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Diddy Direction

Chapter 5

" Abby will you go out with me?" Harry repeats slowly this time like he's talking to a two year old. Its too much for me to take and I run outside the hall with out noticing someone following me out. I flop down on the bench seat beside the playground and put my head between my knees. I begin to sob loudly, so loudly that I don't notice footsteps approaching my place on the chair. I'd been so confused lately. Harry had often flirted with me but I didn't exactly liked him so I had just brushed it off but Niall, I had developed real feelings for Niall but until this exact moment I hadn't really realised them. A hand laid on my shoulder and I looked up to meet bright blue eyes. " are you ok.." Niall whispered gently before I had processed my
thoughts i had leant in to kiss Niall. And he didn't pull away, instead he pulled me closer into a hug-like stance. He pulled away and put his chin on my head. " you never answered my question" he said jokingly. " I'm fine now." I smiled up at him. " ow you two back inside!" One of the teachers called out. Niall dragged me inside by my arm leaving me giggling behind him. All thoughts of harry fled my mind as I entered with Niall.


Hey guys :)


LOVE IT please continue XD

Twilighter Twilighter

I love it please update

nialler's gurl nialler's gurl

Please update soon


it was really hard to find a pic of zayn young so that was the youngest I could find anyway let's just say he has been held back!

directioner0502 directioner0502

Zayn looks like 10 times older than the rest of them haha!