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Back For You

Chapter 1

There are moments in life we will never come to understand. Never know of unless experienced. Moments that make us question our strength as well as the strengths of others around us. Moments that can set the stage for what’s to come and moments that can tear our world down within seconds. Loving him was full of moments; moments when he took my breath away just with one simple action, word or even touch. Other moments when I wanted nothing to do but be as far away from him as possible, walk away from him and never look because no one has ever made me hate them that much. But much like each individual piece of puzzle, these moments as impacting or as un-impacting as they were always lead me back to one thing. The one thing that was always there, that always will be there. Him.


8 years ago

"Ready H?" I asked him as we stood waiting in front of his parents car. With all his bags packed away in the boot of the car, his lucky bracelet on his wrist; he was ready to go. Ready to chase after his dream and I couldn't be more proud. He was my best friend since I could remember and, since I could remember he's always loved the attention and thrill of being on stage. So when he made it to the live shows for X-Factor I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I guess you could say I always knew he was too big for this small town, and finally it was time for him to fly.

"Excited more than anything, really" he said as he swept his curly hair out of his eyes.

"You'll be great, I know it" I said nervously before looking towards his front door, where I could hear Anne and Robin talking."Your mom must be nervous, huh? Her baby boy going off to London?" I said as a laugh escaped my mouth. My long Brown hair was flying in the wind and I wrapped my arms tighter around my body trying to fight off the cool London air.

"Yeah, nervous would be an understatement" he said as he smirked down at me. That damn smirk. When we were younger Grease was our favorite movie to watch together, and when ever John Travolta smirked in the movie Harry would try to do it too. Once he figured out he could, there was never a moment when he didn't try to smirk at people. Now years later he finally mastered the smirk and still thinks he can win anyone over with it...but I would never tell him he really could.

"You nervous?" I asked squinting up at him.

"Like you wouldn't believe" he said after a long pause. "H? You ready to go?" Harry's step dad Robin came up from behind me, followed by Gemma and Anne.

"Yeah let's go" Harry said as excitement sang through his voice. I watched from a few feet back Anne and Robin make sure the car was packed before getting in and I watched as Harry said bye to his sister that I knew-as much as he didn't want to admit- he would miss so much. Then he turned and looked at me.

"Come here" he said opening his arms out for me, which I stepped into instantly. "I'm going to miss you, promise you'll come and see some of the live shows and call me or answer my phone calls when I call" he said as he rested his chin on my head. My head was buried in his chest and I nodded as a way of saying yes while I fought back tears. It didn't matter how old we got I knew he would make fun of me for crying, he would always make fun of me for crying for the littlest of things. "Look after my sister" he continued to say. "I'll be back soon enough, once we win X-Factor" he added with a giggle "I love you best friend" he said slowly before planting a kiss on my forehead and taking a step backwards.

"I love you too, H" I said trying my best not to let the lump in my throat rise any further before I completely broke down in tears.

With one more hug for me and his sister Gemma he got into the back seat of the car and rolled the window down. Before the car pulled out of the drive way he lifted his wrist where our friendship bracelet loosely hung and pointed to it before I mirrored his movements pointing to my own. I and Gemma stood at the end of the drive way, waving as the car pulled out. Knowing that one way or another, whether the X-Factor thing worked or didn't things were never going to be the same ever again.

There was never going to be those lazy after school marathons of our favorite TV show Friends at either mine or Harry's place, there was never going to be Late night ice cream runs with him ever again there was never going to be bike rides to the little pond near the edge of town nearly every day during our holidays. There was never going to be anymore Harry and Rylynn days. He was never going to be just Harry.

"Bye Ry, I'll call you when I get there" Harry screamed out the back window.

"Bye Harry" I said quietly, I doubt he heard me but how could I not smile at that huge grin plastered on his face as the car drove away.

"I'll miss you, best friend" I whispered as a tear slid down my face. Gemma wrapped a protective arm around me pulling me into her.

"You'll see him soon enough, promise Ry" Gemma said to me "I know but he's going to be so famous, and he'll forget about me" I said back to her more tears trailing down my face.

"Rylynn, he will never forget you. You're his best friend" Gemma said looking at me.

"I guess, but things change Gemma" I said as I turned to her.

"Things may change but he'll always love you" She said looking down the road.

"He doesn't love me, Gem" I said knowing he would never feel the same as I did.

"He loves you Ry, believe me" She said back to me.

"I hope so" I said watching the car turn the last corner at the end of the street.

"Rylynn did you hear what I said?" Gemma said shaking my shoulders "I said Harry's going to be so excited to see you" as a huge grin crossed her face.

"I hope so" I said smiling at her. "Where's your mom? I have to say hi to her first" It's been a year since I've been back in Holmes Chapel and knowing that today was Anne's birthday how could I not surprise her?

"She's in the kitchen, come she's going to be so happy to see you" Gemma said pulling me inside.

"Wait, before we go inside Congratulations Gem" I said engulfing her into a hug, Gemma was pregnant with her first child.

"Thank Ry, but we can talk about how much weight I've gained later come see my mom and Harry" she said pulling me through the Style's family home. "Mum, look who I found" Gemma said as Anne took out her famous Lasagna from the oven.

"What Gem? I get you're pregnant but you could at least help set the tab- RYLYNN WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HERE" Anne said as she walked over and hugged me tightly. "I came home a few days early and well, it is your birthday" I said pulling out her present from my bag and handing it to her. "Well how could I not surprise you?" "Ry, you surprising is enough I don't need a present. Have you seen Harry yet? He’s going to be so excited" Anne said as she walked out side to call Harry in from the back garden. "Harry, darling come inside I have a surprise for you"

A soon as she said his name my heart stared racing knowing that he was only a few steps away, my hand moved slowly up to my hair as I fixed it as best I could without a mirror.

"You look fine, would you stop" Gemma said as she whispered in my ear.

"Yeah, mom? Is it the Lasagna? Because I could already smell it-Rylynn?" Harry said as he looked at me.

Since the last time I saw him; nothing had changed, his curly brown hair was tossed on top of his head his face even thought it had aged a little he still looked like what he's always looked like to me: my best friend.

"Hey there Styles? Fancy seeing you here?" I said giving him a small smile as he took a couple strides towards me and engulfed me into a hug.

"What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were in Australia for a year to finish school?" he asked me I let a laugh escape my lips as I inhaled his scent, yup nothings changed. "The years over, I'm back for good" I said hugging him back.

"I haven't seen you since Gem's wedding, I missed you so much" he said pulling away.

"That's why you never called right?" I said coldly as I punched him in the arm.

"I was busy with-" he began but I cut him off hearing the same excuse to many times.

"Yeah, I know busy with the band. But didn't you guys call it quits?" I asked knowing I read something about One Direction breaking up a few weeks ago in the news paper and heard about it on the news.

"Yeah but that's recent" Harry said standing in front of me. "I'll be right back there's someone I want you to meet" he said running back outside.

"Shit" I heard Gemma swear next to me.

"What?" I asked smiling at her.

"He can't ruin this for you, he can't" Gemma said walking over to Anne. "Mum, Harry's going to tell Ry" Gemma said frantically to Anne whose smiling face turned worried.

"Tell me what?" I asked confused

"Gem darling, she's going to find out eventually" Anne said squeezing my shoulders.

"What's going on you guys are scaring me" I said backing away

"Ry" Harry said coming back into the Kitchen with a tall blond girl with piercing blue eyes and a body any girl would kill for. "This is Laura" Harry said with a huge grin on his face.

"Hi" the girl, named Laura said giving a small wave.

"She's my fiancée" Harry said smiling.

That's the moment when my whole world fell apart.


Hey Guys,

My name is Allie and I love to write, and hopefully you'll love to read my story!! I normally update on Tumblr but I've decided to expand my readers to one of my favourite fan fiction sites.

So here we go; I present to you:

Back For YouEnjoy. Comment. and Take Care

Allie xxx


I still am! ;)

AWW thank you :) I hope you're still interested in the story, I will be updating next week .x

allie1Dxx allie1Dxx


Sorry I've been M.I.A for the past 2 weeks, I'm in University and I have mid terms this week, but thankfully I have reading week from the 14-21st of Feb SOO having said that there WILL BE updates during that week as I have absolutely no time to do anything till then.
Thank you for understanding.

Take Care.
Allie .xxx

allie1Dxx allie1Dxx

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.