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Awkward Meetings

~ Charlie's POV

The drive to my apartment was sat in almost complete silence apart from Tori constantly asking where Niall was. It was wrong for us to not have stayed and searched for him but honestly; with a psycho crazed freaking French king on our tails - the only way for us to get out alive was a quick getaway. Once we’d made it inside and settled in the lounge room, I paced around; hands on my hips - trying to access the situation without freaking out.

“Liam…”, I bugged him.
“Mhmm?”, he asked with a hum; leaning against a door frame.
“Did you wanna take Louis to get something that might fit a little better? James might um..”
“Sure”, he answered not asking questions.

I wanted until the two had headed out of the room before throwing a glance Tori’s way.

“Okay, seriously girl what the fuck is happening?”, I fretted pacing up and down again; set in my ways.
“I’ve got no idea.”
“Charlie, relax”, she told me off, pulling my wrists so that I’d fall onto the couch and take a seat.
“Tori I…”
Charlie - get. a. grip.”

Taking a few deep breaths I couldn’t help but let my mind wander. Eyes raised to the ceiling, Tori flicked my cheek bringing me back to ground zero.

“Earth to Charlie.. we have to do something.. James will be home soon.”
“Huh?”, I asked, zoned out a little.
“Us.. we do something.. James comes home.. Niall’s missing”, Tori explained again exaggerating every part of her phrase.
“Oh yeah.. sorry I was just - day dreaming.”
“A little surreal?”
“More than just a little.”

With the footsteps of the boys returning, and Louis - now looking a little more acceptable - the four of us tried to come up with a working plan.

“So.. do you mind telling us why the King of France wants us dead Lou?”, Tori asked.
“Oh.. no reason.”
“Lou, speak up”, Liam pushed.
“Fine”, Louis gave in; throwing his hands up in the air, “I might have… dated his daughter.”
“Dated?”, Liam sly-d a little more.
“Yeah for a rather short time.”
“You slept with her didn’t you Louis?”
“Do you know how boring France is?”, Louis asked honestly, falling down into a recliner lounge.
“Tori.. sit down, Louis shut up.. and Liam.. plan time”, I put them back in their places.

The three muttered under their breaths and agreed to settle for the night. Luckily, conversation was over moments before an unwanted guest strolled in.

“Hey.. babe; didn’t know we were expecting company tonight”, James let out, briefcase down on the coffee table as he moved in for a kiss, loosening his tie. I obliged, not knowing what else to do in response and copped a glare from Tori. I didn’t bother even trying to read the boys thoughts.

“We um.. weren’t”, I explained hastily, “I just um.. ran into Liam and Louis on the streets and..”
“She invited us around for a pre-wedding dinner”, Liam cut in saving me from an explanation.
“Mhmm”, Tori played on, “We were just about to head out for dinner.”
“Alright”, James let out unconvincingly with a smirk. “Don’t be late though, big day tomorrow.”
“I know love…”, I ended the conversation, “C’mon guys.. dinner.”
“Sure”, Liam and Tori let out in sync.
“Louis?”, I asked, kicking him gently in the shin. “Louis.. Louis..”
“Sure..”, he hissed.

By the time we’d make it back to the car; a sense of awkwardness and tension had washed over us. Liam started her back up again and we headed to Jigsaw - a local pizza parlour. A table for 4 and some drinks later, we decide to get down to business.

“Okay.. so the King wants Louis dead due to his daughter and we’re missing Niall”, Liam stated.
“Who we assume the King has”, Tori added.
“So let’s appease the king and..get Niall back”, Liam assumed.
“Yeah; piece of cake”, Tori finished.
“Okay…”, I spoke up not being able to take it anymore, “Louis.. why on earth did you sleep with the kings daughter?”
“Why do you care?”, he spat.
“Oh I don’t know… Maybe I—“, I was cut off.
“Well maybe if you weren’t getting freaking married Charlie everything would be fine. Explain that!”
“Me? You disappeared into damn board game.”
“You two..”, Liam cut in, “Stop acting like a married couple.”

By his silence, you could tell he had regretted his words.

“So what now?”, I asked annoyed.
“Tori.. pretty sure it was um.. my turn or..”, Liam pushed.
“It was mine”, Louis admitted.
“Alright I’ll go get the game.”

By the time Liam had returned, tension had grown thicker.

“Roll”, Liam enforced.
“Fine princess..”, Louis snapped. “A 4.”
“Pick a card..”, Tori whimpered, as unsure as I was about this now.
“Okay”, he let out, “The mission is not as easy as you’d think; monkeys tails are really quite quick.”


Sorry for being a little slack; I had to type this up after work. Ultra tired and I promise - another chapter will be up soon <3


Yay! I'm looking forward to it!

Actually, we will. I'm hoping to pick up this story again later this week or next week. Thank you :)

Kay_Baby Kay_Baby

Girl this is a great story! I've noticed you haven't updated in a while. Are you going to continue writing it? I subscribed because I really hope you do :)


Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

@Rebekah Knapp
Thank you :) Glad to hear it