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Lots of One Direction short stories

Wrong Hotel Room

Wrong Hotel Room

I turned on the shower in my hotel room that I was sharing with my gay best friend, we booked the hotel room because we were going to see a One Direction concert tonight, we were both rather excited not only do we really like One Direction but we hadn’t had a goods girl’s night out in ages, plus we had meet and greet tickets! Last night Mary decided to go back to some girl’s hotel room, that’s Mary for you! Mary still wasn’t back from last night’s ‘hook up’ but I was expecting her any moment as she text saying she was finding her clothes then leaving. I turned on some music and hoped in the shower.

Niall’s POV

“Which room number was it again?” I asked Liam as we slowly wandered down the hotel hallway, we had the right floor but I didn’t have a bloody clue what room number we were in. “Um…341? Ye 341 I’m sure it is”, we headed for room 341, it looked like our room as we were not far from the end of the corridor. Louis put the key card into the door, the light turned red, “oh maybe it wasn’t 341 then?” Liam questioned, I thought he was supposed to be the sensible one! Louis pushed the door and it opened, “nah it is ours, the light is obviously playing up”, we all piled into the room, grateful to get inside away from the potential threat of being mobbed by fans.

Ugh Harry had clearly had girls back to the room when we were out earlier as there was a bra on the floor, and stilettos near the couch. “God Harry why can’t your ‘hook up’s’ clean up after themselves.“ Harry looked around and grabbed the bra, “I haven’t had any girls back to the room!” Harry said sounding defensive. Suddenly we heard music and singing coming from the bathroom, we were curious so we headed in that direction. The sound of our song ‘little things’ got louder, wow whoever was singing it was damn good, it sounded like a girl. Why is there a girl singing in our bathroom? We slowly opened the bathroom….ye I know what you’re thinking, why the fuck did we decide to open the bathroom door when we heard a girl singing in there, to be fair I don’t really know!
The bathroom was filled with steam and the sound of ‘little things’, bloody hell she was a good singer. I think all our mouths dropped open and we just stood there in silence looking at the image in front of us. There was a girl in our shower completely naked (obviously) her back was turned to us and she was singing our song, clearly unaware that we were behind her. Fuck she was hot! Her brown hair clung to her shoulders as the water ran over her body, she had long slender legs, a cute pert bum and slightly tanned skin, even though her back was to us you could still see the swell of her ample chest. “Shit it’s not our room!” Liam whispered as he tried to drag us out, suddenly before we all left she turned around, I think my heart actually stopped, just what we need I can see the headlines now ‘One Direction caught spying on naked fan in shower!’ luckily though she had her eyes closed. Wow she had a small tattoo of a butterfly on her hip, her chest was…well…a good handful, she looked like she could be a model, no she was too pretty to be a model! My eyes drifted down lower, fucking hell! She had a little heart waxed into her little patch of hair covering her pussy…well I say covering it didn’t really cover since she clearly kept well groomed. “Fuck she is probably sharing this room with her boyfriend, we need to leave!” Liam said as he quietly dragged us out.

We managed to find our room eventually; Harry called down to reception and asked what room were we in, god we must have sounded like right twats. Turns out we were in the next room, close I suppose! “God she was hot!” I said as we entered our room, “hot is an understatement, I would!” Harry smirked, “ye I think we all would!” Louis laughed, ‘’shame she probably has a boyfriend though” Zayn sighed. We got ready for the concert and meet and greet and tried to forget about the intoxicating girl we saw in the shower.

Natalie’s POV

Mary finally returned and we were on our way to the meet and greet. When we arrived we were welcomed by an array of screaming girls, “well they’re bloody annoying” I laughed as we squeezed our way to the front doors to show our tickets, the guard checked me out as usual, gave me his number and let us in with a smile, “god if I looked like you Nat I would so use it to my advantage and get whatever I want!” Mary laughed as she slapped my arse cheekily. I was used to being complemented on the way I looked but being ‘attractive’ did have its negatives though, like all guys thinking that they can hit on you, like what the fuck why would I be interested in some random guy, especially one with a face like a slapped arse!

We lined up for the meet and greet, really I was more here for Mary, as she was maybe a tad bit obsessed with One Direction, I liked their music and thought they were hot but no way would you catch me screaming or crying…well unless one happened to punch me in the face then I’d probably cry!

We stepped up to the table where the five guys were sitting, Mary went first, she got slightly excited but managed to play it cool as she got a picture with Liam and signed photos of the rest. I stepped up to the table, Harry was the first person I said hi to, he looked up and then froze. He coughed nervously “Uhh…hi, I’m Harry” I laughed slightly, ye of course I knew who he was…bless him. “Hey I’m Natalie” he shook my hand, no hug? Ok, I guess he has hugged too many girls today already. His hand felt slightly clammy. I thought Harry would be chatty, or at least try and flirt with me but no, nothing, he just stared at me, almost as if he could see through my t-shirt and skinny jeans. I moved on to Louis, he too acted weird and was quite quiet, unlike him. I moved on to Niall, “hey” I said cheerfully, maybe I will get more out of this one. His mouth fell open and his eyes widened as if he’d seen a ghost “fuck” he said under his breath, “what?” I asked confused, “uh nothing” he signed my picture, he then decided to draw a butterfly and a heart, I looked at him questionably “I just guessed that you like butterflies and hearts” he said weakly. Ok I guess? That’s not weird at all! Liam and Zayn acted just as weird as the others, wow they are weird not at all what I was expecting.

I approached Mary, “ohh weren’t they just dreamy?” she asked excitedly, “um I don’t know I found them weird and a little bit rude” I said confused. We just shrugged it off and assumed that they were tired of screaming girls. We headed for the concert; luckily we had front row seats. The concert was great, as we expected. Mary was called expectantly off to work just as the show ended so she said she would meet me back at the hotel at some point later tonight or early in the morning. I headed back to the car park as I felt a pair of hands wrap around my arm pulling me away from the crowd and through a back door, I turned around and saw all of One Direction, they smiled weakly at me, “what?” I asked slightly annoyed. “We wanted to apologise for how we acted at the meet and greet earlier, we were being weird”, “ok? Well thanks?” I said unsure of why they were apologising. “You probably don’t want to know but we wanted to tell you why we were acting really awkward” Louis said as he shifted uncomfortably, “um ok?” I said, still confused as to what was going on.

“Well….” Liam started.







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