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Stars & Stripes

Their wish is my command.

After another long day of interviews and promotional events, the boys of One Direction were getting ready for their first show of their East coast tour.

Niall bounced on his heels, always the first was ready to go. Liam and Zayn were placing their ear pieces in, chatting casually. Louis and Harry were still in their makeup chairs, making faces at each other through the mirrors.

Olivia Mann was sitting cross-legged, sifting through paperwork she had to get to Julia in the morning. She had to make sure that when they left for Massachusetts in three days they were all set. A chain of NYPR employees had already handled everything for them. Olivia was the last one to look it over to make sure it was all correct before sending it to Julia.

Olivia blinked her tired eyes, not having gotten much sleep the past few days. She wasn’t entirely sure she would survive the next few weeks. The words on the informational packet were blurring, every line felt like the same sentence. Finally giving her eyes a rest, Olivia slumped the packet neatly next to her, propping her elbow against the leather armchair and resting her right cheek in it. She could have used a nap or a good cup of coffee.

With a sudden jolt, the weight changed on the couch. Olivia blinked over at the smirking face of Harry Styles. He tilted his head, full of energy knowing he was about to do the very thing he loved in the world: perform.

“Wake up, love.” Harry said in his slow tone of voice, “We’re going on soon.”

“Alright,” Olivia smiled lightly. All her brain could think about was their talk yesterday when she looked at his bright face.

“What are you doing?” Harry picked up the beige folder filled with paperwork.

“Making sure when we get to Massachusetts that we have a place to sleep and you have stages to perform on.” Olivia yawned, her nose crinkling lightly as she did so.

Harry made a face, “Fun,”

“You sure sound sincere.” Olivia laughed.

Harry grinned, shrugging, “Sincere is my middle name.”

“Lies,” Louis’ voice rang from in front of the pair, “Your middle name is Edwin.”

Harry furrowed his brows, “Really, mate?”

Louis giggled to himself, “Just kidding. It’s Edward. Edward Cullen.”

Olivia smiled as Harry shook his head.

“It most definitely is not Edward Cullen.” He countered.

“Louis, Harold,” Zayn called from the staging door, holding his mike in hand, smiling with excitement, “We’re going on!”

“You’re going to watch, yeah?” Louis demanded Olivia.

“Sure,” Olivia promised. There was a television connected to the stage in the dressing room that she could sit and see the show.

Satisfied, Louis sprinted clumsily to the other three members of One Direction, grabbing his mike.

“Wish me luck, Olive?”

Olivia rolled her eyes. She hadn’t given permission to use her nickname and Harry didn’t seem to care.

“How much more luck do you need?” Olivia asked smartly.

“As much as I can get. I’m greedy like that.” Harry smirked, staring directly into Olivia’s dark eyes. There was a strange intensity in the air. Harry’s smirk faded slightly as his gaze flickered around the American’s face. Olivia didn’t blink, her mind simply told her to keep his gaze, to not back down.

Harry slowly started to back away, hands in his pockets, shaking his head, wondering why he had shared incredibly personal information the day before with an almost-complete stranger. His name was called impatiently by Liam and Olivia finally muttered, “Good luck.”

Harry swirled around; his green eyes bright, a real smile on his face instead of his obnoxious smirk. “Thanks, Olive. See you later, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Olivia nodded, readjusting herself so she was resting on the arm of the couch. The boys were rushed out by two tall men in black, talking officially into their headphones, holding clipboards. Olivia stared up at the fair sized television against the wall as the feed came in, showing the boys running out to start the show.

+ + +

Julia was stopping by to pick of the tour papers from Olivia. Somehow, beyond Olivia control, she had ended up at the boys’ apartment after the show instead of going home to sleep like she had previously planned and begged the boys to let her do.

They didn’t.

They refused to let her turn in so early. The night was young and they were five adolescent men touring America with their record-selling album. They were not going to sleep tonight and neither was Olivia.

They had decided they were all going out. Olivia had reminded them they weren’t old enough to legally drink in America but it didn’t dampen their plans. Olivia didn’t want to go out tonight, let alone make sure One Direction didn’t get caught drinking and partying or doing anything to hurt their image. Olivia desperately wanted to visit her father and find out what was going on but she hadn’t had a second to spare since their conversation the afternoon before. But, she was One Direction’s bitch for the next few weeks and if they wanted to go out, Olivia had to put her father on the back burner.

The elevator doors popped open as Olivia sat at the island, flipping mindlessly through papers she’d read a dozen times over. Her eyes stayed glued as heels made their way toward her zombie-like form.

“You look terrible.” Julia’s voice joked from Olivia’s left.

“Just wait ‘til you see her tomorrow, yeah?” Harry said cheekily as he slipped into the kitchen, grabbing a water.

“Going out tonight?” Julia raised an expectant brow, smirking with her red lips.

Olivia wanted to roll her eyes but she didn’t have the energy. “Their wish is my command.” She answered dryly.

“That’s the spirit, love.” Harry whispered seductively into Olivia’s ear, sending unwanted chills down her spine. “It’s nice to see you again, Julia.” Harry straightened up, smiling normally at the older blonde.

Julia chuckled, shaking his hand, “It’s always a pleasure, Harry.”

He winked flirtatiously and Olivia wondered if he ever stopped. Julia eyed Olivia meaningfully, as if she was trying to tell her something. But, Olivia wasn’t in the mood for Julia and her silly games.

“Here’s the paper work,” Olivia handed her boss the thick packet; “everything is good to go.”

“Tell me she didn’t spend the entire day and concert looking over these?” Julia sighed exasperatedly to Harry.

“’Fraid so.” Harry sighed sadly, eying Olivia. “Never stops, this one does.”

Julia gave Olivia a scolding look, like she couldn’t believe Olivia spent the whole day doing her job instead of messing around with One Direction.

“Are you ready to go or what?” Olivia snapped at Harry.

He smirked irritatingly, “I’ll go round up the lads.” And with that, he disappeared.

Julia watched shamelessly as he strutted away, “Olive, I’m serious, if you don’t do something about the sexual tension in the room, I’m going to lock you in a room together until you do.”

Olivia shook her head. Harry Styles was the last thing she wanted to talk about. And there was no sexual tension between them. “My dad came to see me yesterday.” Olivia said instead.

Julia snapped her attention back to the serious brunette, “Oh, and?”

Olivia shrugged, “He invited me and the boys to dinner on Wednesday but that wasn’t what he came to say and he never did get to it. Do you know what it was?” If anyone knew what was going on with Olivia’s father, it was Julia.

Julia smiled, “Can’t say I do, kiddo.” She readjusted the papers in her arms, “But, I got to get these filed. Have fun tonight, but not too much. You’re father will kill me if you end up on the front of some dirty rag mag, cutting the sexual tension with that—”

Julia,” Olivia cut across, not wanting to hear the rest of that sentence. “Goodbye.”

Julia laughed, shaking her head at the stern teen. Olivia showed her to the elevator, waving Julia off.

“Seriously, Olive,” Julia said before the doors shut, “have fun tonight. You’re only in the shoes that any teenage girl would kill for.”

The doors clamped shut before Olivia could respond. Olivia was in the position that anyone would kill for, but tonight—with Olivia’s lack of sleep and energy—she would kill to be anyone else.

“So, who are you cutting that sexual tension with?” Harry’s obnoxious voice asked.


Thanks for all the comments. Much appreciated! (:



I can't find it on mibba did you change the name?

Could you post it on here?
I apologize! I thought I had put up the first chapter! RuthlessAdandon is correct. It is up on my Mibba page.
oh ok thanks :)

It's on her Mibba page under the same username.