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Cut Like Knives

We'll I Put Up A Good Fight

The sun invaded the darkened room as a tall dark haired woman shoved the curtains aside. That woman was my foster mother. I envied my friends in Australia. It was wonderfully dark and peaceful there. If only I could disappear and reappear there so I could sleep just a bit longer.

“Get a move on, Brooklyn; I am not going to tell you again. Breakfast is on the table.” She gracefully made her way through the door and down the stairs. If only I could be that graceful. I was the type of girl that fell up stairs and walked into walls.

Getting up and made my way to the bathroom, I growled at my reflection in the mirror. My frizzy brown hair was untamable; my eyes were just a dull hazel. Don’t get me started on my crooked teeth. The top was almost completely straight, minus the two front teeth that made a slight V and the bottom had an outcast that found its way behind the rest. It reminded me of myself though. I didn’t have many friends, I didn’t want many. There was always the possibility of me being sent to a new home. I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail and brushed my teeth; I shrugged and walked back to my room.

I examined the crowded mess I called a closet and pulled out the off white skirt, gold belt and purple flats I had bought with my last pay check and a purple lace tube top and brown jacket my foster sister gave me. I got dressed and hopped around my room looking for my other earring; this was the normal early morning thing. It was like a ritual. “Brook! You have 10 minutes before we need to leave for the meeting!” My foster mother yelled, scaring me slightly and causing me to misstep and fall on my ass.

I rushed down the stairs and grabbed an apple. My bag was hanging on the side of the chair so I grabbed it. I then tired a scarf around my neck. “Are you okay? It sounded like you were wrestling a bear.” Morgan, my foster sister, asked. She was 17, just like me. Before I came, there was money to buy clothes all the time, so she had a huge closet of pretty shirts, pants and skirts. When I came, money got tight, so Morgan gave me some of the things she didn’t wear and a job at the store she worked at.

I wouldn’t lie, my foster family was amazing. Derek and Lynn were better to me than any of the other foster parents I had. Morgan and I were not their first kids. They had been taking kids in for a good 10 years now. They were only 40, so it had been nearly their entire adult life. They loved to help kids who needed it. They loved the challenge of showing us that there was more to life than money whores and abusers.

They had a special interest in girls like Morgan and I. We were both abused by our real parents. I ran away, but Morgan stayed until she was hospitalized for her injuries. They took her away immediately. I survived on the streets for a few months before cops picked me up. When they realized how my home life was, they put me in the foster system. I was 14 then. I was placed with 5 other families before Derek and Lynn took me in. I’d been here 3 months already and I was waiting for them to want to get rid of me.

I knew it was a long shot; they never turned a kid down, though they never had more than 3 kids at once. In the 10 years they were foster parents; they raised and helped 24 kids. Morgan and I made it 26. I only knew this because there were pictures after pictures of kids. All in the same spot and pose, all between Derek and Lynn. Big smiles on their face. There was a wall in the living room dedicated to us kids.

Not only did they take in kids, though, they also volunteered for the orphanage. Actually they were head of fundraisers, any and all paper work and they ran events. Morgan and I gladly helped, these kids where were we once were. Why not help? This morning, there was a meeting about the special guest for the girls. The guys wanted a day at the Amusment Park. Other volunteers would take them later on. The girls were hoping for someone famous to meet. So of course, we all pooled our money together, started fundraisers and took donations for the girls.

But whatever guest the owners had looked into, they had agreed to come for free. So the money would be put aside for a later day.

The meeting was quick. They announced the guest would be here soon, they didn’t say who it was, though. We were told to treat them like normal people, no problem. Morgan and I were put in charge of them. Giving them tasks to do and making sure they had things they needed for the event. It was an easy job. If they were doing the event for free, then they couldn’t want or need much.

Morgan and I were in the gym of the local middle school when they arrived. When I was told “Special Guest” I thought some Disney star or a female singer. I never expected to see 5 boys walking in the door. I never expected the biggest boy band in the world. I turned to Morgan, who was also gawking and asked, “How’d this happen?” She shrugged.

“Welcome.” I said, pulling a huge ball of knotted jump ropes from a bin.

“Hi.” They said in unison.

“Any of you know how to fix this?” I asked, Louis grabbed the wad of jump rope and sat down in the center of the gym. “Thanks.”

“What do you need us to do?” Zayn came forward and smiled.

I quietly rambled off jobs and the boys took their pick. I kept Niall away from the food, at least for now. Okay, maybe I should admit my love for them now. I wasn’t obsessed, but I loved their music and I loved them. Each one was different, but they were like perfect pieces to a puzzle, a very small, very weird 5 piece puzzle. I knew their names, I knew all their songs, but I didn’t stalk them. Hell, maybe if I did I could have prepared myself for this moment.

Harry was setting up drinks and snacks while Niall and Zayn set up a trampoline and jungle gym. Liam was putting mats down. Morgan and I worked on setting up the stage. It was really just a free time day with One Direction. The boys could do what they wanted, the girls could as well and the end of the day there would be a pizza party and a mini concert.

Morgan went to get the basketballs and soccer balls from the back while I plugged in the speakers. A curious boy came up behind me, “Do you even know what you are doing?” He asked.

I spun around and gasped, Harry stood behind me. “Yes, of course I do.” I glared, “Could you not scare me next time. You know maybe make a noise or something.” He smiled a perfect smile and I turned back to hooking things up.

“Didn’t mean to scare you, sorry.” He started helping me set up the mics and adjust them to a good height. “So what are you doing this for?”

“The kids at the orphanage.” He laughed.

“No, I mean, why. You don’t look like the type to be messing around with stage equipment at an orphanage.”

“Do you always judge people by their looks?” I snapped.

He took a step back and licked his lips. “Ouch, don’t get so defensive.” His hands went up and he smiled, “You do look like you are from some rich family who would only do this for the publicity.”

“And you are a rich boy band member who is doing it for publicity.” I crossed my arms and looked at him.

“Now that is completely untrue. I like helping people. You guys didn’t have what our management was seeking, so we decided to come for free. Not many orphanages try to get a famous boy band to play.” I rolled my eyes. “See, you are a snotty girl.”

“Listen, Styles.” He cut me off.

“I am not looking for an attitude.”

“And I am talking.” I set the wires I had in my hand down and started walking toward the door.

“Real mature.” I heard him scoff.

“Excuse me?” I turned, as I did, I noticed the others were watching. “How dare you come here, question me and insult me. You don’t know me, Harry. You know nothing about me. You are judging me by the clothes on my back.” I stepped closer to him, “You don’t know my story. You may think you do, but let me tell you something, not everyone has it easy. No.”

Harry watched me closely. Soon he was grabbing one of the chairs and slamming it on the ground. “Then you tell me. Don’t lecture me without backing it up.” He spread his arms out like one of the ladies from The Price is Right. Like the chair was a prize to be had. I walked up to him and placed my hand on my hip. “I’m not going to sit here for a worthless story.” He sat down in the chair and pulled another one out for me.

“Where would you like me to begin?” I spat.

“Stories usually start from the beginning.”

I smiled and decided to start from the very beginning, he did ask for it. “Well you see, I was born in….” He instantly stood.

“And now you are wasting my time.” I watched him walk away a bit.

“I was abused. My parents beat me.” He stopped, but didn’t look at me. I continued talking to his back. “I ran away and lived on the streets for nearly 2 months. I got caught trying to steal bread from the store, so they brought me to jail. When I gave my ‘wondrous’ sob story to the cops, they looked into it. My parents were so hopped up on heroin; they couldn’t even remember my name. So I was a ward of the state. Sent to this orphanage.” Harry finally turned, his green eyes searching mine. “I went through a good handful of foster homes before I got to this one. These great people took me in, my foster sister,“ I pointed to Morgan, “gave me clothes to wear. Got me a job.” I shook my head. “I am here because these are my people. I am one of them. I am giving back. Don’t you dare think I am some snotty girl with a perfect life who only cries about breaking a nail.” Harry’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. “And now, you are wasting my time. To think, I looked up to you.”

I walked away and left Harry to collect himself. I sat down with Louis and started to unknot the jump ropes as well. Harry retreated to Niall and Zayn’s little corner of the gym and helped put the slide together. Louis didn’t say anything to me; he would glance over every so often and give me a small smile.

The gym remained quiet until the girls got here. There were seven girls, two 15 year olds, a 14 and 13 year old, twin 9 year olds and a 6 year old. They all knew and loved the boys. The three youngest went to the jungle gym with Louis and Liam. The 15 year olds were on the trampoline with Niall, all trying to do back flips. Zayn and Harry had the other two girls with the jump ropes. The girls were trying to teach the guys how to Double Dutch.

I sat by the drinks and watched it all. Morgan clicked her tongue beside me, “So, you and Harry started off great.” We laughed. “You might have been a little harsh on him.”

“We grew up in horrible homes and got a second chance with a great family. Mo-Mo, I wasn’t harsh, I just gave him a good dose of reality.”

“More like an overdose.” We both laughed again and looked around for Harry. The boy was nowhere to be found.

In the next hour to come, Harry was finally back and the pizza was delivered. We all ate and sat on the floor in front of the stage. The boys hopped up and put a CD in the radio. “Okay, we don’t have our band with us, but we have a karaoke CD made just for you guys.” Niall pressed play and they irrupted in What Makes You Beautiful. All the girls sang along. When Harry’s solo arrived, he jumped off stage and pulled me close, singing to me like he did the girl in the video. Before he got back on stage, he whispered “I’m sorry, look beside you.”

I sat back down and looked to my left; a gigantic flower bouquet was sitting there. I gawked at it and looked back at Harry, whose eyes never left me.

The boys played a few more songs before settling down. The girls said their goodbyes and left to go back to the orphanage. Morgan and I started cleaning up. My thoughts still on Harry’s clever routine. “I-I didn’t know what kind of flowers you liked, so I got one of each.” I turned to see the curly haired boy looking at me. “I’m sorry about what I said. I was rude and I know that. You’re right, I judged you prematurely.”

“Har-“ He cut me off.

“Let me finish, woman.” He smiled, “Listen, I’m sorry about what happened to you, no one should go through that. I came here to brighten some little girls’ day, I never thought I’d be told off by someone a lot smarter than me.”

“I never thought I’d have to put up with such a hard headed boy.”

“It’s the curls, they take over I swear!” I laughed.

“We all make mistakes. Thank you for the flowers, they are lovely.”

Harry looked down, “About what you said earlier, you looked up to me?”

I bit my lip and shrugged. “I look up to you all. You managed to make your dreams come true. You all are amazing guys, you just have your moments.” Harry smiled. Before I knew what he was doing, he wrapped me in a tight hug and kissed my cheek.

“If you ever need anything, anything at all, call me.” He slipped a piece of paper in my hand and walked away.

The boys left not long after. We managed to take everything down and clean up the gym. I had no time to talk to Harry or any of the other boys again.

Before that day, I thought celebrities were selfish. I thought everything they did was for publicity or something. I never expected to meet One Direction. I never expected to give Harry a lesson in life. All in all, I can say it was a near perfect day. I talked to him a few times after though. The next time he is around, we plan on hanging out…without the yelling.


Ah, new site. Who is confused yet excited? Me!

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Brook's outfit

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This needs to be updated!

Plz update im in love with this story
I like this!
I've used so many names, I was SHOCKED I never used Brooklyn. So I had to, it's such a pretty name

But thank you. ♥
I've always loved the name Brooklyn. Anyway, this is good! I like it! :)