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One Direction at Camp

chapter 5

I was pissed off, I grabbed my red lace underwear that I was going to wear for the scene and I stormed out of the cabin. It annoys me to think Mike has such a low opinion of me, it’s hard being a camp director because so much is expected of you, it would be ok if Mike wasn’t such and idiot and felt the need to judge everything I do outside of classes. To be fair even Mike wouldn’t be able to say a bad thing about the sessions that I lead, he knows I know what I’m doing and he knows that the campers really like me and look up to me. I just wish he would get over himself and start treating me like everyone else. I headed for the large cabin that we hold sessions in, it was almost time for the campers to start arriving.
“Wow, you looked pretty pissed off back there” I turned and saw Harry smiling at me, “oh ye sorry, I didn’t mean for any of you to hear that, it won’t happen again” I smiled, he looked generally concerned. “Don’t worry about it, what was all that about anyway…you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to though?” it was kind of sweet how Harry seemed to care, “thanks, I’m used to it by now, I’m not exactly Mike’s favourite person at the camp. Basically everything I do is under scrutiny, I guess you know how that feels though”, I said. Harry laughed “ye I know how that feels, its hard having everything you do judged, but then again longs you have people that like you for you and don’t care what you do it makes it easier,” Harry smiled his famous smile. “What scene are you actually doing this afternoon? I couldn’t help but overhear you mention something about a sex scene?” Harry asked with a smirk. I laughed well he doesn’t miss a thing does he? “yes you heard right, the older campers have been requesting one for ages, I’m the only one at the camp who has done them before so I was asked to do a session on it. They are really awkward so I wanted to give some of the campers advice and tips, I wasn’t expecting to have five extra people in the audience” I explained. “You won’t even know we are there, but if you need a partner, I’m available” Harry joked. I laughed “thanks, but Jakes doing it with me, less awkward that way”. Jake followed by a bunch of excited campers and the rest of One Direction walked through the cabin doors, “hey babe, ready?” Jake asked, “ye I just need to get changed, give me a minute, I’ll see you guys later” I smiled as I left to get changed.

I changed into my red lace underwear and put on a tight knee length dress that plunged at the front and had a zipper running down the length of the dress at the back. I slipped on my black stilettos, and looked in the mirror, the best thing about doing any type scene is being able to take on a different character and dressing up, the perks of the job I guess. Jake walked into my room, “hey knock next time I could have been naked” I joked, like Jake hasn’t seen it all before, “nothing I haven’t seen, you ready?”, “yep, let’s go” I said as I followed him out onto the stage.



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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!