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Make Me

But Maybe, She's Crazy

Two weeks after the phone call, Justice was packed and on her way to meet up with the tour manager. Luckily it was starting in her home state, so she only had a couple hours of driving instead of days. When she shot the tour of a fairly unknown acoustic musician, she had had to drive from LA to Montreal, Canada. This was a much nicer deal.

It was about a two hour drive to get to the hotel the band was staying at. The show wasn’t for another two days, but she figured she should at least meet the boys and opening acts before the tour actually started. As a photographer though, she wasn’t required to be there until the morning of the first show. That was one perk to not being a musician. She didn’t need the months of practice before hand to take great pictures.
Parking her car near the back of the lot, she locked her doors and started for the hotel.

Two tour buses were parked near the building along with scattered groups of girls lurking around, confirming that it was the right place. Justice entered the lobby, noting its minimal decoration, and saw the tour manager chatting with the desk clerk. As she walked over to him, the elevator opened. For a moment Justice was surprised to see four girls, but when they simply pressed another button instead of getting off, she understood completely. They were just a few of the Directioners that she had heard about. Clearly they were hoping to bump into one of the boys, but Justice knew from her time on the road that they wouldn’t catch them there. They’d be in the service elevator, not the main one.

“Oh, excuse me,” the man said, turning away from the desk clerk. “You must be Justice Linds from Captured Photography.”

“Yeah, that’s me,” she replied, a hand rubbing the back of her neck. “You’re Paul Higgins, right?”

“The one and only,” he stated, reaching a hand out to shake hers. “You have all the details of the tour and such?”

“Yep.” Pulling at the bag, she motioned that the documents were with her. They were in a black folder in the bag beside her camera. She hardly went anywhere without her camera.

“Well then why don’t we go meet the boys?” Justice nodded and followed the man to the back service elevator. The halls were pretty empty, but it was early just about eight in the morning, by noon the front of the hotel would be covered by girls wishing for just a glance of the boys; a few would probably end up wandering the halls to find their rooms. “I’m pretty sure Liam is up, maybe Niall. Don’t know about the others though, but rehearsals start at ten so they should be getting up anyway.”

“Alright,” Justice said, glancing around the shiny elevator. Her reflection stood before her slightly blurred, but clear enough to make out her onyx black hair and the grey beanie that was pulled over it. Tugging on her graphic Tee, she could barely make out the words ‘Defend Pop Punk’. “Do they know I’m here?”

“Yeah, told them yesterday, but I don’t think it registered really,” the man said as his reflection glanced over at the girl. The elevator opened and soon they were at a door. Paul knocked then waited as someone moved around inside.

“Coming,” a voice yelled from the other side of the door before it opened to reveal a young man around eighteen. “Hey Paul.”

“Morning Liam,” Paul replied before motioning to the girl beside him. “This is Justice Linds. She’s the photographer that’ll be on the tour.”

“Oh, pleasure to meet you,” the boy said opening the door to let them into the room.

Two beds were inside, one was made while the other had a boy still in it, blonde hair the only indication as his head was turned towards the window. “Come in. Niall’s still asleep, but he said something about getting him up for breakfast last night, so might as well wake him up.”

Paul chuckled as he walked over to the Irish boy. It seemed normal for them and for a moment, she almost wished she had someone she knew to come along with her when she had a job. Instead, it seemed she had to make friends with the clients. Usually it didn’t take long, but it was nerve wreaking to walk into a place where everyone was friends and you were the new chick. Biting her lip, Justice glanced to her left where Liam stood. He had a very confident stance and when he caught her eyes, he smiled.

“So, Justice… Can I call you Justice or would you prefer Ms. Linds?” He asked, sucking in his bottom lip at the end of the sentence. Justice laughed, the boy was right around her age. She really didn’t want a peer to call her Ms. Linds.

“You can call me Justice,” she replied, shifting her bag. Standing beside Liam, she wondered if she had chosen the right outfit. Her red ‘Defend Pop Punk’ Tee and faded jeans seemed out of place beside his plaid button up and kakis, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Good, well you can call me Mr. Payne,” he began, but seeing the questioning look on her face he laughed. “Only joking of course. Um… So anyways, are you ready for the tour?”

“Yup,” she replied with a bright smile, grabbing out her camera. “Ready to go at all times.”

Bringing the camera to her eye level, she snapped a picture of the boy as he smiled. He
had a nice smile that reached his eyes and made the room seem warmer. Lowering the camera, Justice looked over to find the blond boy and Paul walking over towards them. Paul looked over dressed next to Niall, who was only in his boxers.

“This is Niall,” Paul said, smacking a hand against the boys shoulder. “That’s Justice.”

“’ello,” Niall greeted, his hair sticking out in random places. “How’re you?”

“Fine, thanks,” Justice replied, as the boy went to grab a pair of jeans and a Tee.

“Still can’t believe they won’t serve me breakfast if I’m not dressed,” the boy muttered as he pulled the jeans on. “It’s not like I’d go out naked.”

“Just put your shirt on and go eat, we’ll meet you there in a bit,” Paul said, ushering them out of the room. Once in the hall, Liam and Niall went off towards the breakfast bar while Paul led Justice over to another room. This time he just pulled out a key card and stepped inside, motioning for her to follow.

Slowly, she entered the room. It looked exactly like the other room, the same cream walls with dark wood furniture the only difference was the view and the paintings. Both beds still held boys, heads of dark hair resting on the pillowcases. Paul’s hands hit his hips as he frowned.

“Oi, wake up call,” he yelled, causing the two to stir, but not wake. “Fuckin’ hell.” Shaking his head, he moved to stand between the beds. “Harry, Louis, you have a guest.”

The boy near the window turned over, lifting his head to peer at her with his blue eyes. A smile spread across his face after a split second as he said, “No need to shout.”

“Oh, get up already Louis,” Paul stated as he pulled the boys blankets away. “Get dressed, go eat, rehearsals at ten.”

With a wave of his hand Louis got out of bed, wearing a white undershirt and sweats. He grabbed a sweatshirt, mumbling a few things under his breath that made Paul ushered him to the door and step out to have a word with him. While Paul was in the hall, the curly hair boy in the other bed looked over at her.

“Here to join me?” he asked as a smirk crossed his face, one hand running through his hair.

Raising an eyebrow, Justice suppressed a laugh and brought her camera to eye level once again to snap a picture of the boy in bed. The lighting was perfect as the sun peeked through the window and hit the boy’s face. It gave the photo a warm, intimate feeling when paired with the expression on his face. Lowering her treasured possession, she watched the boy take in her appearance. As his eyes trailed from her converse clad feet to the rips in her jeans, up to her Tee and long black hair she began to feel self-conscious. She wasn’t used to being appraised. It wasn’t that she didn’t think herself pretty, but she wasn’t anything special. It’s not as if she were a model, she was a size nine jean with prominent hips and a small bust, but the way the boy looked at her made her question her confidence.

“I guess that’s a no,” he stated, before getting up and pulling the sheet around his waist with him. “Shame though.”

Grabbing a few items from the dresser, he shot Justice a smirk. He was a nearly a foot taller than her, putting her at eye level with his shoulders. Her eyes quickly scanned over the boy before she replied, her voice holding a hint of sarcasm, “Complete and total shame.”


i am so intrested so i cant wait to read it. ur a talented writer :)
madalyn madalyn
Make Me is actually completed, but I have another story that I'll be posting in the next few weeks if you're interested in reading more of my work.
i love it update again
madalyn madalyn
I loved your story it was amazing! I was basically in edge the last few chapters because I felt like I was there going through it with Justice. Pure genius.
this story is awesome, please keep writing! you get a 10 for shock value, beautiful writing, and how well the story flows. plus i just like how different it is!
my-life-is-1d my-life-is-1d