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One Direction at Camp

chapter 3

I text Jake back saying that I won’t be long. I dried my hair and threw on some minimal makeup. Most people say I don’t need it but I’m a girl it’s what I do. I tied my mid length light brown hair into a pony tail and pulled on my light blue skinny jeans, these made my long legs look even longer, I then threw on my fitted campers t-shirt, even though this was part of the uniform I still looked pretty damn good in it as it was form fitting and had a V-neck that showed off my good size bust. I stumbled as I slipped on my ankle boots (the down side of camp is that the ground is all grass and/or wood chippings, so sandals weren’t a good idea unless you wanted a shoe full of wood chippings and mud). I fished my red lace underwear set out of my draw and threw it onto my bed; I’ll change into that before I do the session later. I glanced around the room, our cabin actually looked reasonably tidy now, well except for the stuff Jake had left on his bed and I suppose the underwear that was on my bed and hanging up by the window, I was trying to dry some of it as last night some of us older campers went swimming in the lake, unfortunately I couldn’t find my bikini so I went in my underwear. Plus by the time our guests get hear it will be tidier.

I met Jake for breakfast, suddenly my phone signalled that I had received a text. Mike: Lilly I need you and Jake to come to my office now!

“I hope were not in trouble for the late night swim last night” I said to Jake as we walked past the rows of campers cabins to get to Mike’s office.

“Ye well whatever it is it can’t be good the fact that we have both been summoned to his office so early” Jake said, clearly not reassuring me.

We knocked on his door and walked in, Jake suddenly burst out with “it wasn’t what you think we just decided to go for a late night swim with some of the campers, Lilly just forgot her bikini which is why she was in her underwear last night…..” I stared at Jake, he was never good when he thought he was in trouble, which is funny since he is always suggesting that we do things that will get us in trouble. “Yes well I heard about that, and Lilly we will discuss that later, but that’s not why I called you both here…” Mike said sounding slightly annoyed, I’m now officially dreading the conversation that will come later about me being irresponsible and probably a slut because I’m walking around in my underwear, it’s funny really considering the session that he wants me to do later. Swimming in my underwear is unacceptable but doing a sex scene in front of lots of people in my underwear is acceptable? Ladies and gentlemen that’s Mike for you!

“…I’d like for you to meet our guests for the week…” me and Jake turned around and sitting on the couch behind us were none other than Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik “…One Direction, they will be staying with you both in your cabin, you will show them to their sessions this week and you will make sure their stay here is a good one.” Me and Jake introduced ourselves to the guys, they seemed really nice. “Ok you may go now, show the guys to the cabin and help them settle in, and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy the demonstration that Lilly and Jake here are doing later today.” Mike said with a smug smile. Was he series? No sex scenes were awkward enough, I wasn’t too bothered about it before because I know all the campers and I know they will be looking for tips rather than just watching the performance, but to do it in front of One Direction, no it wasn’t going to happen. “What? No, I’m sure the guys wouldn’t want to see that, I’m sure one of the councillors would happily show them around instead” I was pleading Mike with my eyes, Mike turned to the guys and smiled “Lilly here is just being modest, the campers have been requesting this scene for ages and I’m sure you guys will find it very enjoyable” he smiled as he ushered us out of his office “oh and Lilly, we’ll be talking about last night later, don’t disappoint me today.” Ugh I seriously hate that guy!



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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

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