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Liam's Savior

Chapter Six

*Wednesday Morning*

I looked in the mirror at my final choice of clothing. After I stuffed my bag, I slipped Toms on and then walked down grabbing an apple and then going straight outside not in the mood to talk right now. I'm just too upset their is really no reason for talking. Pulling my smartphone I saw that there was still no new tweets from him. I breathed deeply through my nose and bit into my apple. When the bus pulled up I threw my apple core onto the grass that was starting to frost from how cold it was. It's only September third and it's already forty-five degrees. Is that normal?

Walking towards the bus I sat next to Liv and smiled at her. She was wearing her winter coat today.

"It's really cold today," She said snuggling up to it.

"I know, it's so weird."


When the bus pulled up to the Denver High School, I walked off the bus and passed all the students wanting to get inside from how cold it is outside. Walking towards my locker, I unlocked it and then opened and felt a tap on my right shoulder.

Turning around, I saw the familiar shaggy blonde hair. Noah.

"Hello, Noah," I said turning around and stuffing my backpack into my locker. And grabbing my things for American History.

"Hey, Krissy," He said calling me my usual nickname a lot of people call me. In middle school he also used to call me Prissy Krissy. I used to PMS a lot in middle school. I always seemed to be grouchy. "I wanted to know if you were busy Friday night," He said. That made me turn around. "We could go catch a movie. I'm willing to see We're The Millers again,"

He chuckled, and I bit my lip. I honestly don't wanna go on a date with him. I mean, sure, he's hot, but he's also very popular. I don't usually hang out with that kind of crowd. I mean everyone knows who I am, but I wouldn't consider myself popular. I just have a good chunk of people I hang out with.

"Um," I started seeing his hopeful eyes. "Maybe some other time," I said biting my lip harder. "I'm kind of busy right now. My mom is pregnant and she is going to need my help,"

That last part was a total lie. She is only two months. Barely showing.

"Cool," He said giving me a head nod and walking off. Furrowing my brows, I grabbed my binder and walked towards the American History room. Sitting down in my desk, the late bell rang and class started.



Paying for my lunch, I sat down at my table by Liv, and Abby. Abby has is very pretty. She has blonde hair that she always has in a fishtail. Plus framed glasses which look adorable on her. She is not a Directioner though. Which is pretty hard to believe. She loves Justin Bieber though.

"Hey, Kris." She smiled taking a bite of her hotdog. I smiled at her and saw Liv texting on her phone. I grabbed my hotdog and took a bite and swallowed it quickly. I can't really eat. If I do eat more I think I would throw up. That's how nervous I am for Liam. He still isn't tweeting. Is something wrong. He didn't die did he? Oh my God! Calm down! The other boys would have tweeted something else.


I'm a stress eater and Denver doesn't have a Nandos. This really sucks. Liam has cancer and the tour has been stopped because we can't just leave Liam alone here in Denver while he has cancer. That is just not an option. I'm too scared to even visit him in the hospital. He is probably miserable. I need to go visit him. Sophia is probably still there. Making a U turn, I began driving towards the hospital. Putting my sunglasses on and remembered that his room was in the cancer patient section. Going to the wing of the hospital I found out his room was 45. Knocking on the door I walked in slowly and saw he was sleeping. His forehead was shining from sweat. I crouched by his bed and saw that he weighed 145. He lost a lot of weight. Dr. Korochi that he has been losing a lot of blood making him tired because his kidney is so weak that it is not filtering out his blood.

His lips are very chapped and he is pale. I sat on the seat by his bed and saw that was a tupe of lip gloss on the nightstand. Meaning Sophia is here. The door creaked open and Sophia walked in. She was wearing a sweater dress with black leggings slid into black boots. She looked great. She smiled at me and took a drink from her water.

"Have you been the only one here?" I asked looking at Liam sleeping.

"No, Rue, Nicola, Karen, and Geoff were here, but they went out to lunch. I wanted to stay here." She said sitting next to me.

I smiled. I'm happy Liam found such a great girlfriend. She is so sweet.

"How you taking this, Niall?" She asked looking at me with her big brown eyes.

I sucked in a deep breath through my breath and then let it out in a sigh,

"It's hard," I said still looking at him. "But, the boys and I have each other, and I know Liam will get through this."

Liam stirred and his eyes opened. He smiled sleepily at me and stretched his arms.

"Hey, Nialler," He said looking at me and then Sophia. "Hey Soph,"

We both smiled at him and he yawned.

"How long have I been asleep for?" He asked Sophia looking at the clock. Sophia thought for a moment and then spoke,

"Just a couple hours, but it's not your fault," She said kicking her boots off and standing up walking around the small hospital room. She looked like she wanted to cry, but honestly how can I blame her? Liam is her boyfriend. I'm surprised I'm not bawling right now. Liam is my best mate and this is really hard.

"I'm going to go for a moment," Sophia said putting her boots back on and walking out the door. I saw her covering her mouth with her hand and closing her eyes. Yeah, she's crying.

"I hate seeing her cry," Liam sighed licking his chapped lips. "So Niall, how have you been?"

"I've been fine, I miss seeing you everyday, but all the fans on twitter are being amazing," I said smiling at him. Liam smiled too, and then winced and breathed heavily.

"I'm in so much pain," He said closing his eyes tightly. His eyes were squinting in pain, and he reached the side of the bed and gripped on it.

"This is so hard," I said my voice cracking.

Liam sat up and held his arms out. I gave him a hug. Clutching onto his body hard. What will I do if I lose him? What will the other boys do? This sucks. I can't deal with this. If Liam dies I think I will too.

"It's alright, Niall," Liam said letting go of me. "All we need to do is find a kidney that matches mine and we'll be all good. Dr. Korochi said the cancer is moving very slowly,"

Liam smiled, but I could see the pain in his eyes.








Breannac112 Breannac112

Sorry, I can't have a co author. I'm writing this story on another website (www.quotev.com) and I'm transferring my story from that site to this site, so that's why I'm not updating as much.

AvaMaria1234 AvaMaria1234


I know I would DIE if liam ever got ANY type of Cancer ;-(