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The Hard and Troubling Life of Sydney Jensen


Liam's POV

Did she really just kiss me? I think to myself. She's a pretty good kisser, I guess she's more into me than I thought. The boys look shocked. "She.... Just kissed you, you guys barely know each other!" Zany laughs. "Alright go change boys to your outfits for scene 3" Danny (Sydney's dad) says. I go into my dressing room to find Sydney sleeping. I nudge her to wake her up. She seems shocked. "What did I do?" I ask.

She smiles. "You didn't do anything" I just was really tired. I laugh. "Well you're welcome to sleep in here as long as you want. I go into the closet to find a pillow. I hand it to her. She puts her head on it and falls asleep. She looks so gorgeous when she sleeps. I stare at her until I have to go.

Sydney's POV

Who's dressing room am I in? I ask myself. I don't remember anything before I went to sleep. I stand up and go to the mirror. I see a name tag. LIAM PAYNE it says. Ohh. Oh crap! I say. I have a date with him! I go out into the main area where all the movies are filmed. I see Liam and smile at him. I mouth "I have to ask you something" he nods. He tells my dad to wait a second and jogs over to me. "Yes?" He asks. "Well I was just wondering if tonight was formal or casual?" He tells me Formal. I giggle as i think in my head what I'm wearing. Later that night I'm in my room looking through all my dresses. I pick out the best one I have ::::::::::: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_10/set?id=108097095

I hear my dad coming up the stairs into my room. He knocks. I say come in. He sits down on my bed and sighs. "Honey, you look beautiful" he says. I blush. "Thanks dad" I say sitting down next to him. "Don't get to hung up on Liam, he's pretty famous and has a lot of work to do. I don't want you or him to miss out on anything." I hug him and say I understand. The doorbell rings and I go downstairs to get it, I open it and it's Liam. Gosh, he looks so handsome. "You look wonderful" Liam says twirling me around. He brought flowers. I say thank you and bring the flowers into the kitchen to put them in a vase. I go into the living too a moment later to see Liam playing with the twins. Behind him I see Jessica my younger sister staring at me and smiling" I mouth *he's mine* I smirk! take Liam's hand and walk out the door. When we're settled in the car I ask him where we're going. He says San Sousi. (Some fancy restaurant I made up) we get to the restaurant and get to sit in the VIP section because we don't want any paps getting to us. A little while later, me and him are talking about ourselves when he asks me about my family. I tell him I have 5 siblings, I say that you met three of them already. "My brother James is in the army, he's in Iraq right now..." I say putting my head down. "He's been there about 2 years now." I pick my head back up and smile. "Well I better get to meet him." Liam says and laughs. "And my brother Jamie, you won't see him much, he's mostly up in his room."

We had a GREAT time. Liam asked me for my number and I give it to him. I kiss him before getting out of the limo. I smile at him and walk up the driveway. I hear the car drive off. I walk inside to the living room to see a very special surprise I've benne waiting for.....


Uh oh! Cliff hanger! Share this story with your friends!!! I will update a couple days after Christmas. MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Hope you like the story so far! Comment!


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