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Stars & Stripes

It's like we're connected.

Niall strummed away on his guitar, waiting for the rest of the boys to finish up. He was always the first one ready because he didn’t care as much about his look. Niall made sure he was clean and presentable for the public, but he wasn’t going to spend two hours picking out the perfect knicker-peacoat combination like Zayn was.

Liam was more like Niall when it came to getting ready. He threw something nice on and combed his hair before pulling out his phone and dialing a number, usually his mom or girlfriend, Danielle. Harry was more on the Zayn spectrum. It was mostly because Louis would constantly distract him with things more than anything else. His hair did what it wanted, whether be curly or straight, and he threw on the best looking articles of clothing he had. All the time in between was Louis messing around.

It was nice, Niall thought. It was nice to hear Louis and Harry acting like their usual selves.

None of the other boys knew why and they were mostly too afraid to ask what had been going on with Louis and Harry. Things had been a little tense as of late. It was a mixture of things, Niall assumed. Louis’ inability to be serious for more than half a second and Harry’s inability to stop fucking around with girls. It was all a little tedious. And it was only magnified when some bloke had asked who Louis thought the first person to leave One Direction (because, apparently the split was inevitable to everyone) would be. Louis had answered it would be Harry.

Things had been a little off for awhile now. Niall noticed it so the other Zayn and Liam had to see it. It was staring at them in the face, the tiny fissure that would explicably tear apart One Direction. Niall didn’t like it. He hated it. He hated the feeling that any day now, Louis and Harry could come to blows and nothing would be able to fix it. No amount of money or time spent together would fix them. They were supposed to be best friends. They had promised each other would be their best man. They had plans and secrets. They were Larry Stylinson.

Niall was worried that it would all be over. That one false move could end all the heartbreak and triumph which had led to this point. That one more stint with Caroline or another untimely inappropriate joke would implode One Direction. Niall could only hope that they wouldn’t be that selfish. There were three other members in One Direction. Three outweighed two. Not that it mattered if Louis and Harry fell apart. Larry Stylinson was like Humpty Dumpty and Niall wasn’t sure if they could put it back together again if it broke up.

“That’s pretty.” A voice interrupted Niall’s unusually serious thoughts.

Niall’s vividly blue eyes fell on the intruder to their guy pad, the eighteen-year-old intern, Olivia Mann. “Thanks.” He smiled brightly, pushing his troubling thoughts away. “It’s just something I do when I’m agitated, or bored, or homesick. Or anything really.”

Olivia nodded, really only speaking up because Niall had looked so devastated for some reason. She had no idea what he was thinking about but she didn’t think it was good for his psyche. So, she spoke up, hoping to bring him out of his funk. And it had worked.

“Do you know how to play the guitar?” Niall questioned, sitting up straighter on the plush couch.

Olivia shook her brown locks, “My dad tried to teach me once.”

“What happened?” Niall followed up.

“I couldn’t get it perfect the first time and I gave up.” Olivia shrugged.

Niall furrowed his brows, “Wow, how old were you?”


“Good thing you gave it up, too,” Another voice flowed from behind the conversing pair, “Because by that age, if you couldn’t get it perfect on the first try, you were doomed to fail.”

Olivia rolled her eyes at the curly haired boy.

Harry smirked, nudging Louis who had popped up behind him. Something flashed across Louis’ face that didn’t go unnoticed by Niall.

“Now, Harry,” Niall said. His tone wasn’t scolding or amused. It was careful.

Harry plopped down next to the petite brunette, tossing his arm against the back of the couch and invading her personal space once again. Louis sat down next to Niall, eying Harry sharply with a smile on his face.

“I tried to learn to play the cello once.” Louis announced.

“No, you didn’t.” Zayn’s voice echoed from the hall as he walked towards them, all dolled up and ready to go.

“You’re right.” Louis grinned, “I was just tryin’ to make conversation, Zayn.”

A shy smile fell upon the British Pakistani’s lips. “I think that’s actually called lying, Lou.”

“Semantics.” Louis waved an airy hand. Olivia smiled lightly, trying to scoot away from Harry without being obvious. Her attempts were thwarted when Zayn hopped onto the other side, blocking her way out.

“So, Olivia,” Harry gazed at the girl’s tan face, “Since you don’t play guitar, what do you do?”

All five pairs of eyes were on Olivia, making her highly uncomfortable. She shifted in her seat but there was really nowhere to move. “I babysit One Direction.” She answered smartly.

“Ooh,” Liam narrowed his eyes.

“Ouch.” Harry chortled.

“Olivia’s a bit cheeky, eh, boys?” Louis grinned, his eyes squinting as he did so.

“Quite cheeky.” Zayn nodded.

“Excuse me,” Niall huffed, “But we are all older than you. If anyone is babysitting anyone, it’s us babysitting you!”

Olivia rolled her eyes again as the boys cackled away. “Age-wise: yes,” Olivia stood up, “you are all older than me. But maturity-wise?” She raised a brow as if to challenge who was the most mature in the room.

“I’d say I still have that vote.” Louis said calmly.

Olivia snorted. Out of all the boys, Louis was the oldest and the most immature. Spending less than twenty-four hours with them had already proved that. Since they had returned from The Today Show, Louis had single-handedly broken his bed and Harry’s and lost a bird named Kevin, basically destroying the entire apartment to find him.

And, he didn’t.

Liam reminded him that Kevin had been missing for quite some time now and this was simply a deep seeded outburst of emotional energy. Olivia didn’t question it. She probably didn’t want to know the story and Louis took Liam’s solution of going to take a quick nap on his broken bed and left the living room.

Olivia had put back all the seat cushions but there was really nothing else she could do about the living room (or apartment in general). The cleaning crew was going to murder her. If this was the damage that had been done over a silly bird, Olivia didn’t even want to think what would happen when they finally got to party.

Quickly, Olivia glanced down at her watch. She pursed her lips and sighed.

“Let me guess,” Harry’s knowing voice said, “It’s time to go?”

Olivia narrowed her eyes at the curly-haired teen. “It’s like you read my mind.”

That caused him to smirk proudly, “It’s like we’re connected. I think it’s fate.”

“Style. Styles. Harry Styles.” Julia tilted her head, talking loudly to herself, “I think it’s fate.”

Olivia shook her head of the thought and his obnoxious attitude. “Time to go.”

The boys and Olivia spent the elevator ride in silence. Niall watched Harry and Louis mess around quietly. Zayn explained to Liam the new tattoo he was hoping to get during the tour. Olivia tried not to think about how bad things would get if the elevator broke down.


Thanks for all the love! Keep it up (;



I can't find it on mibba did you change the name?

Could you post it on here?
I apologize! I thought I had put up the first chapter! RuthlessAdandon is correct. It is up on my Mibba page.
oh ok thanks :)

It's on her Mibba page under the same username.