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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Eighteen

Third Person P.O.V
The boys of One Direction were in the provided dressing room preparing to own the stage. There was a massive crowd outside waiting to hear more live music. As always the jitters floated through all five members. As their set time got nearer and nearer they got more and more excited. As the opening chords of Up All Night played the boys readied themselves to go on stage. When they came into view the screaming commenced.
“There’s your boyfriend,” Sammy, who was wearing denim capris and a peach lace baby doll crop top with gold sandals, nudged Kat teasing her as Zayn sang the second verse. They were seated with the “special guests”. Kat rolled her eyes as Sammy continued to tease her. A confident smirked played on her lips as Zayn found her in the crowd. It wasn’t hard for him to do so. He knew exactly what she was wearing; acid wash high waist shorts, his old black Beetles t-shirt, and high top DC tennis shoes.
“I’m only thinking about this girl I’m seeing. I hope she’ll wanna kiss me back.” He sang while still looking at her. Kat’s smirk deepened. Sometimes it was the little things he did that let her know he was legit.
“How you doing LA?” Niall yelled greeting the crowd in when Up All Night ended. They only cheered louder in response. “We are One Direction.” Niall continued on the opening spill as Kat glanced around. She had never seen so many celebrities at one event in person. It was an experience she wouldn’t forget.
“This is a great way to start celebrating my birthday.” Sammy commented clearly enjoying it all. “If only he would stop doing that, then this would be better.” She muttered as Harry looked in her direction with hard eyes. He had made a habit of glaring at her when he saw fit. They weren’t nearly as close as they were before Karlos came to visit.
“You did hold back valuable information.” Kat reminded her. “Next time tell the guy you have a boyfriend first.” She sarcastically advised causing her best friend to snort without a care.
“If they really like each other it wouldn’t have made a difference.” Perrie jumped into the conversation. Little Mix had performed earlier. “If Zayn had told you he was my boyfriend when you first met I’m sure you two would still be together now.” She added with a shrug turning to look at the blue haired girl beside her. “Don’t you think so Jade?”
“Maybe,” Jade shrugged clearly not catching the whole conversation.
Kat looked at Perrie directly, “I though you and him broke up before he left for tour.” She stated now feeling uncertain.
Perrie smiled, “Technically we agreed to take a break until we were both less busy.” She turned her attention back to the stage where Kiss You was now being performed. Her words were still ringing in Kat’s ears.
“I’m pretty sure Zayn said he was single in the interview before you two met.” Sammy whispered. She sounded skeptical herself. Perrie didn’t seem like to type to create trouble over a guy and there wasn’t any reason for her to lie about this.
Kat shrugged, “It doesn’t matter now. I’m the one he’s with.” She refused to be ruffled although it was getting more and more difficult to do. “This song is catchy.” She nodded along to the music. Liam spotted her and pointed excitedly momentarily. It caught Louis’s attention who gave her a thumb up. Kat chuckled entertained by the boys who had grown to become close friends.

Kat’s P.O.V
Sammy and I enjoyed the rest of the performance. One Direction was actually pretty good when you gave them a chance. That didn’t mean they had gain a new fan in me just yet though. After they finished their set we went to meet them.
“I saw you singing along,” Louis wagged his finger at me as I made my way to Zayn. The way he stood blocked Sammy forcing her to bump into Harry. I had a feeling it wasn’t an accident.
I shrugged, “What can I say? You guys were good.” I smiled turning to face Zayn who was looking at me amused. We embraced in a simple hug keeping link by the hand as we all made our way outside.
“So, did I hear that you actually liked our performance?” Zayn asked sounding amused. I rambled for a response, but was cut off by the appearance of Perrie. She smiled looking directly at Zayn. It was as if I didn’t even exist.
“You are coming tonight, right? All of the other acts are going.” She sounded hopeful. Zayn looked back me quickly before turning back to her. It seemed as if he was trying to assess my mood. However, I wasn’t allowing anyone or anything to bother me. Not today.
“For a little bit,” he responded dryly before turning back to me. Perrie was left standing staring at his back. Her smile slowly disappeared as she made her way back to her friends. “Tonight would be a lot better if you were coming with me.” Zayn spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. There was a red carpet after party being held for the festival including awards for crowd favorite and more.
I sighed, “Yeah, but Sammy wants to celebrate her birthday far away from Harry, especially since he doesn’t know that she broke up with Karlos.” I reminded him. “But you can always join us later.” I winked playfully causing Zayn to chuckle lightly. He nodded agreeing as we finally made it to the back hidden parking lot. The guys were going to change and Sammy and I were going to get ready. “I’ll see you later?” It was more of a question rather than a statement.
Zayn nodded, “Yeah.” He kissed my forehead opening the door of my car. I got inside and cranked up as he closed the door walking away.
“You two are too cute to handle.” Sammy commented as she buckled up. I reversed out of the parking spot catching a glimpse of Zayn and the other guys. “Clingy much?” Sammy scoffed referring to Perrie who was practically hanging on to Zayn. As I drove past them, Zayn managed to get away from her and wink at me. I rolled my eyes and continued driving.
Sammy held up a cyan club dress with diamond cut out sides and a single strap that crossed from the left boob to the right shoulder. On her bed was a black high waist pencil skirt and red sheer high-low button down blouse. She couldn’t decide on what to wear and we had exactly an hour before we had to meet our other friends. It could take Sammy at least an hour to do her hair and make-up alone.
“I like the dress,” I told her pointing to the new clothing article. “It brings out your eyes and makes your hair look brighter than ever. Now get ready.” I stood from the spinning office chair and walked out of her cluttered bedroom. It was time for me to get ready. There had to be something for me to wear that wouldn’t outshine Sammy (not that I could even dream of doing that). Eventually I settled on a hot pink dress with black platform stilettos. It seemed like a good idea to straighten my hair. While I ran the flat iron through my hair Sammy walked in the bathroom dressed.
“You were right my hair does look more blonde.” She agreed leaning forward to apply liquid eyeliner. “You look cute. If you weren’t already taken you would definitely catch a guy tonight.” Her comment was ignored as I finished my hair and started on my make-up. “Are you worried?”
“Worried about what?” I made the mistake of responding to her. Sometimes it was best to pretend like Sammy had never spoken. Even Karlos knew to do that.
Sammy looked at me, “Worried about Zayn and his overly attached blonde ex-girlfriend.” She stated in a voice that clearly said duh.
I rolled my eyes, “Nope, I trust Zayn.” That was the truth. Even if Perrie was being over the top, I didn’t have a reason to not trust Zayn.
“That’s because you’re unaware of the numerous cheating rumors and angry exes surrounding his name.” Sammy shrugged turning back to the mirror. “But I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.” I stopped in the mist of applying my lip gloss to glare at her. She would not get to me, not tonight.

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn looked at his reflection in the hallway mirror as he waited on the elevator with Niall and Harry. He was dressed impressively. Not that it mattered. Zayn didn’t plan on staying at the party too long. If it wasn’t for management he wouldn’t be going at all.
“You know she didn’t even talk to me.” Harry rambled as they got onto the elevator. He had been ranting about Sammy for at least thirty minutes. It was nearly insufferable. “After flirting with a person for months without tell him that you’re in a relationship, it seems only polite to at least speak.”
“I thought you didn’t like her mate?” Zayn commented. It was clear Harry needed to vent and Niall didn’t seem to be up to the part.
Harry groaned, “Of course I like her.” He confessed causing the lads to exchange a knowing look. “I thought she liked me too, but then she goes and gets a boyfriend.”
“Actually she had the boyfriend first.” Zayn reminded him. Harry made a snarl folding his arms. “Wait until Kat hears this.” Zayn murmured amused.
“Do you tell her everything?” Niall questioned raising an eyebrow.
“Clearly not seeing as how she still doesn’t know the whole story behind his break up with Perrie.” Harry snorted causing Niall to laugh. Zayn’s face hardened as the elevator doors slid open. They walked into the lobby joining the rest of the lads. “You know she didn’t even apologize for running into me today.” Harry suddenly remembered.
“Okay we get it!” Niall bursts. “You like Sammy and she has a boyfriend. Stop talking about it and do something!” He walked away in huff leaving Harry shocked. Louis bursts into laughter as Liam looked back and forth.


Love it!
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