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Zayn And Harry And Niall And Louis And Liam One Shots

AnyThing For An A

Woldingham is a school just outside of London. It isn’t a regular school, it’s an all-girls school. There are only 5 men in the whole school, which is not much. 3 of the men are teachers, one is the janitor and the other one is the headmaster. Quite strange actually, a male headmaster on an all-girls school. But nobody minds, because headmaster Styles is hot. Just like janitor Horan and the 3 teachers, master Malik from P.E., master Payne from history and master Tomlinson from English. Those five men have every girls hormones racing, really EVERY girls, even the feminine teachers.

Laura had always been a good student, she was pretty smart. But now she was failing. This was definitely the worst semester ever. English had always been her best subject, but this semester she was failing. In English. To her it still sounded impossible, but apparently it wasn’t. It was really happening, she was failing. The worst part about it is that she knows why, and there’s nothing she can do about it. She is failing because of her teacher, master Tomlinson. He is a good teacher, just not the right one for her. She can only pay attention to him in class. Not to what he says, but to HIM. His shirts always fit him perfectly, and through those shirts you can see how muscular he is. And every time he moved his perfect hair moved a little too, and his eyes, my god those EYES. He made her go totally jelly just by looking at her with those blue eyes. She was just thinking about all this (again!) when he called her name. She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him. That was a mistake, he was looking right back. She felt her legs go all jelloid.

‘Laura, can you please answer the question?’, he asked her.

‘Ehm, sorry sir, what was the question?’, she asked, blushing.

‘Just as I thought’, he sighed. Then the bell rang. ‘Okay girls, class is dismissed.’

Everybody got up and was walking out. She was just walking out with her friend Elaine when master Tomlinson called her name. She turned around and looked at him.

‘Laura, can you come here for a moment?’

‘Yeah sure master Tomlinson. I’ll see you later Elaine.’
‘Please close the door after you Elaine.’, master Tomlinson said to her.
Elaine wiggled her eyebrows at Laura and shut the door. She knew how she felt about master Tomlinson. Elaine didn’t think he was bad herself, but she could still focus in class. So unfair.

‘Come sit’, he patted on his desk, ‘I want to talk to you.’
Shit. It was probably about yesterday’s test. She screwed it up badly. She walked over to him and sat down on his desk.

‘I’ve checked yesterday’s test’, he said holding up hers. A big red F was written above it. Her eyes widened. This would be the end, another F in English. This meant she had to repeat the semester.

‘I really got an F?’ she asked him.

He nodded ‘I’m sorry, it just wasn’t good at all. It’s like you’ve never even been in class. Have you even studied?’

‘Well yes, but it was just a boring subject and, and.. Please let me redo it master Tomlinson, I need an A or else I will fail. Please I’ll do anything.’ After she had said that, she realised what she just said. But what the hell, she’ll do anything with HIM for an A. He only has to ask. He leaned back in his chair and seductively raised one eyebrow.

‘Anything?’, he asks in a husky tone.

She smiles at him and crosses her right leg over her left, causing her skirt to crawl up.
‘Yes, ánything master Tomlinson.’

He eyed her up and down. Then he rose up from his chair and came to stand right in front of her. Then he took off his glasses and looked deep into her eyes. Damn, he looked even hotter without the glasses. He put his hand on her knee and moved in closer. Her heart was pounding so loud she thought it was going to jump out of her ribcage. Then he kissed her on her lips. She couldn’t believe this was actually happening! She kissed him back, harder than he kissed her. He snickered and pulled back, much to her dismay. He winked at her and walked towards the door. She noticed he had a terrific ass. A good, firm bum. He got his keys from his pocket and locked the door.

‘We don’t want people interrupting our…’, she could tell he was looking for the right word. ’Conversation, do we?’ He walked back to her. She was still sitting on his desk, wiggeling her right foot.
‘Don’t be nervous beautiful, it’s just some small talk with your favourite teacher.’ he said to her. He placed his hand back on her knee and kissed her neck. He gently parted her legs and stood between them. He placed butterfly kisses along her jawline down to her neck. She tilted her head so he had better access. He sucked her pulse point, sending a wave of pleasure through her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing herself tightly against him. He kissed her hard, his tongue gliding over her bottom lip. She gladly opened her mouth, letting his tongue in. His tongue danced around her mouth exploring it, her tongue flicked back. She ran her hands through his perfect hair. It was incredibly soft. His hands roamed over her legs, going higher and higher, massaging her inner thighs. She started unbuttoning her blouse quickly, she wanted him NOW. She threw her blouse off and grabbed the hem of his white/blue striped shirt. They pull apart for a moment, so she can pull his shirt over his head. Now they were both half naked. Just as she thought, he had a perfect chest. He was muscular and beautifully tanned. Damn, that man was perfect. He kissed her again, and unclipped her bra with one hand. She got her hands out of his perfect hair to throw the thing away. He kissed her deeply and cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing her nipples. She moaned into the kiss, hormones racing. She fumbled with his zipper, finally getting him out. He was already hard. She placed her hand on his cock and pumped him softly. She needed him inside her now, a whole year of sexual frustration had to be pleased now.

‘Be patient love, it’ll be worth the wait.’, he said as if he read her mind.

He kissed along her jaw line, then her neck and kissed lower and lower until he was sucking her nipple. He was driving her crazy and he knew it. She moaned loudly when he softly bit her nipple, sending a painful sensation through her body. His hands went up under her skirt and played with her lace panties. Then he tugged them off and threw them across the classroom. He then went down and put his head under her skirt. She moaned when he started licking her, making her totally wet.
‘Oh FUCK YES!’ she screamed when he pressed his tongue against her clit. He kept flicking his tongue over her sensitive spot while pushing two fingers inside her. She grabbed his hair and ground up against his hand and face to increase the pleasure. He figured she had had enough and gently pushed her down on his desk. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, pulling him in closer. He slammed his full length into her, stretching her wide. He pulled out, only to slam back into her harder.
‘oh, oh MASTER TOMLINSON!’, she screamed, closing her eyes to the sensation. He sped up his thrusts, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. She felt a tickling sensation in her stomach, she was so close now. It was like he knew, he thrusted in an out of her even faster, sending her into oblivion. She came loudly, soon followed by him.

They were both getting dressed when she felt that he was looking at her. She looked up and met his gaze.

‘Definitely an A’, he winked at her.

Best. semester. ever.


Hope you like this one




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