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Make Me

Waking Up In Vegas

Light streamed through a window, waking Justice from her restless sleep. As she looked around the room she was surprised to find her skirt hanging on table side lamp and her shirt crumpled on the floor, a warm body was next to her. She wasn’t surprised to see Harry there with his mop of curly hair a mess against the pillow case and an arm draped across her waist. Smiling, she pushed some of his hair away from his face and kissed his forehead. A pounding in her skull made her wish she hadn’t moved, but she was more concerned with the boy as he stirred. His green eyes peeled open before a smile spread across his lips, he seemed to be in better shape than her.

“Hey,” she murmured as he leaned up to kiss her.

“Morning,” he greeted; as he leaned in again, she stopped him.

“Hold that thought,” she told him as she grabbed her camera from the bedside table, she couldn’t remember putting it there but was glad it was. It the soft morning light, she knew she had to get a picture with him.

As he reached out to gently cup her jaw she held out the camera and snapped the picture as his lips met hers. His curls brushed against her skin and for that moment everything was perfect. All that mattered was the two of them.

Pulling away, he watched her with adoring eyes before asking, “So, how does it feel to Mrs. Styles?”

“What?” Then it all came rushing back.

After leaving the club around two in the morning, they had walked by a jewelry store that was connected to the lobby. The sparkling jewels caught Justice’s eye and before she knew it Harry had lead her into the space. Shelves were filled with bracelets and necklaces and gorgeous, shining rings. As she passed by a display an oval cut canary diamond ring grabbed her attention. It outshone everything else on that side of the room even though it was one of the smaller rings. She couldn’t help it, the ring was beautiful.

“Now that’s a ring,” she mumbled while she peered at it through the glass case.

“Do you want it?” Harry asked, his voice humming in her ear.

“I could never accept it,” Justice started even though her eyes gazed longingly at the beautiful jewel. “Besides, it looks like an engagement ring.”


“Well wouldn’t people think we were getting married?” she inquired; her mind a bit fuzzy but not enough that she would up accept such an expensive gift for no reason.

“Then let’s get married,” he stated his green eyes glazed over in his drunken state, clearly neither was thinking well.

“Yeah, married,” Justice laughed, but it wasn’t a joke and even though the cashier smelled the alcohol from their breath, she still handed the ring over.

Once the ring was on her finger, the two moved over to the Chapel connected to the south side of the hotel. Louis stood beside Harry as they made their vows, giggling every so often for what seemed to be no reason. And before they knew it they were man and wife, sealed with a kiss and a marriage certificate.

The two had stumbled back to her hotel room, lips practically inseparable as they tore at each-others clothes. Once the door had locked behind them, he had pressed her up against it and let her wrap her legs around his waist. They were overheated and sweaty and lost to each other as lust consumed them. Her shirt was tossed to the floor, followed shortly by his.

He couldn’t keep his lips off her skin and she didn’t mind one bit. As his teeth grazed her neck she moaned his name, her finger nails digging into the skin on his back. Somehow he just knew how to get her going and she wasn’t going to say stop. Turning from the door, he brought her to the bed and quickly she lost her skirt the dark room. It was the last thing she remembered from the night. A moment of insanity drenched in lust and passion.

“Fuck,” Justice shouted. “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

Groaning, she leaned her head against the wall. It was a disaster if the press found out she would be in massive trouble. Looking down at her hand she found the gorgeous ring sparkling in the morning sun. She definitely couldn’t be wearing that around. It was just too obvious.

“You alright?”

“No, I’m not alright! We’re married,” she yelled, then grabbed her pounding head.

“I know,” he said taking her face in his hands, he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “And it means you are mine from now ‘til forever and I’m yours.”

“That’s not the part that’s the problem,” she said. “It’s the press and my company and the fact that we barely know each other and, oh my fucking God, my head hurts.”

“Babe, don’t worry about that right now,” he murmured, as he pulled her into his arms. “We’ll get to it when the time comes.”

Pulling at the blankets, she brought them to her chin. It was a mess and he didn’t even seem fazed by it all that mattered to him was that they belonged to each other. It was the only bright spot to her mind; that he was hers and she was his. The drama that was going to come from it though was a different story. She didn’t want to think about it, she just hoped that Louis would keep his mouth shut as he had been the only witness. Of course that was asking too much of him, she found as she sat beside him at lunch.

“So, Niall says congrats,” he informed her with a cheeky grin. His blue eyes always held a glimmer of trouble and clearly he had brought it. “But Paul would like to talk to you.”


Moving away from her food, she went over to Paul who was standing near the edge of the room waiting for her. His face was devoid of emotion and it scared her more than anything. There were only two weeks left of the tour, but it wasn’t out of the question for her to be fired. She really hoped she wasn’t getting fired.

“Justice,” he said as she stood beside him. “Come with me.”

It couldn’t be a good sign that he wanted to talk to her away from everyone. That had to be a bad sign.

“I think we have something to talk about,” his voice was flat and she just knew she was getting fired. “I hear you and Harry ended up at the little chapel last night, wanna tell me what happened?”

“You already know what happened,” she stated staring at the wall beside him, she just could bring herself to look at him.

“What the hell were you two thinking?” He shouted, the anger he had been suppressing finally escaping. “Getting married! Do you realize how big of a mistake that is? For your careers, for your lives?”

“Yeah,” she mumbled tears already forming in her eyes. “Does this mean I’m fired?”

“I’m not firing you; I’m just saying that this was a mistake. I need to make that clear and you need to be prepared for the consequences,” he said firmly, there wasn’t even an ounce of sympathy in his voice just the clear glimmer of disappointment in his eyes.

“So I still have my job?”

“There’s two weeks left and we need to clear this up,” Paul said his eyes barely looking at her. “It can’t get out to the press and the best way to keep it under wraps is to act like it never happened.”

“Act like it never happened?” She shouted, thoroughly offended. It was like he was saying she wasn’t good enough for him. “Is that really what we’re going to do?”

“Yes, because you two fucked up and I should never have let you out of my sights,” he snapped. He was quite a bit taller than Justice, but even as he towered over her she didn’t cower. “So you are going to pretend it didn’t happen or I will have to step in… You need to keep this quiet.”

“Make me.”

“If that’s what you want then fine,” Paul said before walking away. It was the last thing he said to her for the remainder of the day. After the incident all he did was shoot her disappointed looks.

Harry started for her car as the tour got ready to leave the city of sin, only to be pulled to the tour bus by Paul. Clearly they wouldn’t be seeing each other much for the next few days, but she hoped she could get a few moments alone with him later. She needed to talk to him. It wasn’t like she could pretend they hadn’t gotten married. It happened and it was crazy, but a part of her liked knowing that they were connected by a legal thread. It put their relationship into a whole new category; they said vows to stay forever and what scared her most was that she wasn’t scared of that at all.


i am so intrested so i cant wait to read it. ur a talented writer :)
madalyn madalyn
Make Me is actually completed, but I have another story that I'll be posting in the next few weeks if you're interested in reading more of my work.
i love it update again
madalyn madalyn
I loved your story it was amazing! I was basically in edge the last few chapters because I felt like I was there going through it with Justice. Pure genius.
this story is awesome, please keep writing! you get a 10 for shock value, beautiful writing, and how well the story flows. plus i just like how different it is!
my-life-is-1d my-life-is-1d