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A life of Payne

Chapter 51

Liam's POV
*2 Weeks Later*

The past two weeks have been insanely crazy, but a good kind of crazy.

Many things have been going on with the preperations for our tour, redoing Katie's room and just having time to do things without having to worry about Katie. I've been spending a lot of time with Niall since Katie left because I think out of us five boys, we're the two that miss her the most.
I get a text from Katie everyday and whenever Niall notices this he looks a little down that she hasn't tried to contact him which makes me feel really bad.

I told him I would help him get Katie to talk to him when she gets home but I'm not really sure on how exactly we plan on doing that. All I know is that deep down Katie still cares about Niall and I'm going to use that to my advantage.

As of right now the builders are on their final touches for Katie's room and I'm getting ready to go to the club with Harry since the other boys were all busy.

I opened the door to Katie's room to see Shane was in there alone just standing in the middle of the fresh new room.

I never liked Shane being here without Carl who had just left. There was definately something off about this guy but I never figured it out. In the back of my mind I had a feeling it might have something to do with Katie.

Shane was a very quiet person and kept to himself most of the time but whenever Carl asked me about Katie or even if her name was mentioned Shane would suddenly seem interested and would listen to what I said about her.

Maybe they knew each other?

But that didn't really seem like it was true. Shane wasn't the kind of person Katie liked to be around, he was cold and had a dark vibe to him which is the exact opposite to Katie.

"Mate are you nearly done?" He jumped at my words and spun around to face me. He glared at me for a second before his eyes turned unreadable again.

"I'm just leaving now." He picked up his tool box and scanned around the room one last time, his eyes landed on a few items around the room for a few seconds before he turned to me again.
"The room turned out great." He had a devilish look in his eyes now and with that he walked right out of the apartment.

Something was off, just looking around the room made me nervous.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe before making my way out the front door and towards my car. On my way there I walked past Katie's purple car and sighed as I looked at it.

I hope this Shane guy hasn't met Katie before. I would hate for her to get attention from someone like him.

"ASHLEY!" Harry jumped off the couch we were both sitting on and stumbled his way over to Ashley who had just arrived.

We'd been at this club for a good few hours and were at another club before this one so it had to be around three in the morning by now.

When I finally looked up Ash and Harry were in the middle of a very heated kiss. Awkward for me.

"Gross guys! There are people around that could easily get a picture of that! Be a little more discrete would ya?" The words that stumbled out of my mouth even surprised me as they actually made sense.

"Chill Liam. I'm not to fussed if people get pictures of me kissing my girlfriend." My eyes widened at Harry and Ash giggled as Harry pulled her closer to his side.

"Girlfriend? What does Katie think about this?" I turned to Ash as her cheeks flushed just at the thought of what Katie had said.

She awkwardly cleared her throat before talking.
"She uh said she was happy for us but doesn't understand how I could go there after Taylor Swift had."

I couldn't hold back my laughter after she said that and this time it was Harry's turn to blush at Katie's words.
It was such a Katie thing to say, what a little cutie she is.

I stood up and straightened my shirt before patting Harry on the shoulder and giving Ash a hug.
"I have to agree with what Katie said." I winked and both their cheeks flushed again.

"You two are evil siblings." Harry laughed at what Ash had mumbled.

"Yeah we are. Well as much as I would love to stick around and be the third wheel, I think I will head home now." We said our goodbyes and I made my way towards the cab still laughing and what Katie had said to her bestfriend.

The cab ride was quiet but I wasn't tired at all.

Maybe I didn't have as much to drink as I thought I did?

By the time I got out of the cab and inside my apartment building it was six in the morning. Shit I stayed out all night. I know Katie told me to live a little but I think I went a bit over board.

Finally unlocking the front door I was welcomed with silence which is the one thing I've hated the most about Katie being away these past two weeks.
I still wasn't that tired but slowly made my way towards my bedroom making sure to pick up Fefe in my arms while on my way there so she could keep me company.

Opening my bedroom door, I was just about to call it a night or morning when something about the room across from mine was still bugging me.
I walked into Katie's room and smiled with the new look it now had but felt like something wasn't right.

Shane still made me suspisious so my next thought was to just give up and see if Katie knew him from somewhere.
As soon as I dailed the number I instantily regretted it. what if she was busy or having breakfast?

"Liam what the hell it's one in the morning!" Katie's rough but quiet voice made me realise that I woke her up.

Shit. The time difference.

"I'm sorry sweetie! I forgot about the time difference!" I felt so bad but heard shuffling from the other end of the phone before the faint sound of a door closing was heard. Why would she need to leave her room to talk to me?

"Why are you calling me at one in the morning?" She sounded angry but I couldn't not be angry too.

"Were you sharing a room with Calum?" I know she is attached at the hip with that boy but I thought I made it clear to him that she was to have her own room!

"Honestly Liam! Either you tell me why you woke me up or I'm hanging up."

I thought about it all for a second before it clicked to me. At least she was sleeping and not anything else! I swear if Calum steals Katie's innocence then I will kill him.

"Fine! I uh called to know if you knew anyone by the name of Shane? I swear I've seen him before but I can't figure out where from." I talked slowly making sure that Katie understood me.

She was silent. Like she was lost in thought or just didn't know what to say. A small squeak left her mouth before she finally answered me.

"No I don't."

I didn't believe her. I didn't really get the chance to question her about it as she said a quick goodbye before hanging up on me.

She lied to me.

I can't believe she would lie to me.

I needed to clear my head so I decided to go and have a smoke when I realised I didn't have any left. I guess I could go buy some.

By the time I splashed some water on my face and changed my clothes it was now around seven which means the stores should be open by now. I opened the front door not realising that Fefe was in the lounge, she quickly ran out the front door barking her little head off.

"Shit Fefe get back here!" I ran out the front door to chase her but stopped when I saw someone holding her in their arms.
I looked up to see the head of my management team Annie and beside her the devil herself.


"What the hell is she doing here?" I took Fefe out of Sophia's arms and held her close to me.

"Nice to see you too." Her voice was sickly sweet and she had a fake smile plastered on her face.

Annie cleared her throat making me look at her.
"As far as the world knows you two are still a couple, so she is here to sort out the problems you two have. Now get to it." Annie pushed us both back through my front door and closed it.

What the hell?

Sophia walked over to the couch and sat down like nothing was wrong while I put the small puppy on the ground and made my way to the couch as well but sat as far away from her as possible.
Sophia was glaring intensly at something and I followed her gaze to see her glaring at the polariod picture of Katie singing that Calum had sent me.

"I see you're still a bitch." I said the only thing I knew would get her attention and it did as she was now glaring at me.

"And I see Katie still has you wrapped around her fucking finger even when she isn't here." She did not just say that! Katie is my sister! What does it matter if I'm wrapped around her finger?

"Don't talk about my sister like that." She scoffed and stood up and walk near me. I stood up as well and galred back at her.

She stood right infront of me. The smell of her perfume taking over my senses.

"Just for once forget about Katie and lets have a little fun." Her finger was placed on my chest as she dragged it downwards making me tense.

"No way."

She rolled her eyes and tried again.

"I know you still love me."

"I really don't Sophia." Her hand was instantly placed on the back of my neck as she pulled me in for a kiss that was filled with roughness and hatred.

But I would be lying if I said I didn't kiss back.

Katie's POV
*New York, 1am*

I hung up on my own brother.

I knew I was never going to hear the end of that but I still did it.
After regaining myself a bit and pushing the thoughts of Shane out of my head I walked back into the bedroom to see that Calum was now awake.

"Everything alright baby?" Oh god that morning voice.

"It's fine. Go back to sleep babe it's one in the moring." I slid back under the white sheets and cuddled up next to him.

He hovered over me and began to place a trail of soft kisses along my neck.
"I think this is better then sleeping."

This was a normal thing now, making out at all hours of the day but we haven't had sex yet.
I always stopped him before it went that far but most of the time he understood. Sometimes I think it pisses him off more then he admits.

A moan escaped my lips and Calum removed his head from my neck making me feel cold from the loss of his touch.
"Or maybe we shouldn't. I don't know how much longer I can control myself." His eyes darkened and I felt instantly guilty. I wanted him but up until now I wasn't sure if I was ready but I think I am.

"We can try. I mean only if you want to." A twinkle seemed to appear in his eyes after I said that and a large smile spread across his face.
I lips found mine in a matter of seconds and I giggled into the kiss but pushed him away a few seconds later.

"Lock the door first idiot."

His eyes widened as he hopped off me and quietly closed our bedroom door before flicking the key over to lock it. On his way back he unbuttoned his jeans that he fell asleep in before pulling them down. I giggled again as he stumbled and tripped over them.

"Don't ruin my manly moment."

He joined me on the bed again as I rolled onto my side to look at him.

"Are we really going to do this." He whispered his words while running his hand from my thigh to under his shirt I was wearing.

I leaned my upper body onto his chest as I talked.
"Only if you want to."

"Oh believe me Katie. I really want to do this."
I smiled down at him and connected my lips with his as I wound my hands in the hair at the back of his neck. Our lips moved perfectly against each others as we savoured the moment.

"One second." He lulled by my ear. He placed a gentle kiss there before standing and walking over to his jeans. I never pictured Calum as the kind of guy to have a condom in his wallet but as of this moment I'm glad he's that kind of guy.

"Come here." He smiled as he got back under the sheets with me, the thin white sheets slipping down his back has he laid on top of me being careful not to crush me beneath him.

He sat the condom, still in it's wrapper next to us ready for when we need it.
"Lets take this slow baby, you deserve everything to be perfect." I had to admit it, Calum in his pre-sex mood was one hell of a turn on.

He kissed my lips once before trailing his kisses down my neck again, one of his hands was holding him up off the bed while the other slid my shirt above my head with ease and was tossed over his shoulder.

His hands intertwined with mine as he came back up from taking my underwear off. This was the most heated moment I've ever had with a guy but over all I'm glad it's calum. I was actually okay with the fact that Calum and I were about to have sex.

"Do you want to leave this on?" He was talking about my bra as he kissed the dip between my breasts. We may be doing this but I was still not completely comfortable being fully naked in front of him. I nodded once letting him know my answer. Leaving my bra on should calm my nerves down slightly.

He worked on getting his boxers off, the thin black material flying over his shoulder once again.

"Okay?" His faced matched mine, we were both nervous but excited at the same time.


He kissed me one last time, slow and gentle just like he promised. He picked up the foil wrapper sitting next to us and his hands quickly disppeared downwards to ready himself.

"Right. now are you ready for me baby?" I let out a soft chuckle at his words while his cheeks turned a slight shade of pink.

"Sorry I'm a bit eager."

"So I see." I said while trailing my hands up his forearms before wrapping them around his, hugging him as close to me as possible. His hand trialed down my stomach to my legs that he parted even further.

"I'm going to go as gentle as i can my angel. but this is going to be really painful before it gets good okay?" I nodded, my ear brushing his as he began to enter me.

Holy fucking shit he wasn't kidding. This was extremely uncomfortable. I winced as I buried my face into his shoulder.
"Katie baby. I'm so, so sorry."

I shook my head as he pulled out.
"I'm so sorry. You know if I could take away your pain baby girl then I would, in a heartbeat. If I could feel this for you then I would."

I wimpered again feeling rather pathetic at the moment.
"No, that's it, I'm stopping. We can try this again another time."

"No Calum..." I gripped onto his arm to keep him in place.

"Katie, this is hurting you." His eyes met mine that were just as tear filled as my own.

"You said it would. You told me it would hurt me before it got good so keep going." His my cheeks and the tears that were sliding down them began to disappear.

He gave me a long hard look before continuing.
"Just think of things that make you happy baby."

I decided to take his advice and closed my eyes. The first thought that came to mind was Calum. No surprises there though. Calum makes me happy, everything about him is perfect.
We continued and soon enough the burning uncomfortable feeling was gone and replaced with something far better.

I was still uncomfortable. but it was now bearable.
"That's it baby, see - I told you it gets better." He panted, hips digging into my own.

I snaked my arms around his back and pulled him close to me again just as he started to speed up enough for it to hurt again.

"You're so beautiful Katie." He panted out while kissing the spot he favored on my neck.

"And you're amazing Calum." I moaned out my words, struggling to find my breathe.

"It's me and you baby girl, against the world."


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