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Chapter 10 – Niall’s 18th Birthday

Chapter 10 – Niall’s 18th Birthday

The next day we got up around noon. Louis made lunch after he cleaned the kitchen up from last night. I may have gave him a blowjob to say thanks which he didn’t mind. I put on Louis t-shirt and track pants as Louis just put on a pair of track pants without any boxers. He also put his piercings back in and I wish he didn’t. He looked innocent and vulnerable. After we got dressed Liam and Sophia showed up with the cake stuff. Sophia and I came up with the idea of a four leaf clover cake. We both got started on the different mixtures. I started on the vanilla and Sophia started on the chocolate. I noticed Liam brought all of the top end baking ingredients, “Liam told me he asked the lady at the shops what you needed. So he just gave her your list and told her don’t worry about the money. So she got the most expensive stuff. It cost him seven five pounds,” Sophia tells me.

“Wow really?” I asked in shock. Sophia nodded her head, “I’m guessing nothing, but the best for Niall,” she smiled. We both laughed a little bit as the boys came in. I noticed Louis put a t-shirt on, “need any help ladies?” Louis asked. We both shook our heads no, “so can Liam and I go help Harry and Zayn set up?” Louis wondered. I smiled, “you can go when you find me the baking tins,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he started going through the cupboards. It took him a bit to find them, “there all in there in all shapes and sizes. They even still have the labels on them,” Louis tells me. I smiled at him as he came over to me, “now don’t burn the house down when we’re gone. If you need anything just call me,” he smiled. Louis kissed me lightly as Liam kissed Sophia cheek, “have fun,” Louis added. He kissed my nose before he left with Liam. I got out some baking tins and quickly washed them, “why do they have all these baking tins and never used them?” Sophia wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “I think the kitchen came with everything in the cupboards,” I say. Sophia laughed a little bit, “rich people.” She smiled. I laughed a little bit as I went back to my mixture.

After we put the mixture into the tins and made a marble pattern. We put them in the oven and set a timer. We decided to paint our nails as the Irish flag, “we going all out for Niall and his birthday,” I smiled as Sophia helped me with my nails. She smiled, “did you enjoy last night?” I asked her. Sophia blushed a little, “I did and thanks for coming. You and Louis looked like you had a good time too,” she replied.

“We did,” I say. She raised an eyebrow at me, “did you get up to anything when you got back here last night?” she wondered. I gave her a small nod, “did you blow him?” she questioned. I gave her another small nod and she seemed happy, “did he like it? Did he go down on you?” she wondered.

“He like it, but he didn’t go down on me. I didn’t want him to,” I tell her. Sophia looked down, “I was the same. I preferred giving than receiving,” she tells me. I sighed, “I wish Louis saw that. He makes a big deal if he can’t give back on what I give him,” I admitted. Sophia smiled at me, “I think he just wants you to feel good. Like you make him feel good. I also think that he thinks since you’re new at this. That you should do things together,” she tells me. I was surprised, because this is how Louis feels, “I’m right aren’t I” she smirked. I nodded my head, “do you think Louis and I are going to fast?” I wondered. Sophia shakes her head no, “you two are not in a relationship, but you’re also not fuck buddies as well. You two suck in-between,” she tells me. I bit my lip, “how are we stuck in-between?” I questioned. Sophia finished my nails, “well you guys hold hands and cuddle, but have no romantic feelings towards each other. The only feelings you have between you two is friends. Were fuck buddies just fuck and that it, however the golden rule of fuck buddies is when you start to fall. You got to end it,” Sophia explained. I made a mental note to talk to Louis about it, “do the others think you two are going to fast?” she wondered.

“Well Perrie does and Harry just wants us to be happy and safe. I never asked the other boys part from Zayn. He just gives me advice and makes sure I’m alright with it all, because he knows I won’t talk to Harry about it,” I tell her. Sophia nodded her head as the doorbell rang. I looked at Sophia as I slowly made my way over to the door. I slowly opened it to see Perrie, “hi,” she smiled. I hugged her as I let her in, “I thought that I’ll join you girls as the boys set up,” she added. She noticed Sophia, “already started without me,” Perrie said pretending to be hurt. Sophia smiled at her, “if it anything I have only done Lil nails,” she tells Perrie. I showed Perrie my nails, “you need to learn to do them yourself one day,” she smiled. I laughed a little bit, “I can do normal, but I don’t have skills to do this,” I tell her. Perrie nodded, “by the end of the year we will have you painting pictures on them,” Perrie says.

Perrie joined Sophia as I checked on the cakes and they weren’t done yet. I joined the girls, “I was thinking that we should put Niall’s name on our fingers too,” Perrie tells me. I nodded as Perrie and Sophia started painting their nails, “I also brought around little four leaf clover tattoos,” Perrie added. I smiled as I started to paint my toe nails. I did them in solid colours, but kept with the Irish flag theme.

When I was done with my toes I got the cakes out to cool down. I started to make the royal icing, “you know what I found funny. It took one night for you girls to come up with a theme for Niall’s birthday. It took me weeks to convince them to have a batman theme for Liam’s eighteenth birthday party,” Perrie tells us as she came in the kitchen with Sophia. I smiled at her, “Soph came up with the idea,” I tell Perrie. Sophia smiled, “so how was your double date last night?” Perrie asked. Sophia nodded, “last night was great,” she smiled.

Sophia and I told Perrie about last night, however I left out what Louis and I did when we got to his. Perrie told us that her and Zayn had a quiet night. After we finished talking Perrie looked at me, “um Niall messaged me yesterday about looking after Theo in two weeks, but I can’t. I also know he won’t ask you Lil. So I’m asking if you want to?” Perrie wondered. I nodded my head, “thank you. I tell Niall,” Perrie beamed. She hugged me, “what is he doing tho?” I questioned. Perrie grabbed her phone, “Greg got a party for work and Niall and his dad want to go to a football match together,” Perrie replied. I nodded as she messaged Niall, “you would still took him even if I said Niall wanted to get laid,” Perrie smiled. I smiled, because she was right. I just hope my mother would be out that night. Come to think about it I haven’t seen my mother since Louis came over. But then again I have been at Louis’s for two nights, “back to earth Lil. Niall said if you want to, but I bet ten pounds he feels bad that you want to. Because he wants to go watch football,” Perrie tells me.

“I want to look after Theo, so Niall can got to the football with his dad,” I say. Perrie smiled, “if he makes a big deal out of it tell him it alright. Niall doesn’t like to put people in this position. I think it took him a lot to ask me,” Perrie admitted. I nodded, “I bet he like to put May in a position,” Sophia joked. We all laughed, "is she coming tonight?” I wondered. They shrugged their shoulders, “I don’t know, but I can ask her,” Perrie replied. I smiled as she messaged May.

Perrie and Sophia cut clover leaves out of the cake as I got the right colour for the icing. I put the icing on after we put the cake together. As I was putting detail into the cake Perrie and Sophia were trying to make May come tonight over the phone. May kept telling them that her boyfriend said no, “then come over for a sleepover with us girls,” I suggested. We heard nothing, “May you still with us?” Perrie wondered. We heard her move around, “ok I will. Where are you girls?” May asked. We told her Louis address and she told us that she be there in about an hour. Sophia looked at Perrie and I, “um she don’t know that we are going as the colours of the Irish flag. So won’t she feel left out?” she asked. I think Sophia might be right, “nah. She hates Niall right now, so she won’t do anything for him,” Perrie tells us. Sophia and I nodded, “I just don’t want to be in trouble for May lying to her boyfriend. I know I said about the sleepover, but I thought she was going to tell me no,” I admitted. Perrie gave me a weak smile, “well one thing is clear that she wants to party, but her boyfriend don’t,” Sophia pointed out.

“Well alcohol makes you do stupid things and her boyfriend seems like he wants to keep his good boy image,” Perrie smiled. I nodded feeling like she had a dig at me and Louis for last Saturday. I think Sophia picked up on it, “we all done things on alcohol that we regret, but something we don’t regret. I wouldn’t danced with my ex-boyfriend for the first time if I wasn’t intoxicated,” Sophia confessed. Perrie smiled at her before she walked away. Perrie went out the backyard as she called someone. Sophia looked at me, “was she trying to make a point with you?” she wondered. I nodded my head, “last weekend we all went away to Zayn’s uncle’s cabin. On the Saturday we all were drinking and Louis and I snuck off to his spot. We continued drinking which lead us to touching each other for the first time. Which lead to Perrie calling me easy,” I explained. Sophia nodded, “but you’re not. You and Lou are close and I don’t know how in just two weeks. Maybe you both know each other secrets or something. But if you didn’t want it to happen you would stopped it. It completely up to you and Louis what you do together. Louis seems like the guy that wouldn’t push you into something and you’re a smart girl. I think Perrie just wants what she and Zayn have for you two,” Sophia admitted.

“Thanks and I started the touching,” I smiled. She hugged me, “but does it make me easy that I already want to suck Liam off?” she smiled. I shake my head, “don’t take this wrong, but if I was not with Lou I would have gone for Liam,” I tell her. Sophia laughed a little bit, “maybe a couple of months after Lou takes your v card we can swap, because I always wondered what Lou was like in bed,” she says. I nodded, “but how big is Lou?” she asked. I shake my head, “I won’t tell you until you have seen Liam naked,” I tell her. She pouted, “plus Lou is the only man I have seen naked. So I don’t know if his small, average or big,” I added. Sophia looked socked, “not even porn?” she questioned.

“I’ve seen porn, but you really can’t tell,” I replied. She smirked, “or he got the same size,” she pointed out. I laughed as our phones went off. I picked mine up and I had a message:

Louis Tomlinson

Hi :) it girlfriend break. Zayn talking to Perrie on the phone. So Liam and me decided to message you girl’s xo

I read the word girlfriend a couple of times and decided that what Liam said. I looked at Sophia, “I bet ten pounds that Liam,” I smiled. Sophia smiled as she nodded, “I’m guessing Lou and Perrie on the phone to Zayn,” she tells me. I nodded as I messaged Lou back:

Hi :* what Harry doing? Xo

Louis Tomlinson

Don’t you wanna know what I’m doing? :( Harry gone out to get more stuff xo

“I don’t think Perrie liked what I said. Liam told me that Zayn told them girl troubles,” Sophia tells me. I shake my head, “maybe something going on with her tho. When I first met her she was fun and after she found out about what me and Louis done she changed towards me,” I admitted. Sophia gave me a small nod as I messaged Louis back:

What you doing? Xoxo

Louis Tomlinson

Nothing. Just talking to you. Is everything alright there?” xo

I looked at Perrie as she was still talking to Zayn:

Yeah it just Pear said something about regretting things we do when were drunk. So Soph told her not all the time and Pear didn’t like that. I think Pear wants us to be like her and Zayn xo

Louis Tomlinson

But we’re not them. We are us and doing things how we want. I will admit we shouldn’t done what we did that night, because we were drunk. I just thought when we did that for the first time it would have been like Sunday night. You just had the confidence that night and you wanted it. By the way it was so hot when you did that ;) what does Soph think about us? Xo

“Liam just told me that he can’t wait to see me later,” Sophia beamed. I smiled at her:

She alright with it. She says were stuck between relationship and fuck buddies. She also says it up to us what we do together since you’re a nice guy and I’m a smart girl. She asked me if she was easy since she already wants to suck Liam off. P.S she wants you. She said something about swapping ;) xoxo

Louis Tomlinson

Lol for now no. Liam would tear you into two ;) (He has a big dick) but I like how she knows it’s up to us two and she alright with it. Did you learn from her on how to give a blow job? Xo

“Louis knows it was you,” I say. Sophia looked confused at me, “on how to give a blowjob,” I tell her. She laughed:

Yes. She wouldn’t tell me if she didn’t think I was ready. Oh I’m a giver not a receiver ;)

Louis Tomlinson

Good and you’re not a receiver yet. When I go down on you and I will. You’ll beg me to do it all the time ;) because for you baby I’m a giver xo

I showed Sophia Louis last message, “that strange, because I heard he likes to get head. But he doesn’t like to go down. I heard the only girl he has gone down on was his ex-girlfriend. You’re a special girl Lil,” she tells me. I was shocked:

Really? Because I heard that you like getting head, but don’t like to go down xo

Louis Tomlinson

But for you I will baby. I want to taste you so bad. I want my tongue deep inside you. I want you to squirm under my mouth. I want you to cum into my mouth as you scream my name ;) xoxo

I took a deep breath to calm myself down, but it wasn’t working, Perrie came back in, “so what do we do now?” she asked. I took another deep breath:

Louis Tomlinson

Are you turned on babe? ;) xo

“I’m going to have a shower,” I tell them. They looked confused as I ran up to Louis room. I shut and locked the door behind me:

I’m so turned on that I can’t calm down. P.S I’m in your room and going to have a cold shower xo

Louis Tomlinson

Don’t have a cold shower babe. Just get on my bed and have fun ;)

I thought for a bit before I walked over to his bed:

I don’t know if I can. This feels wrong xo

Louis Tomlinson

That because your meant to be spending time with girls. It just adds to the hype what you’re about to do ;)

I climbed on top of the bed as I knelt facing the headboard:

How do you know I’m still going to do it?

Louis Tomlinson


I felt someone behind me, “because I’m behind you,” Louis whispered in my ear. Louis puts his hand over my mouth before I could scream, “no noise babe,” he added. Louis left his hand over my mouth as his other went down my track pants. He spread my legs apart a bit before he stuck his hands down the front of his boxers that I was wearing. He ran his fingers up and down my slit, “one message got you this wet babe,” he growled in my ear. I take in a sharp breath as he started to rub my button, “I bet you want me to go down on you right now,” he continued. Louis pushed me into him more as I nodded my head. I felt his hard on my back threw his track pants. Which was easy since he was wearing no boxers, “but I’m not. I want to hear you scream,” he tells me. I griped his thighs as he got faster with my button. I moaned into his hand as two fingers entered me. He moved them in and out making sure he hit the spot. I started grinding against him, “fuck babe,” he puffed. I moved a little bit to the side before I stuck my hand down his track pants. I started pumping him, “fuck babe,” he repeated. I moved my hand back to his thigh as I felt my core tighten. Louis thrust his fingers deep inside me a couple times before I came. I screamed into his hand, “that it babe,” he whispered in my ear.

After I caught my breath I pushed Louis down onto the bed. I take his track pants off and throw them somewhere on the floor. I moved back up to his member as Louis took off his t-shirt. He leant on his elbows, “remember you deal babe,” he reminds me.

“No noise,” I ordered. Louis smirked as I took his member in my hand. I gave him a couple pumps before I put the tip in my mouth. Louis bit his bottom lip to stop him from moaning, “babe you only came once,” he groaned. I looked at him as I put more if him into my mouth. Louis closed his eyes as I started going up and down, “I’m going to make you pay babe,” he moaned. I take him out of my mouth, “I said no noise,” I tell him strictly. I take my top off and wrapped it around his mouth as I tied it up. Louis looked shocked and turned on at the same time. I kissed his nose before I took his member back in my mouth. Louis sat up to take my bra off and throw it on the floor. He ran his hands down my back as I kept going up and down. He stuck his hands down my track pants and the boxers. He squeezed my bottom hard. I moaned around him which made him moan. I pushed him back down as I kept him in my mouth. Louis sat back up and put his finger threw my hair, he started moaning a bit as I got faster, but lucky was muffled with my top. Louis gripped my hair tight which meant he was close. He let go of my hair and grabbed my hand. He squeezed my hand as he came into my mouth. I sucked and licked him clean as he feel back onto the bed. His breathing was quick threw his nose, so I moved up to pull my top down out of his mouth. He took a couple of deep breaths as he looked at me. He pulled me down for a kiss, “I should send you more dirty messages,” he smirked against my lips. I shake my head as he kissed me again, “why are you back?” I wondered as I rested my chin on his chest.

“I can’t wear track pants to a party and you need a ride,” he replied. He wrapped an arm around my back as my fingers played with his chin. Louis moved my hair to one side, “sorry if I was a bit rough with you. Especially your hair,” he apologized. I smiled at him, “I’m alright,” I tell him. Louis leaned forward to kiss my forehead, “but babe I didn’t know you could be kinky with gagging me. It made me hope that you were going to spank me next,” he smiled. I laughed a little bit, “don’t laugh. I’m telling the truth,” he pouted. I raised an eyebrow at him, “I’m a kinky bastard babe,” he admitted.

“What other kinky stuff you like?” I wondered. Louis shakes his head, but I gave him a stern look. He kept shaking his head, so I bit his chest, “ok I tell you, because if you keep biting me were staying in tonight. So I can make sure you don’t walk tomorrow,” he tells me. I kissed where I bit him, “ok I have done none of these, but I do want to try them. First is tied up for me and you,” he started. I stopped him, “me?” I questioned. Louis bit his bottom lip as he nodded his head, “why me?” I wondered.

“You’re the first person that comes to my mind. You’re also the only one I can trust too,” he admitted. I smiled as I kissed him, “I’m not saying we will do them. It just fantasies I have,” he added. I nodded my head, “well I said tied up. Then there gagging which you just did and I kinda did to you, but next time use your knickers. Especially after I made you cum in them,” he tells me. I must had a strange look on my face, because Louis started laughing, “babe one day soon I’m going to go down on you. So really you putting your knickers in my mouth is no different,” he says. I nodded my head as he started telling me his kinky fantasies.

When he was done telling me I learnt he wants to try tied up, gagged again, slave and master, bitting, blind folding, sex toys and spanking. It felt like he had one more, but he wouldn’t tell me. Louis reassured me that we do none of them, unless I wanted to.

After he told me we laid there for a bit, “well I better get in the shower, so I can finish getting ready,” I tell him. Louis kissed my nose, “yeah we should,” he smirked. I shake my head, “I need to hurry up, so no round two,” I tell him.

“But you gave me a blowjob and I only made you cum once,” he pouted. I kissed his forehead before I got up, “another time,” I tell him. Louis wrapped his arm around my back as he pulled me closer to him. He started to suck my nipple, “god Lou. You need to stop,” I begged. I felt Louis smirk before he took my nipple out of his mouth. I pushed him as I got off the bed, “come back babe. I was not finished,” Louis smiled as he sat up. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I heard Louis laugh as I turned the shower on. I took of the rest of my clothes and got under the water. I heard the bathroom door open and I knew it was Louis. He wrapped his arms around me, “I’m pushing it aren’t I?” Louis asked. I nodded my head, “sorry,” he apologized. He kissed my cheek, “I’m alright,” I tell him. Louis pushed me more into him, “but do you have keys or something to get into your bedroom and bathroom? Because I swear I locked them both,” I wondered. I felt Louis smile, “I have keys,” he replied. I looked at him, “so last week after your party when you told me that I could lock the door. You could have still came in?” I remembered.

“Yeah. I said it more so you’ll feel safe. I won’t lie that I wanted to join you, but that the first day I met you. I didn’t want you to scream the house down,” he admitted. I smiled, “you need to learn to control yourself and learn personal space,” I joked. Louis laughed, “do you want personal space right now?” he wondered. I bit my lip, “well I do want to shave my legs,” I tell him. Louis ran his hands down my legs, “I feel nothing, but I’ll let you have your personal time,” he says. I raised an eyebrow at him, “if you couldn’t feel anything. Then why are you letting me have personal time?” I pointed out. Louis smiled at me, “because you want personal time. I just quickly wash myself and I’ll get out,” he tells me. He moved away from me and started washing himself, “Lou what if I told you that I wanted you to fuck me against the wall right now?” I wondered. Louis looks at me, “I would tell you no. babe why do you keep asking me?” Louis questioned.

“Because like you I have fantasies too,” I tell him. Louis turned to me, “well don’t voice them just yet. I’m going to wash my hair and get out,” he tells me. He seemed a little bit mad at me, “Lou did I just push it with you?” I wondered. Louis gave me a small nod, “I’m sorry,” I apologized. Louis kissed my forehead, “don’t be. It just you been talking about sex a lot with me lately. I’m a bit worried since it makes you worry and brings bad stuff back. I’m just wondering what going through your head when you say stuff like this?” he questioned. I looked down, “I promised myself what happened with me won’t affect us. I really can’t help that I want you like that. I trust you Lou,” I confessed. Louis seemed surprised, “but babe you just have to wait six weeks for that. I not going to do it any sooner. I promised you. I really want you ready physical and mental. I understand that what happened to you is going to cause trouble for us, but I told you that we get through it together,” he admitted. I kissed him, “ok,” I whispered. He ran his thumb over my cheek, “just don’t worry about it babe,” he reassured me.

I quickly got out of the shower to grab my shaver since Louis brought my bag in. when I got back in the bathroom Louis was shaving his face. I didn’t say anything as I got back in the shower. I washed my hair as Louis was still in the bathroom, “babe you’re over thinking about what I just said. Don’t babe. I’m alright. We’re alright. Just finish you shower and then we can join the others,” he reassured me. I gave him a nod as I washed the conditioner out of me hair.

When Louis left I shaved my legs and got out. I wrapped towels around my body and hair. When I walked into Louis bedroom he hugged me, “I have decided we’re not going tonight,” he tells me. I shake my head as I hugged him back, “yes we are. It’s Niall’s eighteenth birthday. Not all the money in the world would stop me going,” I tell him. I felt Louis smile, “not even it I said I wanted to do naughty things to you all night?” Louis questioned. I stepped away from him, “that makes me want to go more,” I joked. Louis pouted as I noticed he was still in his boxers. I walked over to my bag, “that mean babe, but then again you might like to walk,” he smirked. I grabbed my black underwear out, “that what it is,” I teased. Louis came over to me and smacked my bottom, “attitude,” he says. I stuck my bottom out, “oh please again babe,” I smirked. Louis shakes his head as he walked away, “get dressed babe,” he tells me. I shake my head, “I’m not going to spank you again, so just get dressed,” he ordered.

“But I like it when you spank me,” I smiled. Louis ignored me as he went into his wardrobe. I put on my underwear, “just get ready babe,” he tells me again. I walked into his wardrobe as Louis was going through his clothes. I grabbed out a pair of my track pants, “babe track pants to a party?” Louis questioned. I put them on before I started going through my tops, “Soph got a dress for me and I still need to get my hair and make-up done,” I replied. Louis smiled as he threw me a button up shirt, “thanks,” I smiled. I put it on, “don’t want the girl’s hard work to be ruined,” he says. Louis got out a pair of black jeans, “babe do you know how to iron?” Louis asked as he put on his jeans. He grabbed out a short sleeve button up shirt. It was dark blue with little white polka dots, “yeah,” I replied.

We go down stairs to find Liam by himself, “took your time you two,” Liam smirked. I hugged him, “oh the cake looks amazing Lil,” he added. I kissed his cheek, “Soph helped,” I reminded him. Liam smiled, “Lou put a shirt on. Don’t want you to scare my girlfriend off,” Liam joked.

“I will when my girl… irons it for me,” Louis says. Liam laughed a little bit, “do it yourself, because when Perrie, May and my girlfriend see her. There taking her,” Liam smiled. Harry walked in, “I do it for you hunny,” he smiled. I hugged him, “you been alright?” he whispered in my ear as he hugged me back. I nodded, “there she is,” I heard May say. I turned to see all the girls, “hi,” I smiled. I saw Sophia smirk, “where the birthday boy?” I wondered.

“He hanging out with his family,” Liam tells me. Perrie grabbed me from Harry, “Lou were using your room,” Perrie tells him.

They dragged me back up to Louis room, “no one sit on the bed,” Sophia joked as May sat down on the lounge. I laughed a little bit, “who said we used the bed?” I smiled. May jumped off the lounge, “who said we did anything?” I added. They all looked at me, “we do talk,” I tell them. They gave me the sure look, “be right back,” Perrie tells us. Her and May ran out of the room to grab everything, “you thought you lot would grabbed the stuff before we ran up here,” I say. Sophia laughed as she nodded, “so did you and Lou get up to anything?” she wondered. I nodded my head, “but we do talk. It not all about the sex stuff,” I tell her. She gave me a small nod, “oh and Liam called you his girlfriend more than once. So are you two official now?” I asked. Sophia blushed, “he asked me last night before he kissed me,” she tells me. I hugged her, “well we better get started,” Sophia says. I grabbed my hairbrush as Perrie and May came back. I started brushing my hair as Sophia started to straighten hers. Perrie helped May with her nails, so she matched ours.

After Sophia finished straightening her hair she started on mine hair, “why can’t I be like you girls?” I pouted. Sophia kissed my cheek, “you will soon,” she smiled. I smiled at her, “if it anything May just as bad as you,” Perrie tells me. May agreed with her, “well it looks like we got to teach them both,” Sophia says. May and I nodded our heads, “that calls for a real sleepover then,” May smiled.

After we were done I had a look in Louis bathroom mirror. Sophia curled my hair and pin my fringe back. I had simple make-up on, but my eyes popped out with thick eyeliner. I loved how the girls made me up and I still didn’t have my dress on. May stood next to me and the girls did her the same part from they left her fringe down. We also put Niall’s name on out finger nails. May and I joined an already dress Perrie and Sophia. Perrie had a beautiful white dress on with her hair to one side. Sophia had a tight orange dress and her make-up was done simple. May put on a blue crop top and black shorts, “your turn,” Sophia smiled. She started undoing my top, “nice bra for someone that not a girly girl. You have good taste, but I bet you wish I was Louis right now,” Sophia smirked. I nodded my head, “but why are you undressing me?” I wondered. Sophia stepped back, “I really don’t know,” she replied.

I finished undressing myself, “but I do have to help you put the dress on, so it don’t touch your hair and make-up,” Sophia tells me. She tucked one of my bra straps in my bra. Sophia put her off the shoulder green dress on me and zipped it up, “beautiful,” she smiled. I looked down at myself, “you think?” I questioned. Perrie dragged me into Louis wardrobe to his mirror. The green dress didn’t cling to my body and on the shoulder was a pretty lace detail with some gems. I smiled, “ooo my black heels you borrowed,” Perrie says as she picked them up. I put them on, “you’re nearly ready,” she smiled. We walked back out into Louis room and I grabbed my bracelet and earrings from my bag, “where did you get those black heart studs from?” May asked me. I looked down at them, “I don’t know my dad got them,” I tell her. She smiled at me as I put them on. I put my black bracelet on, “now tat time,” Perrie tells us. We put them under the corner of our eyes, “done,” I smiled.


We walked back down to the boys, but only found Harry. He did a double take on us, “wow. Niall is a lucky boy tonight. You girls look amazing. Just remember my birthday is first of February,” Harry tells us. He moved in closer to us, “now if you three girls didn’t have boyfriends. I would so do you,” he added as he pointed to Perrie, May and Sophia.

“What about Lil?” May wondered. Harry and I both shake our heads no, “Flower like my sister. We grew up together since birth,” Harry tells her. May nodded, “so you’re alright with your best mate dating her?” May asked. Harry nodded his head, “he looks after her. That all I care about,” Harry admitted. Louis walks in and stops as his eyes are straight on me, “why did you stop Lou?” I heard Liam ask him. Liam moved next to him as he looked at Sophia. Then Liam whispered something in Louis ear and they turned around to look at something. I heard Zayn laughing with someone as they came in. I noticed it was a boy with dirty blonde hair next to Zayn. When his hazel eyes looked at me I realized it was Ashton Irwin. The boy I had a crush on, “wow these must be your beautiful girlfriends,” he smiled. I looked at Louis and he was looking down, “are you going to introduce me?” Ashton wondered. Zayn walked over to Perrie, “you know my girlfriend Perrie,” he smiled. Ashton hugged her, “I’m May and my boyfriend not here,” she tells him.

“Niall your boyfriend?” Ashton wondered. May shakes her head as Ashton hugged her, “my boyfriend at home,” she replied. Liam walked over to Sophia, “this is Sophia my girlfriend,” Liam tells him. Ashton hugged her as Harry looked over at Louis and he still hasn’t moved, “Lou are you going to introduce your girl to Ash?” Harry asked him. Louis walked over to me, “Ash you should already know my girl Lilly. You went to school together,” Louis tells him. Ashton looked over me, “Lilly you were my silence partner back when we were fourteen. I didn’t recognize you. So your Louis girlfriend?” he asked. I smiled as I nodded my head, “so Lou is tied down. I bet you miss the single life and all the girls going after you. Having them do what you asked,” Ashton rambled. Louis wrapped an arm around me, “nope. I’m really happy with Lilly Belle,” Louis tells him. Ashton seemed surprised, “well we better be going. Got some finishing touches to do on the house before Niall gets there,” Harry says.

Liam and Zayn carefully put the cake into Liam’s car. I grabbed my handbag from last night as I waited for Louis. Sophia and Liam went together and so did Perrie and Zayn. Ashton went with Harry, “do we have to go now?” I asked Louis. I really didn’t want to go now since Ashton was going to be there. It was a stupid crush I had on him. He used to pick on me with everyone else, “what happened to all the money in the world wouldn’t stop me going?” Louis questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “is it because your crush Ashton back?” he wondered. Louis made sure the backdoor was locked, “it was a stupid crush. I don’t even know why I had one. He was mean to me,” I mumbled. I hope Louis didn’t pick up the last bit, “he was mean to you?” he questioned. I sighed as I nodded my head, “he was nice to me in silence, because I did most of the work. But when he was around other people he was mean,” I explained. Louis came closer to me, “if he say anything to night. I will kill him,” Louis reassured me. He kissed me as he pushed me against the wall, “because no one hurts my Lilly Belle,” he added as he kissed me. He pulled one of my legs up to his waist as his hand travelled up my thigh. As he did that my dress rod up, “you know your legs feel the same as before,” he smiled against my lips.

“I don’t like it when you shave. Your stubble drives me crazy,” I smirked. Louis chuckled, “guys what are you… oh god,” we heard Ashton say. Louis let go of my leg, but kept me close. I pulled my dress down, “I live here and what do you want Ash?” Louis snapped. Ashton looked at him, “left my phone outside,” he smiled. Ashton ran outside, “he going to tell Harry and he is going to say we were fucking,” Louis tells me. I shake my head as Ashton came back in, “would you two hurry up with your quickie and get to the party,” Ashton smirked as he left. Louis took a deep breath as he stepped back. I noticed a bulge in his pants, “fuck we have no time for anything now,” he groaned. Louis ran off to see if Ashton locked the back door. He was mumbling things to himself, “babe tell me something gross,” Louis begged as he stood in front of me. I looked at him confused until he pointed down, “my mother naked and all over you,” I smiled. Louis screwed his face up, “it worked, but don’t ever say that again. I don’t want to picture it,” he smiled.

We got to Zayn’s house last and it was bigger than Louis, “he has a pool too. Wanna go for a swim later?” Louis teased. I smiled as we walked inside. It was nearly the same as Harry’s house, but just different furniture and colour. It was all done up Niall’s birthday with all Irish decorations. Louis grabbed my hand, “did we do alright?” Louis asked. I nodded my head as I kissed him, “you seem happy when I do things for Niall,” he points out. I kissed him, “because Niall like me. His a category three,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me.

We joined the others in the lounge room, “Ashton tells me that you two were having a quickie before you got here,” Liam says. Sophia didn’t seem impressed, “we were just making out. Have you seen how beautiful she looks tonight? I would have jumped her in front of you guys,” he smiled. Sophia motion for me to go into the kitchen with her and the girls. I went with them, “how did you like Ash? His a dick,” Perrie asked me quietly so the boys couldn’t hear us. I sighed as I leant over the counter, “I was just a stupid teenager then. I want to hit him now,” I admitted. May rubbed my back, “he keeps asking what Louis sees in you. We keep telling him that he likes you and you’re happy together. He just laughs at it. He even pissing off the other boys. I swear Harry was going to hit him when they walked in, because Ashton came in and told everyone that you were having a quickie,” May tells me. Sophia put four shot glasses down and a bottle of vodka, “where here for Niall and we are here with our boys. So fuck Ashton. If he keeps going I will kick him right in the balls,” Sophia says as she started pouring the vodka. We all picked up a shot after she finished, “to a good night since it the first time all of us girls are going to be together,” Sophia added. We clinked out shots together before we drank them. Louis and Liam came in, “pour us one,” Liam tells Sophia. I gave Sophia my shot glass for Louis and she used hers for Liam. I handed Louis the shot, “Ash is pissing me off,” Louis mumbled before he had his shot. I rubbed his back, “he going to the airport to pick up his mates. He said he be back later for the real party,” Liam tells us. Louis kissed the side of my head, “his gone for now,” Zayn tells us as him and Harry walked in. They both filled up a shot glass and drank it. Harry looked at Louis and I, “you two were just making out right?” Harry questioned. We both nodded our heads, “good. Was Ashton ever mean to you Flower? Because he called you Godzilla. Well he tried to tell us that it was everyone else,” Harry wondered. I cringed at the nasty name, “yeah. They used to call me it when I was bigger,” I confessed. Louis kissed the side of my head again, “well I’m not letting Ashton back in,” Sophia says.

“We can’t his Niall’s friend and we can’t tell him what Ashton used to do to Lil on his birthday. We just got to stay away from him,” Zayn tells us. We all nodded before we finished getting the house ready.

We waited for Niall, “it eight. The party starts at ten and I feel bad if we start without him,” Louis says. We all nodded in agreement until we heard a car out the front. The boys ran to the door as us girls laughed at them. They all hugged Niall and wished him a happy birthday as soon as he walked in. Us girls also hugged Niall and wished him a happy birthday even May hugged him. He looked at us girls, “you’re all pretty for me and you look like the Irish flag,” he smiled. He had a good look at May, “get over your tantrum?” Niall smirked. May shook her head, “I’m here with the girls,” she tells him. Niall looked around, “feels like home,” he says. We dragged him into the kitchen, so we could start drinking, “Ni check out the cake the girls made you,” Liam beamed. Niall looked at the cake, “you girls are amazing. I know the guys could never come up with this. There the muscle not the beauty and the brains,” Niall says as he wrapped an arm around me and Perrie. He lifted out hands, “is that my name?” he asked in shock. We nodded our heads, “all us girls have it,” Perrie tells him. Niall got excited, “so does that mean your all mine tonight?” he smirked.

“Maybe buddy since you didn’t tell us what you wanted for your birthday,” Zayn smiled. Niall kissed mine and Perrie cheeks, “where are my other two beautiful girls?” Niall asked. Sophia walked over to Niall so he could kiss her cheek, “you not going to upset the birthday boy are you May?” Niall teased. May rolled her eyes before she walked over to Niall. He kissed her cheek before he whispered something in her ear. Louis pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around me, “Lil not yours tonight. She is mine. My name on her,” Niall smiled. Louis shakes his head, “I never agreed to it. Zayn did, so Perrie yours. But Lilly Belle still mine,” Louis tells him. Niall pouted as he hugged Perrie, “Lou won’t give me my birthday present” Niall faked cried. Louis shakes his head again, “I got you something else,” Louis tells him. Louis ran off as Sophia handed me a drink. Louis came back with a gift box, “here mate. You’ll love it more than my girl,” Louis smiled as he handed him the box. Louis grabbed a beer as Niall opened the box, “no way. You got me season tickets to Derby County. Oh my god Lou you’re the best,” Niall rambled. Niall hugged Louis, “but I still get your girl,” Niall smirked. He quickly kissed me before he ran off. Louis ran after him after he put his beer down, “Lou going to kill the birthday boy,” Liam smiled. I nodded my head as I drank my drink, “better save him,” Harry sighed.

I went with Harry to find Louis and Niall, “Louis William Tomlinson will you stop chasing after Niall!” Harry shouted. I looked at Harry, “Louis middle name is William?” I questioned. Harry nodded his head, “every hit you give me. That how many times I’m going to kiss Lil,” Niall teased. Niall ran passed us, but Harry grabbed him. I stopped Louis going anywhere near Niall, “Louis don’t and Niall apologize to Flower for kissing her without her permission. Then let’s party,” Harry tells them. Niall apologized to me before him and Harry went back into the kitchen, “just kiss me,” I tell Louis. He kissed me, “feel better?” I wondered. Louis smiled as he nodded his head.

We went back into the kitchen and Louis picked his beer straight up, “game of beer pong with a twist again?” Zayn suggested. We all agreed as we explained to Sophia and May the rules. We all made sure we had a cup and they were all full before we went into the dining room.

We decided to play the game a bit different since we didn’t want to get drunk yet. So when the ball landed in your drink you’re out after you answer your question. The last team standing wins and makes the other team do what they want. So all us girls were in the same team against the boys. We didn’t care that they had one more. Zayn went first and got it in Sophia cup, “how long have you wanted Liam?” he questioned as Sophia drank her drink. Sophia looked at Liam, “since I started at Eden,” she admitted. Sophia stepped back as May had her turn and missed. Niall tried to get it into May cup, but also missed. Perrie got it into Harry cup, “is it true that you fucked Mrs. Baker our home ec teacher?” Perrie asked. Harry smirked as he drank his drink, “no, but she did give me a blowjob,” Harry tells us. I was shocked, “Niall is that why you joined creative writing?” I wondered.

“Hey you didn’t get the ball in my drink, so I don’t have to answer,” he tells me. I raised an eyebrow at him, “but no. I didn’t know about it until Perrie asked,” he added. I nodded my head as Louis threw the ball. It missed my cup, “what do you want to know?” I asked him. Louis smiled as he shook his head. I threw the ball and it landed in Liam’s cup, “would you ever swap me for Soph for one night to do anything to me?” I wondered. Sophia hit me and I smiled at her, “only if I get my girlfriend back in one piece,” Liam says after his drink. Everyone looked at Louis, “not going to say anything,” he says. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Zayn and May threw the ball and they both missed. Niall got it into Perrie cup by accident, “have you and Zayn ever done it at school?” he asked.

“Yep in the equipment room in the gym,” she smiled. I threw my ball and it landed in Louis drink, “two in a row,” Zayn points out. I looked at the girls since I didn’t know what to ask. May whispered something in my ear, “what the most sexual thing you want to do to me?” I asked. I already knew the answer, but May told me to ask, “I don’t want to hear,” Harry says as he put his fingers in his ears.

“At the moment is to go down on her. Like she goes down on me,” Louis winked at me. Everyone kept looking between us, “is she any good?” Liam wondered. Louis nodded, “she learnt from your girlfriend,” Louis tells him. Liam looked at Sophia and mumbled something. Louis stands next to Harry and pulled his fingers out of his ears. Zayn and May missed again, but Niall finally got it into May cup, “does your boyfriend know you’re not a virgin?” Niall questioned. May shakes her head as she drunk her drink, “he don’t believe in sex before marriage,” she confessed. We all looked at her, “do you miss it?” Perrie asked. May nodded her head, “he don’t even touch me and when I touch myself he says it wrong,” she rambled. Perrie hugged her, “I hate you. If we didn’t do what we did. I wouldn’t have these urgers,” May snapped at Niall. We all look at May, “I’m fine now. I finally got over my tantrum,” she says. We nodded our heads after she told us to finish the game. I threw the ball and it landed in Zayn cup. He slowly drinks it, “what you most kinky fantasy?” I asked. Zayn raised an eyebrow out of surprised, “I don’t know if I can answer that question,” he mumbled. All the boys looked at him, “you have to or we lose. It just Lil left,” Niall begged. Zayn looked at Perrie, “um her tied up,” Zayn says. I looked at him and knew that wasn’t his kinky fantasy, but I let it go. Niall picked up the ball, “now Ni. Lil hasn’t missed yet. You need to get this in or you could be out,” Liam tells him. Niall threw the ball and I bounced off my cup. I picked the ball up and purposely missed, “come on Ni,” Zayn encouraged. Niall took a deep breath before he threw the ball. It landed right in my cup. I smiled as I drunk it, “if you weren’t with Louis. Who would you pick out of us to take your virginity? You can leave Harry out,” Niall asked.

“You Ni,” I admitted. Niall seemed surprised, “really? You’re not just saying that because it my birthday,” he questioned. I shake my head, “I told you last week that I wanted to keep you,” I smiled. Niall smiled a little bit, “she says you’re cute and cuddly,” Louis added. Niall blushed a deep red, “I think she right,” Sophia says. Niall walked away into the kitchen, “aw did we embarrass him,” Perrie teased. We heard Niall mumble something, “so ladies you have to do what we say tonight,” Liam smirked. We nodded as we started walking to the kitchen, but Louis stopped me, “really Niall babe?” Louis questioned. I nodded my head, “but that if I weren’t with you,” I reminded him. Louis kissed me, “you also lost on purpose. Why?” he wondered. I smiled as I placed my hand on his chest, “because I know you boys will make it fun,” I say. Louis fingers traced the outline of my knickers on my bottom. He squeezed my bottom, “a lot things just came to my mind,” he smirked.

When we walked into the kitchen May handed us a shot vodka. We wished Niall happy birthday again as we clinked our shots together. I poured the shot down my throat, “I think I’m going to be drunk tonight,” I whispered to Louis. He laughed a little bit, “means no fun later,” he whispered back. I kissed his cheek, “I already gave you two blowjobs today,” I say. Louis placed his hand on my bottom, “but I can never have enough of you,” he smiled. I shake my head, “ok we still have an hour. So truth or dare?” Niall suggested. We all agreed as we got new drinks before we went into the lounge room.

I took my shoes off before I sat down between Niall and Louis on the floor. May sat down next to Niall which made him smile. Sophia and Liam sat down next May while Perrie and Zayn sat down next to Louis. Harry sat down between Liam and Perrie. Harry looked out of place for some reason, “ok I’ll start. Liam truth or dare?” Perrie asked him.

“Dare,” he smiled. Perrie smirked, “I dare you to strip off completely,” she tells him. Liam groaned as he stood up, “um can I girls? I don’t feel like three shots,” he asked. We all nodded our heads as he started to strip, “don’t cover my eyes,” I tell Louis. I looked at him, “you will ruin my make-up,” I added. Louis laughed a little, “but you know I hate make-up on you,” he smiled. Louis points to Liam and Liam was completely naked, “told you he tear you into two,” Louis whispered in my ear. I nodded as I looked at Liam member. Louis wasn’t lying about him being big, “ok Soph truth or dare?” Niall asked her. Sophia picked truth, “do you like what you see on Liam?” Niall wondered. Sophia nodded, “um May truth or dare?” Sophia says. Sophia finally took her eyes off Liam as he sat down. May also chose truth, “was Niall any good?” Zayn asked her. May blushed, “um yeah, but I got nothing to compare him too,” she tells us. Niall smiled big as he chose dare, “I dare you to make out with Louis,” Harry smirked.

“God you’re as bad as Lil. I can see where she gets it from,” Zayn laughed. Niall glared at Harry, “I’m in. I don’t want to be drunk yet,” Louis says. Niall looked at Louis, “I’m in if no one speaks about it,” Niall tells us. We all nodded as I leant back on my hands. Louis and Niall kissed in front of me and I found it surprising hot. Louis and Niall stop and sat back down, “you turn babe,” Louis tells me. I sat back up, “dare, but I’m giving no one a lap dance,” I tell them. Liam smiled, “I dare you to kiss Zayn,” he dared me. I looked at Louis and he gave me a small nod, “just remember his mine,” Perrie says. I smiled at her as Zayn came over to me. We kissed for about thirty seconds before I pulled back. Zayn sat back down next to Perrie and kissed her. Louis pulled me to him and kissed me as he held my face. I smiled, “dose he kiss better than me?” Louis asked me as he ran his thumb over my cheek. I shake my head, “you two done with you moment? Because it your turn Lou,” May interrupted. I noticed Louis blushed a little, “truth,” he says.

“What do you like about Lil?” Sophia asked. Louis smiled as he looked down, “truthfully everything. I can’t find anything wrong,” he says. I couldn’t help but smile bigger, “but something’s that come out of her mouth is dirty,” he added. He winked at me and I pushed him, “I learnt that from you,” I pointed out. Louis wrapped an arm around me as Zayn chose dare, “I dare you to sit on Liam’s lap,” I smiled. Zayn gets up and sits down on Liam, “god this reminds me of the other night,” Liam joked. We laughed at them as Perrie picked dare, “suck Soph nipple,” Louis tells her. Perrie looked at Louis before she crawled over to Sophia, “we’re really dirty tonight,” I say. Niall and Louis agreed with me as we watched Perrie suck Sophia nipple. Perrie moved back, “Harold your turn,” I tell him. Harry glared at me, “truth,” he says.

“Man I have two questions,” May sighed. Harry laughed a little bit, “then ask them both,” he tells her. May smiled, “have you ever tasted you own cum?” she asked. Harry slowly nodded, “not purpose tho. It went too far one time,” he tells us. We all laughed, “when you’re playing with yourself?” Niall laughed. Harry nodded his head, “ok my second question is have you ever had anal sex?” May wondered. Louis pulled me closer, “yes I have given anal sex, but never received it. It was that not long ago actually. She was scared to get pregnant,” Harry explained. May seemed interested as my phone started ringing. I got up to grab it, “hello,” I say as I answered it. I didn’t cheek caller id, “hello my ungrateful daughter,” my mother says. I see my mother still alive, “mother,” I faked smiled. Louis quickly gets up, “where are you?” she snapped. Louis placed his hand on my back, “out with my boyfriend Lou,” I tell her. She hung up on me, “ok, yep, bye,” I say. I looked at Louis, “is everything alright?” he asked. I smiled as I nodded my head, “I think this calls for a smoke break,” Zayn says as he stood up.

We all went out the back after Liam put his clothes back on and I put my shoes on. Zayn backyard was bigger than Louis and there was a pool, but it didn’t have a treehouse. Louis handed me a lit smoke, “I’m disappointed there no treehouse,” I tell Louis. He smiled as he took a drag of his smoke, “so Ni enjoying you birthday?” May asked him. Niall nodded, “and the night still young,” he says. Harry came over to Louis and I, “can I talk to you for a minute Flower?” he wondered. I nodded as we walked away from the others, “is everything alright at home?” Harry questioned. I nodded my head again as I took a drag of my smoke, “you know you can tell me anything,” he tells me.

“Were just fighting a little bit. I think she misses dad that all,” I lied. Harry hugged me, “but so are you,” he whispered. Harry rubbed my back, “mum said that Thursday should become our dinner night. So from no on every Thursday you come around for dinner,” Harry smiled. I smiled back, “that sounds like fun,” I tell him. Harry pulled his phone out, “smile,” he says. We both smiled as he took a picture, “oh I was a naughty boy,” he smiled. I raised an eyebrow at him, “I may have taken a picture of Louis and Niall kissing and Perrie sucking Soph nipple. Also Zayn sitting on naked Liam,” he added.

“Let me see,” I tell him. He shows me the pictures, “there are going to kill you,” I say. Harry laughed, “but they won’t know. Are you going to choose Lou over me?” he asked. I shake my head, “but I still need to get you back for the picture you sent Liam,” I smirked. Harry looked confused at me, “Liam? I think you mean Lou,” he tells me. I shake my head again, “you sent it to Liam,” I repeated. Harry started laughing really loud, “I’m so sorry Flower, but it is funny tho,” he laughed.

“Niall, Louis. Harry has a picture of you kissing!” I shouted. Louis and Niall quickly looked over to us, “she lying. She trying to get me back for sending Liam a picture of her,” Harry tried to defend himself. He started running, “I can’t believe you did that Flower. What happened to family before hoes?” Harry yelled as Louis and Niall chased him. I walked over to the others, “does he really?” Perrie asked. I nodded my head, “would you girls like a picture together?” Liam asked. Perrie and I handed over our smokes to Zayn before we stood next to May and Sophia. We posed and Liam took the picture, “birthday boy! Picture with the girls!” Liam shouted. Niall ran over and stood between May and I as Liam took the picture. Perrie took Liam phone off of him, “boys together,” she says. Harry and Louis ran over as Zayn threw our smokes away. The boys posed for the picture, “Liam and Soph,” Perrie smiled. Sophia stood next to Liam, “come on pose bitches,” May tells them. Liam smiled as he dipped Sophia and kissed her, “I dare you to top that Lou and Lil,” May smiled. Louis dragged me over to wear Liam and Sophia where. Louis pushed me into him with one hand as the other on cupped my face. I placed my hands on his chest as he kissed me, “simple, but I like it. Zayn lets show them how it done,” Perrie as she handed Liam back his phone. Louis and I stood next to May as Zayn and Perrie took our spot. Zayn lifted Perrie up as she kissed him, “May do you think you and Niall can top that?” Louis smirked. I looked at Louis, “Ni do you think we can top that?” May asked him. Niall was surprised as I was, but I think May maybe drunk already. Niall and May replaced Zayn and Perrie, “what going on?” Perrie asked me as they stood next to us. I pointed to Louis and he just smiled, “I think May drunk,” Zayn says. I nodded, “well one thing for sure. She still likes Ni,” Perrie smiled. May wrapped her arms around Niall’s neck as he picked her up. May wrapped her legs around him as Niall grabbed her bottom. They made out even after Liam took the picture. Liam turned to Harry and took a picture of him kissing a tree, “didn’t know your into wood,” Liam joked. Harry stuck his middle finger at him, “there still going,” Sophia says as she pointed to May and Niall.

“You two we took the picture a while ago,” Louis tells them. May quickly gets off Niall and Niall had a big smile on his face. Liam takes a picture of Niall as May went inside and Perrie followed her, “Ni I think you enjoyed that too much,” Harry tells him. Harry pointed to Niall’s crotch and he had a bulge, “you got that from making out,” Liam teased.

“She not wearing a bar,” Niall smiled. Liam nodded, “well you got ten minutes to get rid of it,” Liam tells him. Niall ran inside, “reminds me of you earlier,” I say to Louis. He shakes his head, “but Ni gets to toss off. Where I didn’t,” Louis pouted. I smiled at him, “yeah all by himself. Where you have me,” I reminded him. He kissed me, “we got ten minutes,” he started. I shake my head, “not right now,” I tell him. He kissed me again, “you’re all mine later then,” he smirked. Perrie and May came back out, “so people be here soon and the party can start,” May smiled.

“I thought the party already started for you,” Louis teased. May shakes her head, “where is the birthday boy?” Perrie wondered. Zayn whispered in her ear, “no way. Really?” Perrie says. Zayn nodded his head, “just remember we got to play nice with Ash. When we don’t want to,” Harry reminds us. We all nodded our heads, “don’t be alone with him and if you are get away. Ash the type of person that will try to spilt us up,” Louis tells me. I nodded, “just remember what happens tonight. You’re the only one I want,” I promised Louis. He kissed me, “and you’re the only one I want,” he smiled against my lips. I kissed him, “love birds. You ready to party or go home to have your own private party?” May smiled. We looked at everyone, “we’re ready to party with everyone,” Louis tells her.

We all got a new drink and turned the music on. Niall came out just in time as people started turning up. An hour in Ashton turned up with his friends. I was talking with Sophia as he noticed us. They came over to us, “Sophia and Lilly meet my Aussie friends,” Ashton smiled.

“I’m Calum and I’m not Asian. My mum from New Zealand,” Calum tells us. He had brown hair and eyes, but he did look Asian. He hugged Sophia and I, “I’m Luke,” he smiled. He was the typical Australian with blonde hair and blue eyes. He also hugged us, “I’m Michael, but you can call me anything,” he flirted. He had bright red hair and blue eyes, “um we’re taken,” Sophia tells him as he hugged us.

“Really? Who are the lucky guys?” Michael wondered. We found Louis and Liam in the mass of people and pointed to them, “Louis and Liam,” I tell them. They all seemed shocked part from Ashton, “who is who’s?” Michael questioned. I pointed to Sophia, “she with Liam and I’m with Louis,” I tell him. Louis and Liam must have noticed Ashton with us, because they came over, “lads. I’ve see you met our girls,” Louis smiled. They hugged each other, “your lucky boys. There so beautiful,” Michael says. Luke hit him in the back of the head, “manners,” he tells him. Michael looked at him, “I gave them a complement jerk,” Michael snapped. Calum smiled at us, “so where is the birthday boy?” he wondered. We looked around, “somewhere,” Louis says. Louis wrapped an arm around me, “well we better find him. See you guys around,” Luke smiled. They left us, “they seem nice,” Sophia smiled.

Liam took Sophia to dance as Louis and I headed for the kitchen, “instead of another drink. Do you wanna dance?” Louis asked me as a slow song came on. I smiled as I nodded my head. Louis grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. He pulled me close as he held our hands to his chest. I placed my hand on his back under his arm. Louis wrapped his other arm around my hips. He started to sway us as he sang along to the song. I rested my head on his shoulder. He kissed the side of my head before he leaned his head against mine as he kept singing. It felt nice to dance with him and I love how he was singing along.

When the song finished and turned into an upbeat song. Louis and I decided to get our drinks since we didn’t want to dance anymore. When we got into the kitchen Luke was talking to May, “hey guys,” May smiled. We smiled back at her as Louis got our drinks, “have you met Luke? His from Australia,” May said quickly. Louis did a double take on her, “May have you taken anything?” Louis wondered. May shakes her head, “too much sugar,” she says. May ran off, “she is a funny drunk,” Luke smirked. We laughed a little bit, “she taken mate,” Louis tells him. Luke seemed disappointed, “by who? Are all you guys taken?” Luke asked. Louis shakes his head, “Niall and Harry are still single. May’s boyfriend at home, because his a good boy,” Louis replied. Luke chuckled, “does he know she’s here?” Luke wondered. I shake my head, “do you think she’ll kiss me?” Luke questioned.

“I wouldn’t try. She kinda Niall’s girl as well,” Louis tells him. Louis hands me my drink, “is Niall going after her?” Luke wondered. Louis nodded his head, “oh Harry getting some. So don’t look for him,” Luke tells us before he left the kitchen. I shake my head, “didn’t need to know that,” I mumbled. Louis placed his hands on my waist after he put his drink down, “on the subject of Harry. Does he really have a picture of me and Niall kissing?” Louis asked. I nodded my head as I put my drink down. I placed my hands on Louis chest, “I’m not going to lie. I was turned on by you and Niall kissing,” I admitted. Louis smirked, “might have to find Niall again since you’re not giving me anything,” he says. I shake my head, “you kiss Niall again and I will make sure you don’t get anything for a while,” I warned him. Louis moved his face in closer to mine, “it be worth it to see you jealous,” he says. I kissed him, “I wouldn’t be jealous. I would be turned on,” I whispered in his ear. I grabbed my drink as I moved away from him. I started walking backwards as I watched him look at me. Louis drinks all of his drink in one go and I do the same. Louis quickly comes over to me before he pulled me closer to him. I kissed him, “I’m starting to think you don’t want me to go anywhere near Niall,” he say.

“Babe it your choice. You can go find Niall or you can take me somewhere private?” I smirked. Louis quickly takes me out of the kitchen. He dragged me down a hallway then into a room. I looked around the room and it was an office, “why is there no one in here?” I wondered. Louis pushed me against a wall, “because it Zayn’s dad office. If Zayn catches you in here. He will kill you,” Louis tells me. He started to kiss up my neck as his hand grabbed one of my breast. I started undoing his top as he pulled my dress down a bit. He started sucking on my nipple as I pushed his shirt off his shoulders. Louis pin my arms above my head with one of his arms. He pulled my dress up with his other hand, “make as much noise you want babe. No one can here you,” Louis smirked. He started to rub me through my knickers, “fuck Lou. No teasing please,” I begged. Louis unzipped my dress and pulled it down. It dropped to our feet, “fuck you look so hot in just heels and you underwear. It makes me wanna fuck you against the wall,” he says.

“Then do it,” I tell him. Louis kissed me as I undid his jeans. I pushed them down a bit with his boxers. Louis pulled my knickers down so they feel to my feet. I stepped out of them before Louis kissed me again. Louis was about to pick me up, but stopped as we heard the door knob jiggle. Louis and I quickly grabbed our clothes and hid in the wardrobe full of filing cabinets. Louis managed to get the door closed just in time. I quickly put my knickers back on as Louis pulled his boxers and jeans back up, “Niall won’t someone catch us?” I heard May ask. I looked at Louis as we got closer to the door, “no baby. No one comes in here,” Niall reassured her. We heard a thud, “Ni just hurry up please,” May begged. Louis covered my ears before he moved us to the other side of the wardrobe. He moved one of his hands from my ears, “there having sex,” he whispered in my ear. He covered it back up as I covered his. He smiled at me, “you don’t need to cover mine babe. I have heard Niall before,” he says in my ear. I moved in closer to him, “so,” I smiled. Louis moved his hands away from my ears and I could hear May moan. I moved my hand away from Louis ears, “you know this makes me want to continue what we were doing,” I smirked. Louis shakes his head as he wrapped his arms around me, “babe I think we were about to have sex. So I don’t want to continue that,” Louis admitted. I just realized that we were about to have sex and both us didn’t stop it. Louis grabbed my dress and put it on me, “you alright babe?” Louis wondered as he zipped up my dress. I shrugged my shoulders, “it going to be alright. I’m so sorry babe,” Louis apologized. Louis sits down against a filing cabinet, “come here,” he smiled. I sat down between his legs. Louis grabbed his phone out of his pocket with a pair of earphones. He put the earphones in my ears before he plugged them into his phone. He started to play Hunter Hayes and I was shocked. I looked at him and he kissed me. I rested my head on his chest as I listen to the music.

When Wanted came on I took an earbud put and put it in Louis ear. I pressed my ear to Louis chest as he did the same to my head. Louis kept listing to the music with me even after the song Wanted finished. Louis moved his head from mine, “I think there gone,” he says. I lift my head up and heard no noise, “I think your right,” I tell him. I take the earbud out of my ear and gave it to Louis. Louis got up as he put his phone in his pocket with his earphones. He opened the door slowly, “there gone,” he smiled. He helped me up, “Lou can we talk about what just happened later?” I wondered. I handed Louis his top, “what bit? Niall and May or us?” he questioned. He put his top on and did it up, “both. I just want to go back to the party,” I tell him. Louis nodded as he grabbed my hand. He looked me up and down, “just making sure you still look beautiful for everyone,” he smiled. He kissed me before we left and joined the party.

We just got out to see Harry and Liam with Niall’s birthday cake. Everyone was in the dining room, so Louis and I quickly went in there. Niall was at the dining table as Harry and Liam put it down. Louis moved us in closer to him, “I want to thank everyone for coming,” Niall started. Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind, “I really want to thank my best friends which are more like family to me. I also want to thank our girls for putting this together and making the cake,” Niall smiled. We sang happy birthday to him and he blew out the candles.

About an hour after Niall blew his candles I lost Louis somewhere. I went into the kitchen to grab another drink and Sophia was there, “hey,” she smiled. I smiled back as I grabbed a bottle of vodka. I really wanted to forget what Louis and I was about to do in Zayn’s dad office. Niall walked in with a grin on his face, “shots,” I suggested. Niall quickly got three shot glasses out, “three each and we can see who does them the fastest,” I tell him. Niall smiled as he grabbed more shot glasses, “I’m so going to win,” Sophia boasted. I nodded at her, “yeah, because we know what that pretty little mouth of yours can do,” Niall smirked. Niall stopped me from pouring vodka in the other shots glasses, “let’s make this interesting,” he says. Niall grabbed two different bottles of alcohol, “ooo shots. I’m in,” Michael says as he walked in. Niall grabbed three more shot glasses as Sophia and I filled the rest.

When all the shots were filled and in a line in front of us, “ok winner gets to make the losers do something,” Michael suggested. We all agreed as we picked up our first shot. Niall counted down from three and we took one after the other, but Sophia and Niall won. Michael and I pouted, “ok I want Sophia and Lil to snog,” Niall tells us. Sophia shakes her head, “I won too and Lou would be pissed if Lil kissed Mickey,” Sophia tells him. Michael looked disappointed, “I’ll kiss Lil if you kiss Mickey,” Sophia added. Michael looked at Niall, “I’m in. I want to see these pretty girls snog off,” Michael winked at Sophia and I. Niall nodded, “same rules as before,” he tells us. Sophia and I nodded as Niall kissed Michael. Sophia took a picture before she hid her phone. Niall and Michael stopped kissing, “your turn ladies,” Niall smirked. Sophia and I made out for thirty seconds, “well since the winners had to kiss the losers. The losers have to do another shot or run around naked for a minute,” Niall tells us. I quickly grabbed my shot glass and filled it up with vodka. I poured it down my throat, “fuck. I’m fucked,” I swore. I noticed Michael stripping off, “I know my limits,” he says as he ran out of the kitchen naked. Sophia stumbles as she was following Michael. I took my shoes off before I moved and Sophia does the same. We stuck them in a cupboard, so we wouldn’t lose them.

I started to fill really drunk as I followed Sophia and Niall. We find Michael in the dining room dancing on the table naked. I wrapped my arm around Niall’s shoulder. Sophia did the same on the other side. Niall wrapped his arms around us, “man we’re fucked and I just remembered you girls are meant to do what we told you. So I want you to snog again,” Niall rambled. Sophia and I kissed again in front of Niall. When I moved back I nearly fell over my own feet, “Ni why did you fuck May in Zayn’s dad’s office?” I asked him. Niall smirked, “because she wanted it and I wanted it. I can’t get enough of her. She makes me happy. But how do you know?” he questioned.

“Because Louis and I were in there. We hid in the wardrobe and thanks,” I smiled. I placed my hand on the side of his face, “thanks for what?” he wondered. I pushed his face away, “for stopping me and Louis having sex,” I admitted. Niall quickly turns his head towards me and Sophia does the same, “what! Really?” he yelled. I nodded my head, “Pear right we do stupid stuff when we’re drunk,” I say. I stumbled away from them after Niall let me go.

I went down the hallway that lead to Zayn’s dad’s office. For some reason I wanted to cry, “hey Lilly,” I heard Ashton say. I turned to him, “what do you want?” I snapped. Ashton smiled at me, “I didn’t know you were into girls,” he says. I shake my head, “I’m not,” I tell him. I tried to walk away from him, but he pushed me against the wall, “how did you go from Godzilla to fuckable?” Ashton asked. I tried to push him away, but I had not strength. Thanks to me being drunk, “Ashton let me go,” I begged. Ashton moved closer to me, “I bet you still have that crush on me,” he smirked. I shake my head as I wanted to curl up into a ball, “no, but I can fuck you better than Louis can,” he says. I slapped him across the face and he kissed me. Ashton got ripped from me by Louis, “what the fuck do you think you’re doing with my girlfriend!” Louis shouted. Louis started to punch him, “she came onto me,” Ashton lied. Zayn and Liam pulled Louis away from Ashton, “I don’t believe you for a fucken second. You better fucken run,” Louis spat. Ashton ran off as Liam and Zayn let go of Louis to see if Ashton left. All I wanted was Louis to hug me, “what did I tell you about being alone with him? I told you to get away!” Louis yelled at me. I tried to keep the tears in my eyes. I moved a little bit and stumbled back into the wall, “and your fucken drunk too!” he added as he slammed his hand next to my head. I started to really cry, “how can you be so stupid after what I told you about him. God you make my life hard,” he spat. I pushed him away, “then I’ll make it easy for you. We are over Louis,” I snapped.

I ran away from him and bumped straight into Perrie. I hugged her tight as I cried into her shoulder, “hey. What wrong?” she cooed. I shake my head, “hey you can tell me,” she added. Perrie takes my face between her hands, “Ashton pin me to the wall and kissed me. Louis got mad at me for it and I told him it was over,” I babbled. Perrie hugged me tight, “how about I put you to bed?” Perrie suggested. I shake my head, “I want to leave,” I sobbed. Perrie rubbed my back, “come on. We can cuddle,” she says.

Perrie dragged me up stairs to Zayn’s room and I sat straight on his bed. I looked around his room and he had all art stuff everywhere. I could tell he likes comics with them everywhere too. His bed was huge, “stand up for me,” Perrie tells me as she grabbed a long t-shirt for me. I stood up and Perrie took off my dress. She put the t-shit on me and it went just above mid-thigh. I sat back down on the bed as Perrie started to take the bobby pins out of my hair, “I’m so stupid and you’re right,” I babbled. Perrie kissed my forehead, “you’re not stupid and I actually sorry that I’ve been bitchy towards you. I just wanted you to be safe and take your time,” she apologized. I looked at her, “I’ll be back,” she tells me. Perrie ran into Zayn’s bathroom and came back with a wash cloth. She wiped my make-up off, “Zayn and I had a pregnancy scare,” Perrie confessed. I grabbed her hand, “you alright?” I wondered. She nodded as she sat down next to me, “that’s why I’ve been telling you to slow down. I don’t want you to rush into things,” she tells me. I wrapped my arms around her, “um Louis and I nearly had sex tonight, but we got interrupted by Niall and May,” I tell her. Perrie rubs my back, “ok were Niall and May having sex?” she asked. I nodded my head, “and sweetie could you ended it was Louis, because what happened scared you?” Perrie wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “me and Zayn nearly did it once at a party when I was still a virgin. I didn’t talk to him for a week, but I realized that we’re not there first. There are ours, but they have done it before. I think sometimes they forget that we haven’t done it before and when there drunk. They forget it completely,” Perrie tells me.

“Yep and when we’re drunk ourselves we forget and ask for it,” I tell her. Perrie nodded, “come on let’s get you into bed,” Perrie say. I moved to the left side of Zayn’s big bed, “his bed is huge. I think he could fit everyone on it,” I smiled. Perrie tucked me in, “we have and still had room,” Perrie smiled back. She kissed my forehead, “I’ll be back. I’m just going to tell Zayn where I am,” she tells me. I nodded as I closed my eyes.

After a while I felt someone get in behind me, “took your time Pear,” I mumbled. When she wrapped an arm around me it wasn’t her. I recognized the tattoos, “Louis?” I questioned. I felt him nod his head, “I’ll leave if you want me too,” he tells me. I shake my head as I started to cry again. Louis pulled me closer to him, “hey don’t cry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he apologized. Louis kissed the side of my head, “I’m the stupid one not you. The only stupid thing you have ever done is saying yes to me. I’m the one that keeps hurting you,” he admitted. I turned around to face him as he kept his arm around me. It looked like his been crying, but it also can be the alcohol, “then we’re stupid together,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “no you’re the smart one sometimes,” he smiled. He sat up and I noticed he was fully dressed, “let’s go to sleep,” he says. I nodded as he took off his clothes and shoes, but he left his boxers on. He motion for me to sit up, so I do, “arms up,” he tells me.

“Why?” I wondered. Louis pulled on my top, “because that Zayn’s top,” he replied. I put my arms up slowly, so Louis could pull it off. He takes my bra off, but he didn’t look. He put his top on me and did it up. We laid back down, “you sure you’re alright with my arse sticking out?” I asked. Louis placed his hand on my bottom, “yeah as long as no one pulls the blanket away,” he smiled. He moves his fingers up and down on my bottom, “babe,” Louis started. I shake my head, “I don’t want to talk about it right now Louis. I just want to go to sleep and get the alcohol out of me. We can talk about later,” I begged. Louis kissed my forehead as he pulled me closer to him. I snuggled into his chest as I closed my eyes, “goodnight my stupid boy,” I smiled. Louis kissed me as he smiled, “goodnight my smart girl,” he says. We fell asleep not long after that.

I got woken up about four in the morning. I sat up to see it was Harry getting into bed already down to his boxers. I noticed everyone was in Zayn’s bed, “hey did I wake you?” Harry whispered. I nodded my head as he came closer to me, “sorry,” he apologized to me. He hugged me, “I heard what happened with Ash. Are you alright?” he asked. I shake my head, “hey come with me for a second,” Harry says. I carefully moved Louis arm from me before I got out the bed.

Harry and I went down stairs and the place was a mess. Harry grabbed a jacket and handed it to me. I put it on as he put his on. We went out the backyard, so we could have a smoke. Harry gave me one of his, “tell me what happened,” he tells me. He wrapped an arm around me. I explained what happened with Ashton and Louis. I didn’t tell Harry that Louis was about to take my virginity. I started crying again, “hey it over and his gone. I won’t let him go anywhere near you again,” he promised. Harry hugged me tight, “it over,” he kept repeating until I stopped crying. Harry wiped away my tears on my face, “no one will hurt you again,” he says. I nodded as I smiled a little, “but how many times have you and Louis broken up now and got back together?” Harry smiled.

“This be are third time in two weeks,” I say. Harry laughed a little bit, “I wonder how many times it will be in a month?” he teased. I pushed him away, “you know that not nice. We’re still learning,” I pouted. Harry picked me up, “I know, but it true,” he points out. I get out of his grip, “we broke up one time because of you,” I confessed. Harry looked shocked, “why me?” he questioned. He moved in closer, “because you kept snapping at us and we hated how we lied to you. We didn’t want to hurt you,” I replied. Harry hugged me, “you idiots. I haven’t seen Louis so happy for a long time,” Harry tells me.

“I know about the suicide,” I tell him. Harry gave me a small nod, “he also told me that you’re the only one that knows, because you found him,” I added. Harry looked down, “I wish I could forget that. It not a pretty sight to see your best friend on the floor and blood everywhere,” Harry confessed. I hugged him, “but for him to tell you means you tried yourself,” Harry says as he grabbed my wrists. He looked over them, “overdoes,” I tell him. Harry looked hurt, “I’m going to be alright now,” I tell him. Harry hugged me tight, “you better. I can’t go through losing you again. It will kill me,” he admitted. I rubbed his back, “that why I won’t do it again,” I tell him. I felt Harry smile, “and Lou,” he says. I shake my head, “just you,” I tell him.

“It ok to add Lou. I understand that you two are close. Louis is trying so hard with you. He just wants to make you happy like he does for the rest of us, but he wants you to be really happy. That why I’m glad his in your life. He makes you smile,” Harry confessed. I kissed his cheek, “Flower we all need that someone in our lives,” he added. Harry kissed my cheek, “he cried over you tonight. I was worried that he was going to do something stupid, but Perrie told him to go see you. He had hope in his eyes as he ran off. He hates how he got all these problems. He just wished he was normal,” Harry tells me.

“We all have problems Harry, but I’m starting to get Louis,” I tell him. Harry hugged me, “what about me?” we heard Louis ask. Harry and I looked at him standing at the backdoor in his boxers. He looked tired and his hair was a mess, “just how this is the third time that you two broken up and got back together,” Harry smiled. Louis stuck his finger up at him, “well guys it five in the morning. So get back into bed,” Louis ordered. Harry and I smiled at him, “we don’t want to,” I tell him. Louis shakes his head, “you two probably still drunk,” he started. I looked at Harry and he shrugged his shoulders, “I am also older than the both of you, so what I say goes. So get back into bed,” Louis tells us. We walked over to him, “now Louis Flower needs some tender loving care for a bit after what happened tonight,” Harry tells him before he ran inside. Louis looked at me, “what happened with Ash brought those memories back?” Louis wondered. I nodded my head as Louis hugged me, “fuck I’m going to New York for a couple of weeks with Troy,” Louis says.

“I’ll be alright. When do you leave?” I asked him. Louis looked at me, “Monday morning,” he replied. I smiled at him, “why you going there?” I wondered. Louis sighed, “Troy trying to get a deal with a business man, but the man loves family. So Troy wants me to go, so the guy sees that we’re a happy family. I have to go,” Louis explained. I kissed him as I thought that Troy probably told him if he don’t go his out of the house. Louis rested his lips to my forehead, “Harry will look after me when you’re gone,” I reassured him. Louis stayed where he was, “but are you going to talk to him if something troubling you?” Louis asked against my forehead. I placed my hands on his waist, “maybe, but I can’t tell him about my mother tho,” I replied. Louis nodded, “I’m going to make sure Zayn and Perrie keep an eye on you too,” Louis tells me. I looked at him, “Lou you’re going away for two weeks. I’ll be fine,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “it make me feel better about leaving you,” he smiled. I nodded, “just for you tho,” I tell him.

Louis and I finally got back up to Zayn’s bedroom. Harry was already asleep next to Zayn as Louis got in next to Harry. Louis held his arms open for me as I took off the jacket. I got into next to Louis and he wrapped his arms around me, “now back to sleep,” he tells me. I smiled as I kissed him before I closed my eyes.

In the morning my head was killing me and I felt sick. I noticed Harry’s arm around Louis and it made me smile. I sat up and noticed everyone was cuddling someone. Zayn had Perrie in his arms and Liam had Sophia. Niall had his lips pressed to May forehead as they both had their arms wrapped around each other. My stomach did a back flip and I ran to Zayn’s bathroom. I threw up in the toilet, “babe are you alright?” I heard Louis ask. I shake my head as I threw up again. Louis knelt beside me as he held my hair back. He rubbed my back as I kept throwing up. I heard a couple of people run out of the room, “that what you get for doing shots,” Zayn laughed. So which meant the people that ran out was Sophia and Niall, “Lou can you make it stop please,” I begged. Louis kissed the side of my head, “I’m sorry babe I can’t,” he cooed.

After a while I had nothing to throw up and it stopped. I washed my face, “spare toothbrushes are in the bottom draw,” Zayn tells me. Louis grabbed one out and put toothpaste on it. He brushed his teeth before I brushed. I noticed Niall, Sophia and Liam were gone as Louis left Zayn’s room. I crawled back into bed and Zayn took a picture, “got it,” he smiled. I stuck my middle finger at him as he took a picture of May, “nice shirt May,” Zayn teased. I noticed she had Niall’s on, “now just Soph I need,” Zayn smirked. I shake my head, “then you’re complete,” I say. Louis came in with a glass of water and some painkillers for me, “should help the head,” he tells me.

“Where mine?” Harry pouted. Louis looked at him, “get it yourself. Lazy git,” Louis playfully snapped. I take the painkillers as Sophia came back in with Liam. Sophia crawled right next to me, “why did we do shots?” Sophia whined. I shrugged my shoulders as I pulled on Liam’s top she was wearing, “nice top,” I smiled. She smiled as she pulled on Louis top that I was wearing, “same to you,” she says.

“Oh I have lots of theses. I wear them all the time,” I say. Which was true since every time I stay at Louis. He always gives me his clothes to wear. Sophia laughed a little bit as Niall came back in. He falls down on the bed, “Lil your evil, but that was the best birthday ever,” Niall mumbled. I laughed at him as Zayn took a picture of Sophia, “you happy now that you got everyone?” I asked Zayn. He smiled as he nodded his head. May put her head in Sophia lap, “I’m not moving. My legs are sore,” she says. I saw Niall smirk and Perrie hit him in the back of the head. I looked at Sophia, “why does your legs hurt?” Louis asked. Louis crossed his legs as he put my feet in his lap, “party to hard,” she tells him. Louis played with my feet, “or you had something hard in you,” Louis points out. May looked at him before she looked at Niall, “did you tell him?” she questioned Niall.

“No,” Niall replied. May looked at Louis, “did you and Niall fuck last night?” Harry wondered. May hid her face in Sophia lap, “it alright. We all have urges,” Sophia cooed. May shakes her head, “but I have a boyfriend,” she says. Louis shakes his head, “and his a dick. I’m not saying he don’t have the right to save sex for marriage, but he should at least touch you. Touching someone can bring people closer and it more intimate then sex sometimes,” Louis tells her. Louis ran his fingers up my leg, “because look at what happened. You just wanted to be touched, but you fucked Niall. You built it up so much that you exploded and Niall gave you what you wanted. If I was you May I would step back from your relationship and have a good look at it. Your boyfriend maybe be a nice guy, but his not giving you what you want or need,” Louis added. We all looked at Louis, “you might be right,” May whispered. May turned onto her back, “we don’t even do this. I’m closer to Soph physical than I am my own boyfriend. I would love what Lou is doing to Lil right now. She with us girls, but his close and touching her,” May rambled. I noticed Niall put the back on his hand on her leg lightly. He started to move his thumb up and down on her leg, “then leave him,” Niall tells her. May sat up, “what and be with you? We all know you can’t commit Niall,” May tells him. Niall sighed, “well clearly you’re not happy with him,” Niall spat. I could tell what May said hurt Niall, “forget it. Stay with him, but don’t come to me again,” Niall added. Niall moved away from May to be closer to Louis.

We started to talk about the party to change the subject, “Lil you kissed Soph twice. You’re only meant to kiss me,” Perrie pouted. Sophia laughed, “Niall kissed Michael,” Sophia tells them. Niall glared at her, “we said we weren’t going to talk about that,” he tells her. Sophia grabbed her phone and showed everyone the picture of Niall kissing Michael. Niall grabbed his phone and show everyone me and Sophia kissing. Harry also grabbed his phone to show the picture of Niall and Louis kissing, “told you he did,” I smiled. Harry went to push me, but Louis stopped him, “now Harold no violence,” Louis tells him. Harry smiled at him, “so Niall got lucky last night with a girl and two guys. I think your meant to have more girls mate,” Zayn teased. Niall stuck his finger up, “Zayn turn your TV on,” Liam tells him. Zayn turned on his TV as Liam got his phone. Liam connected his phone to the TV by Wi-Fi. We started to go through the pictures from last night. There were picture of us before the party kissing. The there was a picture of Louis and I dancing. I noticed Louis smiled at the picture, “oh my god Louis can dance,” Zayn teased. Louis laid down between my legs as he rested his head on my hip, “and it not grinding,” Harry added. The next picture was some girl grinding on Harry, “Harry you’re making Louis look like a good boy, but I know his no. Because I know what they did last night,” Niall says. Louis looked at Niall before he looked at me, “well about to anyway, but May and I stopped them,” Niall added.

“What are you on about Ni?” Harry wondered. Niall looked at Harry, “Lou was going to go down on her,” Niall lied. Sophia and Perrie looked at me as Harry hit Louis, “wait we stopped you guys, but we didn’t see you,” May remembers. Louis smiled at her, “we were in the wardrobe. Thank god for earphones,” Louis says. May went bright red, “May did Luke come on to you?” I asked to change the subject. May looked at me, “yeah. He told me he wanted a kiss before he goes back to Australia. I told him no,” she tells me. I smiled at her, “Lou why did you beat the crap out of Ash?” Niall wondered. Louis grabbed my hand, “he was mean to Lilly Belle and he kissed her forcibly when Lilly Belle tried to get away. He was a jerk to her all night,” Louis explained to him. Niall nodded, “why didn’t you tell me? I pick Lil over him anytime. He also tried with May last night and she kept telling him no. I told him to back off, but as soon as I left May he tried again,” Niall tells us.

“Michael wanted Lil last night too. He kept looking for her,” Zayn tells us. I was surprised, “he said something about green makes your eyes stand out,” Zayn added. I shake my head as we went back to the pictures. I fell asleep ten minutes after that against Sophia.




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