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Zayn And Harry And Niall And Louis And Liam One Shots

Are You Mine?

“Zayn, will you please just list-“ She said, exasperated bringing her hands in the air, only to be cut off by Zayn. “I swear if I hear another word from you, I won’t hesitate to shove my dick in your fucking mouth.”

“But Zayn, I really need you to-“ She tried again, huffing loudly. “Ashley, you’re getting on my nerves. I fucking told you to shut up.” Zayn snarled, massaging his temples, anger lurking his hazel eyes. “What have I done to you? For God’s sake Zayn, I’m trying to get you to list-“
“That’s it, strip.” Zayn lifted his head and spoke in a demanding tone. Ashley gave him a confused look and widened her eyes. She shook her head shyly and furrowed her eyebrows in worry. “I said, strip.” Zayn said again, anger evident in his tone. “No,” Ashley whispered in a small voice, biting her lip anxiously. Zayn was frightening her in such a way that she couldn’t even breathe normally. “No?” Zayn retorted, a dark humour present on his voice. “You seem to be forgotten about who calls the shots here,” He said, smirking at her little feisty attitude. “Now, when I tell you to strip, you strip.”

Ashley shook her head again, fear taking over her body. Watching her denial, Zayn took long strides towards her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her body close to him. “Such a misbehaved girl...” He trailed off, brushing his index on her cheek. Ashley shivered unintentionally and Zayn smiled slyly down at her. Zayn kissed her jaw and then brought his smooth lips to her ear. “You know what happens to misbehaved girls?” He whispered seductively, nibbling on her ear lobe. Ashley let out a small moan, filling Zayn’s heart with proud. He brought his lips to her ear again and murmured once again, “They get...punished.
He placed a lingering kiss on her neck and looked at her face, watching a blush appear on her puffy cheeks. Zayn slid his hands into her jumper and Ashley gasped at the contact. His hands were freezing whilst her torso was burning with desire. Zayn placed his hands on her back and rubbed circles with his thumbs on her lower back, pulling her body as close as possible as he could. He started to bite her neck and Ashley arched it, closing her eyes, letting herself melt into Zayn’s touch.

“You like that, don’t you? You like it when I bite you...” Zayn hummed into her neck, running his hands up to her breasts. “Moan for me like a naughty girl I know you are.” He demanded, rubbing his thumbs on her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. “Hmm, Zayn...” She moaned, bringing her hands to his quiff, running her fingers through the thick strands of his hair. Zayn worked on a love bite on her neck, while kneading her breasts. He pulled away from her neck and stared at her. She was already so ready for him.

“Strip.” He said in a strict tone, taking his hands out of her body. Ashley frowned at the sudden lost of contact, she needed him again. Licking her lips, she looked at him under her lashes, watching him gazing at her with pure lust on his eyes. Zayn raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms over his chest. Ashley watched as his muscles flexed underneath his black dress shirt, feeling a wave of warmth spreading in her core. She started by taking her jumper, slowly and agonizing, teasing Zayn on purpose. Throwing it to the ground, she looked at Zayn, seeing him gaze at her full breasts. She couldn’t deny to herself, she knew she had a big pair of breasts. Unbuttoning her jeans, she slid them down her legs, throwing them to the floor as well, next to her jumper.

Zayn inhaled sharply at the sight of her body. No matter how many times he had seen her naked, it would always amaze him the fact that she had all the right curves in the right places. She had round and large hips, something that drove Zayn insane. He loved to grab them tightly, holding her down to him. Ashley also had an amazing ass. It was heart-shaped but upside down, making it impossible to resist to. Adding to that, she had a small waist with a flat stomach, and then her body would wide again because of her bust. She was a blessed and gifted girl with big breasts. Not abnormally big, but big enough to satisfy Zayn in many ways.

His eyes roamed around her body, hungrily. He was already hard for her, so hard that his dick started to throb. He licked his lips and bit his lower lip. Slowly, Ashley brought her fingers to her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the ground. Zayn froze. He wanted nothing more than squeeze those breasts tightly into his large hands and suck on her hard rosy nipples. Ashley was about to remove her knickers when Zayn stopped her. “Don’t take them.” He affirmed, snapping his fingers. “Come ‘ere.” He said, tilting his head.

Ashley took timid steps towards Zayn and stopped in front of her, covering her breasts with her dainty hands. “Undress me,” He ordered, smiling smugly. Ashley widened her eyes in surprise and brought her shakily fingers to his dress shirt. She focused her look on his buttons and unbuttoned them slowly, opening the shirt wide. She took it of him while staring at his hard toned upper body. Her breasts would casually brush his chest; making shivers ran down into each other’s skin. Once the shirt was off, Ashley got on her knees and unzipped his jeans. Once again, she slid them down his legs, helping him taking them off his feet.

Slowly and timidly, she grabbed the elastic band of his grey boxers and started to pull them down. Zayn shivered at the contact of her cold fingers with his skin. Completely bare in front of her, Ashley felt her desire for Zayn growing up.
“Grab a pillow. Get on four for me.” Zayn spoke strictly and Ashley obeyed, putting the pillow on the ground and placing her elbows on it, lifting her ass in the air. She knew what was coming and that thought excited her more than what it should.

Zayn placed himself beside her and rubbed his palms on her ass cheeks. He leaned himself on her back and kissed her spine, making goosebumps appear on her smooth and pale skin. He slid his hands from her waist to her hips and clipped his fingers on the thin material of her knickers. He pulled them down to her knees and smirked at how wet she was already. He put himself closer to her and rested his hard dick on her ass. He licked his fingers and brought them to her aching centre. He rubbed her pussy lips with his fingers, wetting them and heard her whimpering. He smiled slyly and licked his fingers. “Hmm...you taste so fucking good,” He moaned, leaning his body over hers. Zayn grabbed her breasts and kneaded them, hearing soft and gentle moans falling from her mouth while kissing the back of her neck. “You know what I’m about to do to you?” Zayn hissed on her ear. “I’m gonna slam my throbbing dick into your dripping pussy, I’m gonna make you scream my name and beg for me. I’m gonna rock your world. I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you will be so fucking sore. I will fucking show you who calls the shots here.” He said, grasping her breasts a little bit tighter.

Ashley whimpered and arched her neck. She needed to feel him. She was so bloody ready already. Zayn bit her shoulder blade and left lingering kisses all the day down her back. He grabbed his dick and pumped it a few times, closing his eyes and moaning her name. He grabbed her hips and rubbed his dick on her entrance, teasing her, watching her moaning. He rubbed it a few times before slam it right inside of her. Ashley gasped at the feeling, Zayn moaned. He started to thrust inside her, grabbing her hips strongly, closing his eyes in pleasure.

Ashley’s loud moans turned Zayn even more and he slammed his dick harder into her. He moaned and rested his hand on her ass. An idea spread on his mind and without warning, Zayn made his palm collide with her ass cheek. Ashley gasped at the contact, feeling a fire erupting on her ass. He rubbed it slowly and brought his hand against her ass again, thrusting into her hard.

Ashley moaned even more and rolled her head back. She was so turned on that she had to grasp on the pillow that rested underneath her elbows. Zayn rubbed her ass once again and gave her a deep thrust. “Who’s in charge here?” He hissed under his breath, his balls colliding with her pussy, creating a sloppy sound that he was enjoying way too much. When he received no response, Zayn spanked her again.

“Y-you,” She moaned, biting her lip. “I want a name.” Zayn snarled, thrusting harder into her. “Gimme a name,” He said, clenching his teeth to stop a moan, slapping her ass cheek again. “Who is in the fucking charge? Who calls the shots here, hmm?”
“Z-Zayn Javadd Malik,” Ashley whimpered, panting uncontrollably. “That’s right, it’s me.” He growled, fastening his pace. Ashley couldn’t keep her mouth shut so she kept moaning and panting Zayn’s name. Zayn continued to slam into her, bringing his fingers to play with her aching clit.

Ashley’s mind was in a complete mess. Zayn was really rocking her world; she was finding it hard to keep up with his pace for much longer. She could feel her stomach clenching. She felt Zayn everywhere. He kept playing with her clit, driving her crazy, still thrusting as fast as before but deeper. Perhaps, he was reaching his climax as well. Zayn gave her a deep thrust, hitting her g-stop, making her scream in pleasure. She knew what was bound to happen.

“I-I’m comim-ooooh,” She moaned, curling her toes, gripping the pillow. Zayn grabbed her hips again and slam them to his hips, feeling her clench around his throbbing dick. He knew and sensed that she was almost coming. He smirked and fastened his place, pulling her hair to allow her to feel more pleasure. Suddenly, Ashley’s mind went blank for a couple of seconds and the only thing she could feel was Zayn. She screamed his name – literally, and clenched her walls around him.

Zayn kept thrusting, feeling her cum drip down. He brought his fingers to her pussy again and rubbed it, only to lick his fingers afterwards. With one last grunt, Zayn gave her a final deep thrust, releasing himself inside her. Ashley fell on the floor and Zayn carefully placed himself on top of her. Both of them were trying to catch their breaths and both of them were smiling foolishly. Zayn kissed her shoulder and the back of her neck, while running his fingers on her arm. “I hate you.” He whispered in her ear, making Ashley smile. “I hate you too,” She whispered and Zayn kissed the corner of her mouth. He got off inside her and laid beside her. Ashley turned her head to him and gave him a shy smile.

Zayn leaned into her and kissed her lips passionately. “I’m sorry if I was a bit rough,” He murmured against her lips, bringing his hand to the back of her hand, holding her close. “I had an exhausted day and I didn’t mean to take it out on you.” Ashley shook her head and smile. “I like it when you’re rough. It’s hot.” She admitted in a small voice, pecking his lips. “You can make up to me, though.” She said, grinning.

“Oh yeah? How?” He queried, nuzzling his nose on hers. “Make love to me.” She whispered, crashing her lips on his. “You sure?” He asked, frowning.
Ashley nodded and kissed him again. She would never get tired of Zayn, of the feeling that Zayn gave her. He had a tough exterior but in reality, he was an incredibly sweet bloke when it came to her. She couldn’t thank him enough for all the emotions and experiences he had given and provide her.

Zayn stood up and helped her lift from the floor. He entwined his fingers with hers and walked towards their bedroom. Ashley took that chance to stare at his ass, and what a great ass he had.
Zayn closed the door behind them and wrapped his arms around her from behind. He kissed her jaw and pressed her body closer to him; he needed to feel her, he needed to know that she was his.

“Are you mine?” He asked, rubbing his palms on her stomach. Ashley turned her head to the side and looked at him. “Always.” She whispered, kissing him deeply. The couple smiled into the kiss until Zayn started to tickle her. Her giggles echoed in the warm room and in order to get away from him, she fell on the bed, giggling. Zayn hovered over her and let out a few chuckles, staring at her giggling state. She slowly ran her hands on his chest to his neck and with her dainty indexes resting on his cheekbones; she pulled him for a kiss, wrapping her legs around him. Reluctantly, Zayn pulled away to stare at her light brown irises with pure adoration, resting one hand on her right breast. “My beautiful princess,” He murmured, leaning him to kiss her while he slowly penetrated her.

Ashley moaned into his mouth and he interlaced his fingers with hers, putting their intertwined hands above her head. He continued to thrust into her slowly and caring, nuzzling his head on her neck while she bit on his shoulder gently, trying to suppress her moans. She rolled her hips up to meet his pace, both of them moving in their own rhythm. It was like a dance, where only the two of them could dance, becoming one and their music was their breaths, moans and kisses here and there.

Zayn let go of one of her hands and brought it to her face, brushing his thumb on her cheek. Her free hand, grabbed the sheet while she arched her back in pleasure, pressing her body against his. Not even a raindrop would fit between them. They were united, together they were one.

Ashley felt her orgasm come soon, and by the look on her face, Zayn, once again, knew how close she was. His thrusts became a bit faster and he crashed his lips on hers, kissing her lovingly, putting his hand on her waist, caressing it slowly.
Her toes curled up, her stomach clenched and his name rolled out of her tongue for the second time that night. She gripped Zayn’s hand and arched her back, pulling away from Zayn so she could scream properly and Zayn came seconds later, moaning on her neck, giving her a sloppy thrust and filling her.

They were both panting but extremely content. They felt in pure bliss. Their hearts were pounding so much that it felt like they were going to come out of their ribcage, one heart desperately in need to hug the other.
Zayn, who was already resting next to her, brought her body closer to him and held her. They ‘spooned’ and Zayn kept peppering kisses on the skin of her neck and shoulders. He would run his hand across her stomach some times until Ashley turned around. She traced the ink on his chest with her nails and kissed his neck. They shared one last kiss, filled with love and adoration before falling asleep peacefully.


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