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Summer Love (Louis Tomlinson Love story)

Meeting the lads

Louis helped me off the ground

and hugged me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"Getting Starbucks for the lads and my girlfriend"

He has a girlfriend

"You have a girlfriend?"

"Yeah but I'm not sure If I like her"


"I might like someone else"

I just smiled, I thought he could actually like me, but he doesn't know the real me.

"Do you wanna come over? I mean you already know harry"

"Sure" I smiled and we started walked towards his house.


We got to his house and it was huge

He opened the door and there were 4 boys and 1 girl glaring at me, then she saw louis and jumped up and started kissing him

I looked at all the boys and they had disgusted faces on

Harry coughed and they broke apart

"Are you gonna introduce her?" Harry asked Louis

"Uh yeah, guys this is Kerri she will be joining us"

They all said hello

I made my way over to the couch and sat next to harry

He smiled at me

Louis and eleanor came and sat down also.

"How about some truth or dare?" Zayn asked

we all nodded

I hate this game.


We sat in a circle eating our pizza that we ordered before we started

Liam asked Niall first

"Truth or dare"


"I dare you to wear noting but your boxers till next round"

I giggled

Niall did it then sat there awkwardly.

After that zayn and Niall left to go pick up Perrie and Jade from the airport

It was Louis, Eleanor, Liam , Harry, and I

Liam asked harry next

"Truth or dare?"


"Who do you like"

He blushed

"Ke..Kelsey Simon's neice"

we all sat in silence

"Ok then" Eleanor said

Harry asked louis next

"Truth or dare"


"I Dare you to, play 7 minutes in heaven"

Louis and Eleanor started to get up

"With Kerri" Harry finished

I blushed and Louis blushed and eleanor glared at harry

Louis helped me up and led me to the closet

The closet closed

"Uh hi" He said

I didn't say anything

then he leaned in and I pushed him away

"Uh why did you do that"

"I uh I "

"Spit it out"

"I have never kissed anyone" I blushed

"Oh I'm sorry"

I nodded

Louis grabbed my hand and walked out

"Harry I can't do 7 minutes with her"

"I have a girlfriend and she has never kissed anyone"

I blushed red

"mate You didn't have to tell everyone that" Liam said

I started to cry

eleanor was laughing at me

Harry looked sad

and louis was mouthing sorry

I didn't even notice Zayn and Niall got back with Perrie and Jade so they all heard that.

Everyone was staring at me

I grabbed my phone and ran out

I could hear them calling my name but I didn't care I kept running

I have never been so humilated.


BTW***** These are all KERRI'S POV.

This was sad

stupid louis.

Chapter 4 hints****:

Louis finds her
dinner with the lads
sleepover and secrets.


Thank you! :)

HarrysGirl HarrysGirl

Thank you!

HarrysGirl HarrysGirl

I want a looonnngg book with 100 looonnngg chapters! I love ur story btw!

I want a looonnngg book with 100 looonnngg chapters! I love ur story btw!

you should do a 100 chapter

Stampy cat Stampy cat