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Zayn And Harry And Niall And Louis And Liam One Shots

Christmas Sparks- Abi for Harry

I never should have agreed to do this. I'm not a big fan of surprises, so I have no idea what made me agree to do a Christmas treasure hunt arranged by my boyfriend. Maybe it's the fact that he's completely gorgeous and knows I would do anything for him, or maybe it's the fact that we're both mischevious souls, which I think drew us together in the first place. Seriously, I could write a series of books on all the shit we've gotten into together.

The cloudy London sky suggests that it could snow or rain at any moment. I snuggle deeper into my winter coat, pulled right up to the sprinkle of freckles that cross my nose. I walk quickly, my light auburn hair flapping in the breeze, clues clutched in my gloved hand. I've already made it through four clues, and, according to Harry, that means I only had one left to go.

So far I had been to the pet shop where I used to work. It was where Harry had first met me when he was helping Zayn and Perrie pick out their cat, Prada. I remember feeling a little startsruck when the three of them walked in, but I was soon put at ease when I saw how normal they all were. Harry had slipped his number in with the adoption forms, just in case I had any questions for Prada's "godfather". When my relationship with Harry was put in the spotlight, I had to leave because of the amount of fans coming in or loitering outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of their celebrity crush.
Next Harry had sent me to the restaurant where we had our first date. It was a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place and the food was excellent. The stomach issues I had afterwards, however, were not. He had felt really bad and brought me soup and crackers, which was really sweet. The two of us now had a running joke that he had been testing me to see if I was tough enough to handle him.

My third stop was at Hyde Park where the boys had played a surprise gig the previous spring that had quickly gotten out of hand. I had started panicking and Harry literally hopped off the stage, walked over to me, and wrapped his arms around me until I had calmed down. At that point, nobody knew that I was anything more to him than an extremely lucky fan. I had found the clue in a little hole at the bottom of the tree I sat under once Harry let go of me.

The clue directed me to go to the doorstep of my old apartment where I lived before I moved in with Harry. It was significant in our relationship because it was where Harry had told me he loved me. I had flown out to be with him on the last week of his tour and he insisted on walking me to my doorstep when we got back. I had expected a quick kiss and see you later, but he had hit me with three little words that changed everything.

My phone rings and I fumble a little bit before I answer.

"Hey Abi!" It's him. He's probably warm and cozy and cuddled up in bed, laughing at the fact that I'm out in the cold.

"I really, really fucking hate you right now." I growl.

"Wow! I can hear your teeth chattering!" Harry laughs. "What clue are you on?"

"I'm on my way to that market where we were photographed together for the first time."

"Brilliant! That means you're nearly done. I should start preparing."

"Preparing for what?"

"Nothing... I've gotta go." he hangs up before I can ask more questions. I hang up, frustrated, and find that I'm standing right in front of the market.

I go inside and stop. Where would he hide a clue here? I'm completely clueless. Ironic, considering I'm on a treasure hunt with clues. I wander up and down the aisles, thinking back to when Harry first brought me here. All we had bought was cereal... That was it! I hurried to where the cereal was and started pushing boxes around. After a few minutes and some very weird, angry looks, I found the clue taped to the back of the shelf. I pulled it off and opened it.

Go to the place where you feel safest.

Where did I feel safest? I felt safest when I was where Harry was, and Harry loved spending time at home when he wasn't on tour. That's it? After wandering around for hours in the cold and all of this was leading me back to our apartment? I was not happy. Not happy at all. I stormed out of the market and back to the apartment we shared.

"Hello? Where are you?" I call into the dark apartment. I don't bother hanging my coat up, instead dropping it on the floor. I know this mess will drive Harry crazy but at this point I don't really care. He sent me on a wild goose chase and I don't like being the butt of jokes.

"In here!" I roll my eyes and walk down the hallway. It was just as I suspected. He was stil in bed.

"I go gallivanting all around town and you can't even bother to meet me at the door? You're the worst boy-- HARRY!" My jaw drops and my eyes go wide.

Harry is sprawled across the bed, completely naked except for a very strategically placed, very perky Santa hat.

"Merry Christmas, Abi." He smirks. I go all warm and fuzzy around the edges, completely forgetting that I was upset in the first place. "Come here."

I walked towards the bed and sat on the edge next to Harry. He reaches his arms out and pulls me down so I'm laying across his warm, hard chest. He smiles down at me for a second before covering my mouth with his. We kissed lazily for a few minutes, exploring each others' mouth like it was the first time we'd ever kissed. I feel Harry's hand creep up under my shirt, cupping my breasts softly over my bra. I dont resist, so he slips his hands around to my back and unhooks my bra. In one swift motion, he flips me over onto my back while removing my shirt and bra. I let out a small giggle and Harry smirks, revealing his adorable dimples.

I see his eyes darken with lust and then all gentleness is gone from his movements. He tears my jeans off my legs and then kisses his way back up my calves and inner thighs. I can feel his hot breath on me through my panties and it makes me shiver. He continues kissing up over one of my hips and nips at the band of my underwear. Grasping them with his teeth, he pulls them down a little. I dutifully lift my hips, him switching to using his hands to finish removing the delicate lace.

We're now both completely naked. Harry nudges my legs apart with his and I open myself to him. He gazes at me for a second.

"Ready?" he askes quietly.

"R-ready," comes my whispered reply. Harry presses into me slowly and lets out a throaty moan.

"You always feel so tight," he whispers huskily. I smile up at him and he starts thrusting slowly into me. I take a ragged breath, pleasure already building up inside of me. It's as if Harry can sense it because he increases the pace a little bit, my back arching slightly as he hits a new spot.

The feeling of our bodies working together is indescribable. I'd been with two guys before Harry but neither could make me feel the way that he does. Every time we're together he makes it feel like an entirely new experience. He makes me happy, and I know I make him happy too.

A loud groan escapes his lips, calling me back to the moment. I realize just how close I am and the look of concentration on Harry's face lets me know he feels the same. He moves one of his large hands between us and starts rubbing my clit. I gasp, my body reacting immediately.

"On the count of three. One... Two..." I don't hear him say three because of the waves of pleasure that roll over my body. My body quivers and my toes curl. My mind goes brilliantly blank for a moment before I start to relax again. Harry moans as his hot load shoots into me, pushed over the edge by my premature release. A string of expletives mixed with my name falls from his lips as he rides out his orgasm.

Gently he pulls out of me, then gathers me into his arms. Our green eyes meet and he smiles. "Merry Christmas, Abi. I love you."


Hoped you liked this one.
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