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A life of Payne

Chapter 15

Katie's POV

After being crushed by Ashley's arms for a good hour my crying, or more like bawling started to die down to slight sniffles. Ash had told me about it not being a legal adoption and how they just left me at a hotel room's door without even knowing who was staying there or if anyone was staying in there at all.

Ash didn't tell me anything else besides that, something about hearing the rest from my parents.

Which set of parents.

My subconscious said to me rather sarcastically making me feel the need to cry again.

I really needed to hear what else there was to this. I needed to know what everyone else but me already knew.

I dipped my finger tips into the water before using them to wipe the mascara off of my cheeks. No matter how upset I was, I'm not going to let them see me like this.

I gathered myself a bit more before Ash and I began walking back towards my hell that awaited me.

As we got closer and closer my hands started too shake and my breathe started to get stuck in my throat.
It's to soon I told myself.

I couldn't stand to face what was at my house. I can't go back yet.

"You go. I'm gana go see Vinny for a minute." I told Ash as I stared at Vinny's house that was only a few houses down from mine.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? You two haven't been alone since you were a real couple like three years ago. I thought it was just for the popularity points now?" Ash said getting really concerned about my choice of comfort.

"Ash, he's still a good friend and right now I just need to talk to him." I lied to her. I knew exactly why I wanted to see him and it wasn't just to talk. I needed a stress realise and this was how I was going to get it.


After Ash had gone to my house to distract everyone for a while I walked down the street until I was standing at his front door.

I took a deep breathe before knocking every shakily.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

But as soon as he opened the door and smiled at me I couldn't help myself.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with so much passion it even scared me. Without breaking our kiss, he closed the door and pushed me up against it. This was why I use to like him so much three years ago. One minute he was all sweet and caring and the next minute he was all hot and sexy. The perfect way to keep my mind off of other things.

He pulled away, both of us out of breathe and stared down at me shocked at what we had just done. Neither of us really thinking it through. We obviously both still had feelings for each other but used each other as ways to be more popular. What had we just done.

"Were not in public, we don't have to pretend. So what was that for?" Vinny asked still slightly out of breathe.

I hadn't dared talk first but after he had said that in more of a curious tone rather than a happy one, it left me thinking if he liked it or not.

After awhile I managed to find a answer.
"I just really needed it." I said but my answer sound better in my head.

"Well then shall we continue this upstairs?" He asked with a huge goofy grin on his face. God I loved his smile.

"We shall." I said while taking his hand and going upstairs.

It felt just like it did when I was fifteen and we were dating for real, except better. The feeling of not actually being a couple made it a lot more exciting, everyone knew we weren't a couple by now because it spread around after someone had been listening to us talk about it once. The fact that this had to stay a secret was what I liked about it. I didn't want people thinking I was a slut who went around with people I wasn't actually dating which is why it will be a secret but I had to admit, this was going to be fun and it will help keep the pain I felt just hours ago away for a short time.

What better why to have fun then with a really hot guy?

Liam's POV

The boys and I continued to sit outside on the small deck after Ashley went to find Katie. All I could think about was how peaceful and nice that place must be if they wouldn't let us go there but if that's how they wanted it then I guess I understand.

It had been around an hour and a half since Katie yelled at us and ran off. In all honesty I don't blame her for how she reacted and yet she didn't even know the whole story yet. God the poor kid is going to hate us when she finds out the rest, I just feel so sorry for her.

I learnt about Katie when I was ten years old which is exactly ten years ago since I'm 20 now. Katie was only 8 years old when my parents had finally tracked down her and the family she was now part of. My parents wrote countless letters explaining that they were her biological parents and wanted to know how her life was going.

Katie's parents, Erin and Steve finally wrote back after about twenty letters. They asked for proof that they were Katie's real parents, so my mum and dad took DNA tests and sent them away to New Zealand.
Once the proof was in their hands and showed that they were serious, They wrote back saying how pathetic it was for them to leave their child at a hotel and that they aren't going to let them meet Katie. So I was quite surprised when they agreed to let us all, including my band mates meet Katie now ten years later because she is turning eighteen, as long as we kept the law out of this whole thing. But of course my parents lied to Erin and Steve and got the police involved.

Thinking about how the police were involved in this reminded me of last night when I had saved Katie from that pig of a police officer who nearly hurt her. It made me so angry I had to go to the gym in the middle of the night to use a punching bag rather than the wall. I still can't believe it was only last night, there has been so much drama that I nearly lost track of how long it's been since I actually meet Katie. Three days tops and she already found out that I'm her brother. To soon if you ask me.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I saw Ashley walking up the driveway... by herself.

"where the hell is Katie?" Louis asks her in a rather worried voice.
It was nice to know that all the other boys thought of Katie like she was their younger sister too, it wasn't just me that got attached to Katie so fast, it was all of us.

"She wasn't ready to come home yet." Ashley said to us in a very deadly serious tone, almost like if we dared to ask another question she would snap.

"Ash! we need her to come back! we need to let her know why it happened all those years ago. I need to make sure she doesn't hate me!" I said getting worried that Katie will never let me explain myself or my families intentions.

And just as I thought, she snapped at me.

"First of all! You don't get to call me Ash, it's Ashley to you all because you hurt my best friend! Second of all, give her some fucking space and back the hell up for a moment and think!"
She paused to regain her breathe after all her yelling.
"How would you feel if you found out that the people who raised you and loved you had lied about being your real parents for eighteen freaking years! I'm sure you would ask for more than two lousy hours to come to terms with it."

Her words sunk in as soon as she said them.

It wasn't the fact of being related to a celebrity but more that her parents had not once in her whole life tried to explain to her that she wasn't theirs. Eighteen years they had to try and tell her but they didn't. I knew she was mad at me for not telling her about it and hiding it from her when we meet and mostly she was mad that throughout her whole life, her parents kept this from her without even feeling guilty about it until a few days ago.

Poor Katie.

I will help her feel better if it's the last thing I do. She probably thinks her family doesn't want her anymore and that's why we're here, but truth be told they are doing everything they can to keep us from taking Katie away. But I loved my little sister already and want her in my life.

After that Ashley went inside to talk to Erin a bit more and us boys stayed outside to sink in what Ashley had just yelled at us.

For awhile we did absolutely nothing until I noticed Katie walking up the driveway looking both pissed and happy at the same time. I wonder which emotion was towards us.

Katie's POV

"Katie this isn't you, what's wrong?" Vinny said breaking away from our kiss. God! I don't want to talk right now!

"Nothings wrong! please just kiss me!" I pleaded getting quite angry that all he wanted to do was talk.

"No. You've never begged for someone to kiss you, you never beg for anything. People beg YOU to kiss them! I know something is wrong!" He said standing up off his bed so I couldn't attempt to kiss him again. Damn.

I sighed before sitting at the edge of the bed and patting the spot next to me for him to sit as well.

"I just needed something to distract me from the hell that is my life right now." I said with tears starting to sting my eyes again.

"How could your life be hell?" He asked in a very sarcastic tone because he didn't believe me. Ouch. Dick.

"My parents that raised me aren't my biological parents." I said to him in a tone that was just above a whisper.

"Oh Katie! I'm so sorry. Now I understand." He said wrapping his arms around me.

After awhile I lifted my head to look in his eyes. I leaned forward to connect our lips again but this time it was so soft and delicate. It was amazing. He pulled away to soon but i needed to feel that again.


After a very heated make out session I left before it went any further. I couldn't help the smile on my face as I thought about what had just happened. We hadn't been alone like that in three years, for once it had nothing to do with popularity.

My smile started to disappear when I saw all five boys sitting on the deck outside looking at me. Darn there still here.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Liam asked trying to act like a big brother all of the sudden. Stupid ass will never be my brother.

"I needed a stress reliever" I smirked at them knowing they knew exactly what I was talking about.

Niall's face visibly paled at the thought of me with another guy. No matter how large of a crush I had on Niall he still lied to me like the rest of them. It's not like he really liked me that much anyway, he probably only likes me as a little sister. God the thought of being someone's little sister rather than big sister made me feel really weird.

"Why were you with a guy? We could have helped you." Niall said to me still sounding upset with my comfort choice.

"Because how do I know I can trust you?" I spat at them quite harshly.


After yelling some more at the boys I went inside to find both my biological mother and my mother that raised me crying to some random police officer, but the difference is that Karen's tears looked like tears of joy and my mum's tears didn't look happy at all.

Once everyone noticed that I was back Ash came over and wrapped her arms around me while crying too.

I had no idea what was going on. Did someone die?

"Kitty Kat, we need you sit down so we can finish telling you what Ashley wouldn't." My dad said calling me by the nickname he gave me since I was about two years old. He only calls me that when he's trying to suck up to me.

I nodded, not bothering to talk because of horrible my voice was starting get from all the different times I've been yelling today.

"So um well you know that it wasn't a legal adoption but the truth is sweetie that the Payne family want you back."

Oh my fucking god.

"Can they just take me like that? After what they did to me as a baby?" I asked trying to find anyway possible to stay with the family that raised me.

"It was up to the police department what happened, weather you stayed a Dobbs or become a Payne." My mum (or Erin I guess) said while chocking on her own words.

I held back me tears as much as I could.

My mum turned to Ash before speaking again.
"Ashley be a doll and fetch the boys from outside, I want everyone inside for this."

My mum started to cry again but Karen Payne was crying to, how do I fucking know what's happening if their both crying!?!

Once the boys were inside and Ash was too, everyone sat down in the lounge room to hear what the police had decided.

Oh god I'm nervous.

"Well miss Katie. I'm sorry to tell you this but your last name is now Payne, since your not eighteen yet you don't have a say in this. I truly am sorry to put you through this."


It's been exactly a month today since I stared this fanfic. Wow.

Please comment what you think is going to happen next.


Thank you xo

Kass_april Kass_april

This is really good!

Louis_bae Louis_bae

Thank you sweetheart! xx

Kass_april Kass_april

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Kendra_Horan Kendra_Horan

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (:

Kass_april Kass_april