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Case 1357 (Harry Styles)


"You don't want this, Claire."- He said it because he knew that only the alcohol made her do that. Ryan knew from the beginning that Claire would never like or love him the way he did. And this hurt him so bad, but he kept feeling this way. It was the sweetest pain and he loved it.
"I want it..."- Claire tried to convince not him but herself, stepping closer.
Ryan grabber her shoulders and closed eyes.
"I'm going home because I don't want you to make a mistake. I don't want to make that mistake, okay."- He kissed her forehead and jumped out of the window.
He was right and Claire knew it but all she wanted was someone to need her... and want her. She shook her head.-"I don't need them. I don't need nobody."
It wasn't the alcohol that made her confused, everything was so difficult and she couldn't think or act normal. Who was Claire actually? The last years she tried to create that strong woman, still girl, but tonight she was different, so weak. Claire was the little girl, who Harry saved, when they killed her mother. He saved her again and probably would do it again and again in the future, but did she really need to be saved? Or she wanted just that boy, now man, to save her? Did she really want to feel his sympathy because that's what he gave her tonight.
"At least I have you."- Claire stood by Becca's, her sister, bed.
She caressed her cheek and leaned to kiss it.
"Sis?"- Becca's sleepy voice made Claire jump.
"Hug me.
Claire smiled and laid next to her little sister. She wrapped her hand around the small child and inhaled the smell of an innocent spirit. Becca didn't deserve all this, she was too young to realize what had happened or what was happening now and all she wanted was support, Claire's support. She wanted to feel safe not because someone was protecting her... but because she had her older sister around.


I know this is a short chapter, but I'm not feeling well. The next one will be much longer, I promise!


Please Update I really love this story ! :)

daisy123 daisy123

Update!!!!! Please!!!!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

Update Please! And also please go check out my friend Josey Whites fan fin! It is called HALF A HEART its REALY good! Thanks guys!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

Update! PLEASE!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

@Elisa Elizondo
I'm working on the next chapter and probably gonna post it tonight. :)

inkdragonfly inkdragonfly