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Summer Love (Louis Tomlinson Love story)


Louis POV

"KERRI" I yelled while running after her

she finally stopped and turned around


"why did you leave"

"I was humiliated"

"No one cares if you haven't kissed anyone"

"but but"

I cut her off by kissing her

"why-why did you do that what about eleanor" she asked me

"I think I'm gonna break up with her,"

she smiled

I looked at the clock

"It's midnight so i'm gonna go but want to get lunch tomorrow with the lads?"

"sure" she replied

then she walked off

Kerri's POV
I get back to the hotel and I get right into bed thinking about that amazing kiss.

I wake up at 9 am and check my phone

1 text message and 4 twitter notifications.

the message is from louis

*Nando's at 12 cutie:)*


I check twitter next it was fans tagging me in an article about louis breaking up with eleanor

I smiled

I locked my phone and hopped in the shower

When I got out I put jean shorts on and a strapless top and sandals

I did my makeup and curled my hair

I check the clock and it was 11:45 so I walked to Nando's.


I arrived at Nando's and I saw a table of 4 guys I walked over to them they looked up and smiled

"hey boys, wheres zayn?"

"with perrie" Liam replied

I nodded

The waitress came over and took our orders.

while waiting for our food we just talked

after eating we decided we would all have a sleepover so they drove me to the hotel and I got a bag then we drove to their place.

once we got there we were watching t.v I was snuggled next to harry and louis

I felt my phone vibrate I opened it, a message from a fan

*Stay away from louis you whore*
*die bitch*
*ew your ugly*

I started to tear up
"I will be right back"

They nodded

I ran to the bathroom look for a razor in the cabinets took it apart and started balling.

I took the razor and cut over my old cuts to

I heard a knock

"You ok?" harry asked


'i'm coming in"

I was still trying to hide the blood but to late

Harry walked in saw my wrist the blood and the razor stared at me

"Why." He asked


:( This was sad

This will be my last update today:(


Chapter 5 hints:
Harry learns about past
date with louis
Past love comes back


Thank you! :)

HarrysGirl HarrysGirl

Thank you!

HarrysGirl HarrysGirl

I want a looonnngg book with 100 looonnngg chapters! I love ur story btw!

I want a looonnngg book with 100 looonnngg chapters! I love ur story btw!

you should do a 100 chapter

Stampy cat Stampy cat