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The Dragons Echo (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Chapter 16

I walked to school, Niall was waiting for out side Mr Ringo's class.

I almost had forgotten that Niall had gotten a detention to.

I asked "You alright? "

Niall nodded and then fidgeting with his hands he said "You still alright about me and the Alien thing?"

I smiled at him warmly, already making up my mind "Yeah man, your like new my best friend as my currents ones done a walk, your fine, yeah?"

Niall let out a breath of relief and looked a bit surprised that I'd made a joke about Louis...huh...I think it was my first time doing that since he left.

"Is he in the classroom?" I asked.

Niall nodded still smiling at what I'd said "Yeah, his talking to Sami"

I blinked and let out a laugh then slapped him friendly on the back "You haven't eaves dropped yet? What's wrong with you?"

Niall said innocently "I didn't want to disturb her privacy"

I raised my eyebrows up at him and accused "You have eavesdropped!"

Niall shook his head and said grumpily "I tried to but I couldn't hear anything"

I said "No way, let me try"

I peered closer to the door and...I could hear them easily.

"Are you deaf or something? There talking pretty loudly, its easy to hear them" I told him.

Niall moved closer then frowned "I still can't hear anything" he said.



I almost had a heart attack...I thought this book got deleted. Because I kept trying to search for it, but then I realized...I was spelling it wrong Lmao xD

Mrs.Styles1913 Mrs.Styles1913

Ahhh I need this to be updated by the way love the minion


Mia_Irwin Mia_Irwin

It's alright please update it

Thank you!! :D :D