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The Dragons Echo (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Chapter 19


After the shaking stopped I made my way to our defence lesson, still feeling slighy sick.

Niall was waiting for me.

"You alright?" He asked.


But I said "I'm fine"

The Gym instructer barked at me "Why are you late? Do 3O push ups! I will not have lateness in my class!"

oh great...

I slowly got down on the ground and pushed up but somthing strange happened...

As I pushed up and down, I didnt feel anything!

The strain I useaully felt doing push ups was completly gone, I suddenly felt good, like really good.

The 30 push ups were easy!

I knew I could of done way more as I got up from the ground without so much of a sweat of my forhead.

Niall was gaping at me and The intructer looked slightly dumstruck
Though luckily the other students hadn't noticed, they were all to busy doing warm ups to see what was going on.

The sickness I'd been feeling had given way to the sudden energy I'd been feeling when I'd woken up and dam did it feel good.

The Gym instructer said slowly "R-right Just get into partners for our next activity"

I smirked braodly at his confusion.

Niall was pared with me again and as the Gym instructer was talking Niall whispered to me "Dude, you did you do that?"

I asked innocently lowering my voice so our gym instructer couldnt hear us "Do what?"

Niall spluttered "You know what I'm talking about! You could barly do 10, what did you just get stronger over night or have you just been holding out on me?"

As I got into my fighting position as our instructer told us to do the same thing we did yestersay, I said cockily "Guess you'll just have to find out"

I didn't know what had happened to me but for once in my life I felt more in control than I ever had, I felt strong and pure enegy seemed to be pumping through my veins, I loved this feeling.

Niall achaully looked worrid, mabye it was what i'd said, I'd never felt so confident in fighting anyone before or mabye it was somthing in my expression.

I said grinning "What? scared I'll beat you for once Horan?"

At my challanging tone Niall said defiantly but also mockingly "You wish Styles"

The Gym instructer blow the whistle signiling to us to start.

I smiled confidently as Niall came at me, somthing told me this fight was going to go down very different from my last fights with Niall...

We fought.

I held my own easily, I could feel and see how surprised Niall looked.

As Niall swung a fist at me I smirked thinking, time to end this.

I caught the fist with my hand then before Niall could react I slowly twisted which Niall gave a gasp of pain and was slowly but forcibly sent to his knees.

Once he was on his knees I sent my leg up at his chest and soon he was completely on the ground looking exhausted and completely shocked.

I was breathing fast but I didn't feel tired at all, far from it in fact it felt like adrenaline was going through me like electric waking up my senses.

I felt amazing and when Our Gym instructor told us to swap partners I just grinned even more, just anouther person I could show of my sudden new strength and reflexes to.

But I almost laughed when I realised who my next partner was...James.

And what's more our Gym instructor wanted me and him to fight in front of the class, this lesson is going to be fun!

James smirked at me, he was confident he'd win.

He was around 6 foot, I was around the same height but he was way more burly and more built for this type of fighting, I should of felt worried or wary but I didn't?

As we turned to face each other, all I felt was a confidence I was never used to feeling and an deep and greedy urge to wipe that arrogant smile of off James's face.

Our Gym instructor got everyone to watch us then yelled "Ok! Go!" Then he blow his whistle.

James came at me, unlike Niall there was no hesitation, he didn't care if he hurt me at all.

James went head but me...come on seriously?

Was he turning into a bull or something like that?

I just waited for him to come wondering lazily if he was going to use any proper fighting moves that our instructor had taught us or not...when he came at me, I just stepped to the side looking very unimpressed.

His momentum carried him forward before he managed to stop himself and he angrily spun around to face me.

I faked a yawn and looked challengingly at him, was that all he'd got?

James narrowed his eyes at me and when he was close enough he kicked out hard, now I had no idea how I did it but one moment his kick was flying at me, I coudn't get out of the way in time and the next moment one of my hands had come up and gripped onto to his ankle.

James eyes widened, I even felt slightly shocked, huh...I didn't know I could move that fast and be strong enough to stop his kick altogether.

James's wobbled unbalanced as I wrapped my hand tighter around his ankle squeezing it tightly and James let out a gasp of pain.
Huh? I wasn't holding it that tight was I?

Nevertheless I let his ankle go then before he could react I grabbed him by his t-shirt and gave him a hard push and he flew in the opposite direction.

I didn't stop to think that someone of my size shouldn't of been able to push him that far, I wasn't really thinking that much at all at that point.

James tried to get up again but I was soon besides him and my foot came slamming down on his chest, smacking him back down on the ground, I could see the way James whole body seemed to shudder on impact with the floor.

I herd a loud crack but I didn't care at that moment what it was.

I pushed my foot down more on his chest, feeling his muscles straining against the sudden force, showing him who had the power in our positions.

James looked dazed, shocked and in pain and I felt a sliver of pride and power that I had been the one who had coursed him to look like that.

Our gym instructor blew the whistle, I took my foot of off him suddenly feeling numb.

I glanced around suddenly realising the whole class was staring at me, there were three different expressions going around, shock, awe and...a slight fear.

I was barly aware that James still hadn't gotten up yet and was groaning in pain clutching his ankle.

Our instructor helped James up who was limping, as soon as he got up everyone gasped, there was a huge crack in the floor where I'd slammed him down.

Our Gym instructor yelled "Right! That's it! Everyone is dismissed!"

Everyone walked out of the gym quickly.

Our instructor got someone to help walk James to our sick room we had at school.

I was about to walk out to but our instructor snapped "Not you Harry! I want to talk to you!"

Niall told me he'd wait outside for me before he left.

By the look on our instructors face I knew I was in trouble...

The Gym instructor told me to come into his office.

I walked in with him hesitantly.

He sat down behind his desk and looked at me with intense brown eyes.

He said leaning in "How did you do that?"

I didn't say anything...I wasn't sure what do say.

After studying me like I was some sort of experiment he said "You know...James is being taken to hospital"

I looked up sharply and said "b-but I-"

The instructor said calmly "You snapped his bone in his ankle in half Harry"

I tensed and my head riled with different emotions...how did I-?!

I spluttered "But! I couldn't have, all I did was-"

He said "Your hands were around his ankle in the fight...do you remember that bit?"

I stammered "Yeah but...how? I-"

He interrupted me again "That's what I want to know, I've seen a lot of things in my life Harry but no human has ever snapped a bone in half with there bare hands...it just doesn't happen"

I saw him glance down at my wrist where the still green bracelet was as if he was just checking..
He dismissed me afterwards and I slowly walked out of his office feeling faint...had he just been implying I wasn't human??!


My bracelet would of changed a different colour if anything was wrong but then I knew something was defiantly wrong.

I barly herd Niall asking me questions at what had happened, I was in shock.

All I could say was "He said...he said I broke Jame's bone in his ankle" ...

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I almost had a heart attack...I thought this book got deleted. Because I kept trying to search for it, but then I realized...I was spelling it wrong Lmao xD

Mrs.Styles1913 Mrs.Styles1913

Ahhh I need this to be updated by the way love the minion


Mia_Irwin Mia_Irwin

It's alright please update it

Thank you!! :D :D