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Stars & Stripes

He'd be glad to have a son like me.

“If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?” Harry asked Olivia. For once, she wasn’t buried in paperwork or itinerary.

She peered over at Harry. A minute ago he had been playing a video game with the other boys. “Did Lou and Niall team up on you again?” She noted his part of the screen that flashed ‘you lose’ in bold white letter.

“You know us so well.” Harry shrugged before repeating his question.

“I have a job.” Olivia told him.

“Yeah, but is this really what you wanna do with your life?” Harry prodded, “Dealing with needy, obnoxious, good-looking celebrities?”

“I don’t know about needy.” Olivia said.

“But you’re locked in on good-looking?”

Olivia rolled her dark eyes. “Bite me, Harry.”

He grinned mischievously, his green eyes darkened seductively. “Don’t tempt me, Olive.”

Olivia was suddenly well aware of how close Harry’s face was to hers. She felt her skin heat up as she turned to look out the sunny window. “I don’t know. I grew up with the PR business. I wouldn’t know what else to do.” She changed the subject, turning back to Harry once she had collected herself. “What about you, Harry?”

“Me?” Harry asked shocked, spreading out his short-sleeve clad arms, scanning the room, “I’m living the dream, Olive. Why would I want to do anything else?”

“Not what I mean.” Olivia countered. “If you weren’t in One Direction, what would you do?”

“I’d be working at the bakery.” He said immediately. The sentence was stored in the part of his brain that held the answers to the most frequently asked questions during interviews, ready to go.

“Really? You had no other aspirations in case X Factor didn’t form a super group?”

Harry shook his head, “Good thing Simon Cowell exists.”

Olivia chuckled, leaning back into the couch farthest away from the television. “Good thing.”

“Do you have a boyfriend, Olive?” Harry asked suddenly. Olivia did a double take to make sure he wasn’t teasing—or being a general ass about the fact that he could shag any girl he wanted, and that she had little experience with the opposite sex.

“No,” Olivia answered, “Do you?”

Harry snorted, though seeming relieved, “Besides Lou? Nah.”

There was a slight awkward air between them (which seemed to be becoming a reoccurring thing).

Harry smacked his lips loudly, “Right, then.” He nodded and walked away; leaving Olivia with more questions about what Harry Styles was playing at.

Olivia got up off the couch to watchful eyes. Louis had won the game per usual and they were watching closely as the American hurried after Harry, right into his game.

“Olivia, wait,” Louis tried. Olivia stopped in her tracks and looked at the concerned Brit.

“Yeah, Lou?”

It wasn’t his place, Louis knew that. If he kept butting in like this, Harry was going to do something drastic. When things didn’t go his way Harry had a way of becoming a drama queen and making everyone’s lives miserable. So with more at stake then just a nice girl’s heart, Louis shook his head regretfully and said, “Nothing.”

Olivia moved her feet onward, immediately forgetting Louis’ lie. Harry was sitting in his room, doodling on his notebook. He glanced up casually, like he hadn’t expected her to follow him. He almost didn’t. Olivia was hard to read.

She stood in the doorway, folding her slender arms tightly, quirking a brown brow expectantly.

“Yeah?” Harry fought his smirk.

“You’re awfully interested in my personal life, Styles.”

“Oh, are we using surnames now?” Harry said playfully, “And I asked if you had a boyfriend. At best that’s mild curiosity.”

“Do your girl friend asks you if you have a girlfriend out of ‘mild curiosity’?” Olivia stepped further into the room as Harry stood up.

“You caught me.” He smirked, inching towards the brunette, “What I really meant, love, was, may I have your hand in marriage?”

“You’re going to have to ask my dad about that.” Olivia took another step until there was only two feet between then.

“Charles loves me. He’d be glad to have a son like me.” Harry grinned, staring Olivia in her big brown eyes.

There was a rim of sadness in her eyes and the grin slowly faded from Harry’s face. He couldn’t help notice how beautiful she looked, even with her ever-present sort of sadness. Especially with that sadness, he thought.

A soft, warm hand felt the side of Olivia’s face; Harry had closed the gap between them. “What’s wrong, love?” Harry whispered softly; almost afraid to raise his voice in fear that it might shatter Olivia.

Before Olivia could respond, Harry’s lips connected with hers. It was only for a quick moment before he pulled away. In sync, they both took a step away from each other instead of deepening the kiss. Harry opened his mouth to explain his irrational show of affection when Olivia interrupted him coldly.

“Don’t look at me like that. Don’t—Don’t do that,” Olivia’s nostrils flared, her eyes brightened as she pointed at his lips, “I’m not some pathetic fan you can play with, Harry. You have a girlfriend back home! Just because she’s not here and you’re having problems, doesn’t mean you can cheat on her. I’m a human being and I deserve to be more than just a name in your black book.”

She turned on her heels so quickly that Harry swore she disappeared for a moment. Olivia stormed out of the room and almost ran into Louis who had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

“I—I have to go make sure the arena is ready.” She uttered flustered, avoiding making eye contact. “Tell the boys to get ready. We’re leaving at five.”

Louis watched Olivia pad down the hall. Hearing her sniff loudly, Louis entered Harry’s room with a stony expression on his face.

“What the bloody hell was that?” He demanded, pointing out the door. Harry seemed bewildered that Louis was acting so protective of Olivia.

“What’s your problem, mate?” Harry tried deflecting.

“My problem?” Louis laughed coolly. “I’m not the one with the problem. Olivia is a sweet girl and you’re just bullocks-ing with her mind for your sick amusement! This isn’t a game, Harry. It’s not funny or cute anymore! You need to grow up and stop shagging every lass you think you can take advantage of. Olivia deserves better than you, and you know it. And she’s right, you have Caroline at home.” There was obvious disgust in his voice, “You know what she would do to Olivia if she found out you had a little thing for her? It wouldn’t end well! Jesus Christ, I don’t even know what you see in Caroline, Harry. She’s psychotic trash and if you actually care about Olivia at all in that cold, lifeless heart of yours, you’ll stay well away.” Louis spat, his chest heaving at his powerful words.

Harry glared hatefully at his best mate. “You got a thing for her or something?”

Louis rolled his eyes in disbelief. Harry was always in denial of what he was doing wrong. “I’ve got five sisters and if I found out some douche bag was treating them like you’re treating Olivia, I’d kick their arse so hard they’d shit sideways.”

The two Brits glared at each other, unaware that the rest of their band was standing uncomfortably in the doorway. Harry clenched his jaw, wanting to swing repeatedly at Louis’ face. He didn’t know how Harry felt about Olivia, or Caroline, or anyone! Louis didn’t know Harry at all, and he was sick of Louis acting like he did.

“Olivia said to be ready at five.” Louis said in a low, controlled voice, “I’d suggest we hurry.”


So sorry for the lack of updates! I haven't touched my computer in almost two weeks! Finals. You know how it is. Thanks for the comments! Keep 'em coming and I'll try not to disappear again for weeks at a time...(:



I can't find it on mibba did you change the name?

Could you post it on here?
I apologize! I thought I had put up the first chapter! RuthlessAdandon is correct. It is up on my Mibba page.
oh ok thanks :)

It's on her Mibba page under the same username.