiled. “Well it looks like I’m not the only one who had a rough night” I say. Harry looked a little confused. “Sunglasses indoors?” I laugh. “Oh…. Ye I didn’t want to be recognised as I entered the hotel this morning” Harry said sheepishly. Recognised? Why would he be recognised? Oh wow I’m thick… or just hung-over….. yep I’m going with hung-over. “Oh, Harry? As in Harry Styles?” I say dumbly. “Ye that’s me” he laughs. “So I’m guessing you’re not a fan?” he asks. “What makes you think that? Just because I didn’t recognise you doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of you guys. I actually really like your music.” I inform him. “Oh you just seem really calm.” Harry said as he took off his sunglasses. “Oh well I actually stalk you like everywhere you go, and like oh my god it’s really you! Harry will you sign my boob?!” I joke in my best fan girl voice. “No seriously I love your music and think you guys seem really cool but don’t expect me to scream and pass out like most of the girls waiting outside the hotel, because I’m really not like that.” I say seriously. “Well I’m glad to hear that because it gets a bit annoying sometimes when people just scream in your face, or the only thing you hear screamed out to you is “Harry I want you to rock me!”” I laugh “ye I saw a sign saying that outside” he smiles.
The elevator stops on floor 12, we both get out and start walking down the corridor. He stops outside his room “Well this is me”. “Wait are you serious?” I ask him looking completely shocked. “Ummm…. Ye why?” harry askes looking even more confused. “Because my suit is next door” I laugh. “Well what a coincidence” we both giggle. “Well it was nice meeting you Harry” I say as I smile and go to open my hotel room door. “Ye you too Hannah, I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see each other” he smirks.

I closed my door behind me. What does he mean by that? I ask myself. Well most likely we will see each other again we are next door to each other after all. I have a quick shower and change out of my previous night’s clubbing outfit. I just realised that I must have looked a right state earlier whilst talking to Harry. I fill my best friend Jo in on how I woke up in the lobby and met Harry Styles in the elevator, and how they are staying next door to us. I then moaned at her for leaving without me last night, well I suppose I was used to this as she would quite often go home with someone after a night out. I was just surprised that there wasn’t some random girl walking around our flat half naked, I was used to this as well. Jo was a lesbian. “So you didn’t get with anyone last night?” I asked her. “Ye I did she left a little while ago, oh and Han you might want to buy yourself another toothbrush….. we may have used it last night” she giggled. “Oh great thanks!” I say sarcastically “I don’t want to know what you were doing with it” even though I’m pretty sure I could figure it out. Jo and I were really good friends and she told me pretty much everything, most of which I really didn’t want to hear. “Well I go ask the front desk if they have any spares then” I sighed.

As I left me room Harry came out of his. “Oh hi again!” he said cheerfully. “Hey” I sigh. “So where you heading off to?” he asks as we both head towards the elevator again. “Oh I need to ask the front desk if they have a spare toothbrush” I sighed. Harry laughed “So you come to a hotel without one?” “No I brought one with me but my friend kind of ruined it last night.” “Oh what did they do?” he asks. “umm… she used it with a girl she hooked up with last night” he stares at me blankly “in a sexual way” I inform him. “Ohhh! Wow!” he smirks. Hmmm typical guy, I bet he is now imagining the scene, I can just picture what’s going on in his mind, I can see the caption now ‘two girls, one toothbrush’”. “So…. Are you a lesbian?” he asks. I choke on the air. “No! What makes you think that?” I snap. “Sorry! You just seem not shocked by what she did, and I’m glad you’re not into girls…. That would be…… a shame” he smirks. I laugh “ye I’m used to it, trust me I have seen and heard worse” I giggle. “So have you ever…. You know experimented?” oh my god I can’t believe he just asked me if I had gotten off with a girl before. Personal or what? “Wow! I only met you like an hour ago and you’re already flirting with me and asking about my sexual preferences” I try to joke. “Well, have you?” he pushes. “If you really must know then yes I have. I made out with my friend (Jo) a few times when I was drunk. But I’m definitely into guys!” I say not quite understanding why I told him that.

The ride to the lobby in the elevator was silent; I turned to Harry who had a massive grin plastered on his face. “You’re picturing me making out with a girl know aren’t you?” I ask knowingly. Harry turns to me and gives me his famous smile that makes my knees a little weak. “Well you can’t blame a guy, a hot girl has just told me that she is into guys but has made out with her friend who is a girl a couple times. That is sexy as hell” he smirks as I feel my cheeks blush slightly. “Whatever” I say trying to act like what he just said hadn’t caused a heat to pool between my legs.

I say goodbye to harry as he leaves through the back door escorted by the owner (Jo’s dad) who waves at me as he ushers Harry out. I pick up a new toothbrush from the front desk and head back to my room. I make sure to tell Jo to leave this one alone. For the rest of the day Jo and I nurse our hangovers while watching movies and singing to some of our favourite songs, we decided against listening to any One Direction just in case they hear us.







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