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Still Friends? (Larry Stylinson AU)

Chapter 3


I have to say that was the worst first day I have ever had. My mom called me while I was driving to school. She told me that it was going to be my last day at my school. She said it was to late to argue because she already called the school and they said I had enough credits that I no longer had to attend any high school. I could go strait to college. Haha, as if I would want to go to college. Throughout the day I said bye to all the friends I had telling them I was moving.None of the teachers asked why I was moving as if they already knew.

When I got home I noticed there were movers already moving my bed into the truck. I went inside the house and walked strait up to my mom. She looked at me. Her expression was a mixture of sadness and hope.

"Hi Harry" she said putting no enthusiasm in voice what so ever.

"Mom" I said not even looking her in the eyes. "Why?"

"Because Harry, well, you know how Gemma decided to go to college in Doncaster? Well she is getting kicked out of her dorm and she needs to find a place to stay or she gets kicked out of college for good. I already told her I would move down there so she could stay with us." She said slowly raising her voice throughout the whole thing while putting that tone in her voice that lets you know that you've lost.

"Mom I, I mean we can't go back there." I yell which made her jump. I was looking her the eyes trying to convince her to change her mind.

"It's to late Harry. You might even get a job there since you no longer have to go to school. I already called the Newspaper Company of Doncaster and told them to put an article about and 18 year old boy looking for a job as a babysitter since you love kids." She said trying to make it sound like a good thing we were moving. At least it was of something I would like. Babysitting. But that's not the point.

"Mom I just can't go back." I said.

"Harry you give me one good reason why we shouldn't go back to Doncaster. You would be able to see Louis again. What even happened between you two? You guys used to be inseparable." She yelled moving her hands along with what she was saying.

At that point I didn't care that we had to go back to Doncaster. All I knew is that there was no way I was going to tell my mom what really happened between me and Louis. How was I even supposed to tell her? 'Oh yeah mom me and Louis don't talk anymore because I pretended to have sex with his girlfriend when we were 14.' Yeah I don't think so...

"What do I need to do to help?" I said trying to sound as disappointed as I could.

"Just go pack your clothes and whatever you want for the drive, the movers will get everything else. Now go were leaving in an hour."she said pointing to the stairs that the movers were carrying my dresser down.


Right now it's almost midnight and me and my mom were flipping through 5 different newspapers hoping that there was magically some boy who was around 18 who wanted to babysit.

When I got home from school earlier there wasn't any problem. Me and my mom just went over the plan with the girls so they knew what was going on. My mom said she would leave on Wednesday so she could get situated with the girls on Thursday and start to work on the case on Friday. It's Monday night now almost Tuesday morning so that leaves us with one day.

"Mom there is no way we are going to find exactly what we are looking for in the newspaper." I said knowing that there was no way we were going to find a male 18 year old babysitter.

"Really? Because look what I just found." She said obviously proud of herself. The article read:

"18 year old boy who is looking for a job as a babysitter. He loves kids and has no trouble getting along with ANYONE! To contact please call 938-262-7262."(made up number)

"That sounds perfect!" I yell in the most happiest voice I could pull off. No trouble getting along, that is perfect he's just my age to. This is going to be great.

"I know I'll call in the morning to see if he can help with Daisy and Phoebe." My mom said pleased with herself.


"That's everything Anne! Everything's either in the movers truck, your car, or your sons car." The mover said directly to my mom. He double checked around the completely empty house just to make sure. I'm glad I was able to drive my own car. I owned a pure black Chevy Camero. I got it as soon as I turned 16.

It was already 9 where we were and we had to get to Doncaster which was a 4 hour drive which means a 4 hour time difference between here and there. Which means it's midnight right now in Doncaster. Which means when we get to Doncaster it will already be 4 a.m.

Luckily my mom never sold our old house so in reality it was still ours. I can't wait to see Lou- wait I can't see him. He probably hates me.

"Okay let's go." I said walking out of the house shouting the door behind me for the last time. 4 hour drive here I come.


I can't wait till morning when my mom figures out if this guy can babysit or not. I'm so excited to be able to bond with someone I've never met


Hey guys. I may or may not be going somewhere with no wifi for 5 days so I might not be able to update but I will whenever I possibly can! It's only for five days. If there is wifi there is PLENTY that I can't wait for you to read! Stay Beautiful-Ali<3



PLEASE UPDATE!!!! I like the movie date idea. or maybe something with the park that they use to go to for their first date or something like that. just please update its a really good story!

i agree about the date movie night or cliffhanging date.

skyeannarino skyeannarino

update please! but....It's a lovely story I could ever imagine!. :) hope you get a good idea of the next chapters but I'll make this a quick idea: Date movie night or Cliffhanging date.)

Ocean_97 Ocean_97

What a great chapter at least they made promises about they are willing ly taking it slow but soon they will get there.

Ocean_97 Ocean_97