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A life of Payne

Chapter 23

Liam's POV
*7am Christmas day*

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes and the slight sound of birds chirping outside my window. I loved staying at my parents house, I always woke up happy and refreshed like they do in the movies.

I hopped out of my bed and stretched my arms above my head. I could feel a slight pounding in the back of my head but nowhere near as bad as some of the hangovers I've had in the past. I looked at my bedside table to find a glass of water and two pain killers, gosh my parents are awesome.

Once I had swallowed the pills and downed my glass of water I made my way down the stairs to see that my mum and dad have only just woken up as well and were just getting the ingredients out to make breakfast.

"Morning honey, hope your head isn't to bad." My mum said while she came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"Oh and Merry Christmas!" She added with a warm smile.

"My head doesn't even feel that bad. And a very Merry Christmas to you too!"

I slid onto a stool and the island in the middle of the kitchen and looked around the room. No sign of Katie and I didn't see her in the lounge room when I walked past to get to the kitchen.

"Is Katie up yet?" I asked my dad as he mixed the pancake mixture together.

"No she is still sleeping, you kept her out pretty late last night. Oh and before I forget down think we don't know how freaked out you were last night when Katie disappeared on you. Louis called us before you showed up telling us how crazy you were being thinking that you lost her." My dad chuckled at the end of his sentence, making my cheeks turn slightly pink at the fact that they knew all along.

"Oh leave the poor kid alone! besides we have to get breakfast prefect this year! it's our first Christmas with Katie, did you believe this day would ever come?" My mum stood their pretty much planning the whole day in her head. But I did agree with her, this was Katie's first Christmas as a Payne so it needs to be a good one.

"Honestly? I didn't think it would." I shrugged at her.

"But you two always seemed so sure that we would get Katie back."

My mum and dad both looked at me like I had just sworn in church. They did not look impressed.

"It was a mistake letting Katie go, So I'm just glad we got her back." My mum said looking like she was about to cry at the memory of what they did when Katie was born.

"I know mum I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that I know how much you regret it and I know how much you love her." I kissed my mum on the cheek before walking out of the kitchen.

"Where are you going? Are you not going to help with breakfast?" My dad yelled to me.

"No I'm going to wake Katie up!" I said then ran off to her room before they could protest.

Once I reached her door I opened it slowly to see her with the covers over her head to stop the sun getting in her eyes.

Slowly I walked towards her bed. She stayed completely still even when the floor creaked under my foot.

Either she is a really deep sleeper or she just doesn't want to get out of bed.

"Katie... wake up" I sang in silly voice hoping it would make her laugh.
But she just groaned and turned away from me.

I shook her slightly to try and wake her up faster.
"Katie wake up, I'm boooored" I whined still shaking her.

"Five more minutes" She croaked out making me laugh at how stubborn she was being.

I hopped onto the edge of her bed and started jumping up and down.
"Come on Katie! it's Christmas! Wake up." I continued to jump until she sat up really fast with wide eyes.

"YAY! Your awake." I smiled as if I was innocent even though I was still standing on her bed.

"IT'S CHRISTMAS!" She shouted then got up and started jumping with me.

"That's better" I laughed as she jumped on the bed. The bed was barely moving because of how tiny she was compared to the bed but that just made me laugh more.

"Are mum and dad up yet?" She asked all excited but quickly stopped when she realised what she had just said.

"Uh I mean Karen and Geoff. Are they awake yet?" She said looking down at her feet like she was embarrassed of what she said.

"Katie your allowed to call them mum and dad. That is what they are to you." I said while dipping my head down to look in her eyes.

"Okay" she smiled then jumped off the bed and ran down stairs yelling something about Christmas on her way down.

I laughed and shook my head at how excited she was, it seemed like she was seven, not seventeen.

Once I hoped down off the bed and followed Katie into the kitchen I saw her run up and hug our mum.

"Morning mum" Katie said happily causing mum's eyes to bulge and nearly fall out. I chuckled at mum's reaction which caused her to snap out of her little shock mode and hug Katie back.

"Uh wow. That was the greatest thing to hear sweetie! What a great Christmas present!" Mum said hugging Katie tighter and making her giggle.

"Well you are my mum and it feels pretty weird to call you Karen. I know you love me and I know you bringing me here was for the best. I love you too," Katie smiled, hearing that come from Katie was honestly the cutest thing ever. And it's good to know that she is starting to get comfortable around her real family.

Katie walked towards our dad who was just finishing the pancakes and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

"Merry Christmas dad." She said while nuzzling her face into his back.

Well someone had a good sleep last night.

"That's Daddy to you." Our dad said while laughing.

"Okay Daddy" Katie smiled
"My old dad never let me call him that, but I like it"

Katie skipped over to the dinning table and sat down, smiling like a goofy little kid.

Dad handed her a plate of chocolate chip pancakes and Katie looked up at him with concern written all over her face.

"There's little burnt spots on them" Katie looking at the pancakes.

I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. I sat down next to her at the table and carried on laughing at her.

"You act like you've never had chocolate chip pancakes" I said while grabbing the maple syrup for my own breakfast.

"Chocolate? In pancakes? For breakfast?" She said getting more and more excited as she got to the end of her sentence.


After breakfast we all went into the lounge to open presents. It was so much fun to see Katie's expression when she opened each present.

I think Katie was a bit taken back at how much we all spent on her. She even got presents from the other boys that they had dropped off here a few days ago. She was so happy and was just amazing to see the smile on her face all day long.

I opened the video camera on my phone and pointed it in the direction of Katie who was sitting on the floor trying on a pair of shoes she got.

"So Katie!" I said while I clicked the record button. Katie turned to face me with a huge grin on her face.

"What was your favourite present today?" I asked while she continued to play with the shoes she had just put on.

She thought about it for a minute before answering me with a smile.

"My ring that says Payne on it!" She said happily show off her ring in the camera.

"What was yours Liam?" She asked.

I thought about it for a second then laughed.

"Having my sister here with me" I smiled at her.

"Awww" She stood up and jumped onto my lap, hugging me tightly.

I switched the camera to the front camera while I was still recording.

"Merry Christmas everyone!" I shouted into the camera while Katie continued to hug me.

"And a happy new year!" Katie sang in a chirpy voice which made me laugh.

"Bye guys!" I waved and ended the video.

This has defiantly been one of the best Christmas' ever.


*2 days later* (27th December 2013, Katie's birthday)
*Liam and Katie's apartment*

It is six in the morning and I'm running into Katie's room and jumping on her bed much like I did on Christmas day.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Katie, now get up and eat some breakfast!" I sung as I jumped on her bed until she sat up in her bed and tried to push me off but failed.

"Go away! It's to early!" She mumbled as she pushed her face further into her pillow.

"Aw but Katie! It's your birthday! Your eighteen now!" I jumped a bit more so she could see how excited I was.

"Yes and it will still be my birthday an hour from now so let me sleep!" She yelled while covering her face with her blankets.

"But we have a very busy day ahead of us! Were going to get your licence, then shopping for a bit then were going to the airport!" I said as I jumped off of her bed.

Just as I was about to pull her blanket off her when she sat up and looked at me shocked.

"AIRPORT? are we going to New Zealand?" She asked getting all excited.

"Not quite."

"Then what are we going there for?" She asked getting bummed that I wasn't taking her to New Zealand.

"The faster you get out of bed and get dressed, the faster you find out." I said then ran out of the room with her chasing me.

Katie's POV

"Liam! Liam! I passed!" I shouted as I jumped into my brothers arms and he spun me around.

"Great job! Proud of you squirt!" He said while ruffling my hair.

Liam looked at his watch before smiling at me.

"Looks like we'll have to shop later. We have to head to the airport now." Liam linked our arms together and guided me back over to his car.

"You want to drive?" He asked me. Oh my gosh!

"Hell yeah!" I smiled as I grabbed the keys out of his hand.


Once we had arrived at the airport, Liam told me that we had to wait by the international gateway. I wonder who were waiting for.

Just as I started to grow impatient and bored, I saw Liam waving at someone to come over to us.

As I turned my head to see who he was looking at, I saw the familiar mop of brown hair that belonged to none other then my best friend Ashley.

I ran as fast as I could towards her and crashed into her, wrapping my arms and her as tight as I could.

"Woah Katie! It's only been a week since you moved to London." Ash said laughing at me.

"I don't care! It felt like forever!" I said while still hugging her.

I let go to find her eyes watering with made mine do the same.

"Happy birthday Katie" Liam said from beside me.

I turned and hugged him as hard as I could.

"This was the best birthday present you could have given me! Thank you so much!"

"Your turning eighteen Katie, you deserve to have your best friend here to celebrate." He smiled down at me again.

"This day just keeps getting better and better." I smiled.


Woop! Woop! Two chapters in one day! And less then ten hours apart :D

I had a bit of a falling out with my boyfriend yesterday so I've been distracting myself all day by typing up the next few chapters!

Enjoy! xoxo


Thank you xo

Kass_april Kass_april

This is really good!

Louis_bae Louis_bae

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I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Kendra_Horan Kendra_Horan

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (:

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