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Fifth Harmony meets One Direction

Chapter 1

Fifth Harmony is a girl band who competed in the recent USA X Factor. They came in 3rd place just like One Direction. Will they be the next girl One Direction? What will happen when they both meet?

Ally Brooke: From San Francisco and the oldest member of fifth harmony. She may be small and emotional because of recent grandparents death she keeps harmony in fifth harmony. (I know bad joke) She has a powerful vocal punch and loves singing.

Camila Cabello: The funniest and most outgoing member of fifth harmony. Her pretty gorgeous looks will not keep the boys away though.

Normani Hamilton: Has a blue style voice. She has been performing since she was three and is very confident in her singing. She is a dancer and gymnast. She makes sure the band stays together like sisters.

Lauren Jauregui: She is the fierce and fiesty member of fifth harmony. She is influenced by chart toppers such as Alicia Keys. She has a smoky fierce and mature voice that woos the crowd.

Dina Jane Hansen: Has a high dynamic range which may be compared to Beyonce and other famous African singers. She is the youngest member and has been singing since she was four. She is often the soloist in her group. She is confident in her singing ability and the ability for the band to become sucessful.

With their recent record deal they find themselves face to face with one direction whom they have to compose a song with. They have six months which means six months of living and rooming together. Will this song ever finish or will little problems on there way destroy the future of the two famous girl and boy bands?


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