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A life of Payne

Chapter 18

Niall's POV

We have been on the plane for just over an hour and Katie has already explored the whole plane twice, Played on her phone until it went flat and got Louis who she has wrapped around her finger to make her something to eat. This girl is just to cute. She even shared her food with us because Louis tried to over feed her which made her complain. But overall I'm glad she is happy and starting to come out of her shell.

The lads and myself have been super careful not to bring up anything about her old family or Ashley because we know as soon as we do she will get upset again and she has been so happy since the plane took off, well once she stopped freaking out on the take off because she had never been on a plane before.

Right now Katie is playing on Liam's iPad because she got bored. Once he gave it to her she was like a little kid in a candy shop, she didn't have one of her own so she was pretty excited. I have learnt that even though she was one of the popular girls at school, she never had any technology besides a phone. Her family wasn't that well off compared to us boys which is probably why we seem like aliens to Katie. Her family told Katie that if you could pay your bills then you had enough money. Katie did have a part time job but most of her money went towards helping her get new clothes like every other popular teenage girl. Well she is going to be in for a shock when she realises how spoiled she is going to be now.

"Kaaaaaaatie! What ya doing?" I asked her while I was sprawled out across the couch opposite her because the other boys had spread out around the plane.

She looked up at me with a warm smile before replying.

"Stuff" She said with a small giggle at the end before looking down at the iPad again.

Louis plopped down next to Katie on her couch to see what she was doing.

"Hey! Your looking at one direction memes!" Louis yelled make Katie giggle even more.

"WHAT! no I wouldn't do that." Katie said while trying really hard not to laugh.

"Yes you are! that's it I think you have had enough time on that thing." Louis said jumping up to try and grab the iPad off of Katie.

"NO!" Katie ran away from Louis and hid behind Harry. Harry turned and wrapped his arms around Katie to protect her.

"Dude! Your taking her side?" Louis yelled at Harry causing me to break out into a fit of laughter and Katie to giggle again.

"Of course not." he smirked down at Katie who didn't see because she was hiding her face in Harrys chest.

Out of no where Harry grabbed the iPad and let go of Katie.

"See I was just making sure you two didn't hurt Liam's iPad. You can chase Katie again now." He smiled proudly at Louis who ran after Katie again.

They ran around for ages until out of nowhere Louis caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her small hips and carried her to the couch I was now sitting up on and sat her next to me.

"I think Katie has had to much sugar. Niall your on Katie patrol." He smirked at me but Katie didn't seem to notice. That sneaky bugger.

"Behave" Louis sang in a girly voice as he began to walk towards the plane's kitchen where the rest of the boys were and couldn't see us. Katie began to laugh again and Louis' childish behaviour.

"Wow I think you really have had to much sugar." I said to Katie while trying to hide my smile but failing.

"I like sugar." Katie shrugged like it was the most simple thing ever then began to laugh again.

Once we both stopped laughing about Katie's sugar intake, it fell into a comfortable silence.

Katie snapped me out of my small day dream mode by placing her small hand on my forearm before talking.

"Niall how much longer are we going to be on the plane?" Katie asked looking bored again.

I looked at the time on my phone before sighing. Another 5ish hours. She's not going to like that.

"Uh just around another five hours maybe six." I told her trying to sound like it was no big deal.


After awhile Katie managed to find some nail polish in her bag and decided to do her nails. At least she has calmed down now.

I got bored after awhile too and decided to play on my phone. Us lads weren't allowed to post anything on twitter while we were in New Zealand so I thought it would be a good idea to check it out now.

I had a bucket load of people asking where us boys have disappeared to and what we were doing but I couldn't tell just yet.

"@NiallOffical so glad to be on my way home! Sure the other lads are too plus our new friend :) "

As soon as I sent it there was thousands of tweets asking about our new little friend was and if she was dating one of us. Haha.

I looked beside me to see that Katie was finished her nails and now just blowing on them like a weirdo.

"Hey Katie, do you have a twitter? I should follow you!" I asked making her look down at her shoes.

"Uh I don't have one." She whispered so I could barely hear her.

"Why?" I don't know if I'm going to far asking her why not but I thought it was worth a shot.

"Well um a few years ago I had one and I started to get bullied at school and online because of some rumors that were going around about me but I managed to regain my status at school but part of doing that meant I deleted all my different accounts. The only ones I set up again were Facebook and Instagram. I just never really felt the need to make a twitter again." She finished by shrugging her shoulders and giving a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Oh uh wow. I'm sorry for bringing it up." Now I feel really bad.

"No it's fine its all over now. I would make another one now but my phone is flat." She smiled a real smile this time.

"I can help you! here we can use my phone." I said while logging off my twitter and clicking on the sign up button.

After awhile we were nearly finished when Liam walked out of the kitchen holding a bowl of Katie's favourite cereal which he handed over to her. He makes such a cute big brother.

"What are you two doing?" Liam asked looking between me and Katie.

Katie had already shoved her face with her lucky charm cereal so I decided to answer for her.

"Were making Katie a twitter." I smiled at Liam while he looked really concerned.

"Do you really think it's a good idea?" Liam asked, worry all over his features.

"I mean I don't want Katie getting hate from people. It would hurt to much to see her upset over it." Liam said again still concerned.

"It will be fine! All our other siblings have twitter accounts and their fine." I said. I was serious though, most people don't hate on our family just our relationships.

"I guess your right but if it gets to much Katie just tell me okay?" Liam caved which is good because we have practically finished setting it up.

Katie nodded while still eating her cereal.

"I'm finished it Katie! I followed all us boys for you and I followed Karen and Geoff for you so now you have seven people your following but you can follow more later." I smiled at Katie who was now finished her food.

"Yay!" She screamed when I handed my phone to her.

"What's your first tweet going to be?" I asked her hoping she would include me somehow.

"@Katie_Payne: Wow first tweet! Thanks for helping set it up @NiallOffical (: your awesome!"

"Haha, Thanks Katie, your to cute." I said while hugging her.

She stayed cuddled up to me and after a few minutes was asleep. She looked so peaceful, it was adorable.

Katie's POV

"Katie is still sleeping! be quiet you dumb heads!" I heard someone say in a hushed tone.

I slowly stated to open my eyes while using my hands to wipe the sleep out of them. The boys around me started to hush each other which resulted in them bickering about who needed to shush the most.

Once my eyes had adjusted I saw all the boys looking at me and smiling.

"What?" I said getting nervous that I did something stupid in my sleep.

"You look really cute when you sleep." Harry said to me with a huge smile on his face.

"Don't be weird Harry! You have Kendell so stop trying to flirt with Katie!" Louis yelled at him punching Harry in the arm.

"What I was just saying!" Harry shouted to Louis making me flinch at how loud his voice was since I just woke up.

"I'm going to the bathroom." I mumbled and walked away before any of them had a chance to say anything back.

After I was done in the restroom I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water but while I was in there I could here the boys talking.

"She's starting to get all guarded again. What do you think we did wrong?" I think it was Liam who said that.

"Mate she just woke up. not to mention that once we get off the plane she will instantly remember how we pulled her out of her old life. Just because she was happy on the plane doesn't mean she is going to be happy all the time." I think it was Louis that said that but he's exactly right.

I almost forgot all pain that they have caused for me over the past few days.

Don't let them think your okay with this yet. They made you leave.

I told myself. I took one deep breathe and tried to keep my tears in while I walked back in the main area of the plane where the boys were sitting. I sat down by myself on one of the chairs rather than the couch next to them.

"Are you okay Katie?" Liam asked noticing that I didn't want to sit with them now.



Once the plane had landed, some men came to take our bags back to Liam's house.

"Why aren't we going with them?" I asked Liam since we were getting into a different car then the bags were put in.

"We have to go make the announcement about who you are." Liam said smiling at me.

"Announcement?" I asked confused

"It's going to be world wide so everyone knows. I just want everyone to realise who you are and how much you mean to me Katie. I know I should have told you but I thought if I put it off you might not be so angry about it." He said looking in my eyes searching for some kind of emotion but I wasn't even sure what I felt about this.

After that I just looked out the window and watched all the unfamiliar scenery go by.


Once we got to the building where this 'announcement' about who I am was being held there was so many flashes and screaming girls outside. It was even worse than at the airport in New Zealand.

Liam hid me in his side much like at the airport. Both Liam and I could tell right then that it was going to take some time for me to get use to all this bright light and noise.

After we got inside which was very difficult might I add, the managers of one direction introduced themselves to me then told me I had to go and sit next to Liam and a very long table at the front of all the guest and camera's.

Now I'm officially nervous.

I sat in the middle where my name was on a little white tag. I really wish they didn't make me sit in the middle. Niall sat on the other side of me and gave me a big hug to calm me down.

When the rest of the boys had hugged me to calm me down, they all sat in their seats and all the people here began to quieten down and look at us.

"Well thanks for coming today." Liam started looking just as nervous as I was.

"We have some news to tell you all just so you all know and understand what is going on right now." Louis jumped in seeing how nervous Liam looked. All I could do was stare at all the cameras that were flashing, then I started to notice that there was a lot of people looking at me and whispering to their friends.

"To get straight to the point, this lovely lady here is Katie. She is my biological sister." Liam said turning to look at me while he spoke.

everything went silent and you could hear people gasping all over the room.

"She was adopted out at a very young age but starting yesterday she is officially a Payne. Katie Payne."

There was more gasps all around he room again and I felt like I was going to be sick. Liam lied, I wasn't adopted out. I was given away to strangers.

After many questions were asked that Liam answered because I didn't know how to, we were finished the news and were told to socialize with some of the people the room.

I didn't feel like talking to anyone so I went and sat at an empty table that was in the room and just stared at my hands that were shaking so much.

I felt so out of place. Even for someone that spent most of their life being popular, this was too much.

Liam came and sat next to me and handed me a glass of juice. I took a big gulp of the juice before shakily placing on the table.

Liam sighed while rubbing my back with one of his hands and placing his head in his other hand.

"This is probably a lot worse then you were expecting huh?" Liam asked looking up at me.

"Actually it's exactly what I was expecting but that doesn't mean I was ready for it."



Thank you xo

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This is really good!

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Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (:

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