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I said leave

So about that date...

Niall's POV:
None of us had seen Kathy in awhile, apart from Liam who bumped into her at the store the other day. This really upset me, especially since we haven't been on that date yet, maybe I should call her... I thought to myself. I mean, what do I have to lose? Oh I don't know, perhaps the most beautiful girl in existence? God, sometimes I wish that my mind would just shut up for a few minutes! I pulled my phone out of my pocket and quickly, before I could change my mind, called Kath.
She picked up straight away.
K: Hello?
N: hey Kathy! It's Niall.
K: Oh, hi Niall! What's up?
N: Remember about a month ago, I asked if you wanted to get dinner, sometime?
K: Oh yeah!
N: Well, I was wondering if you would? Nothing to fancy, I mean we can even get take out and eat at mine if you like but still-
K: I'd love to have dinner! I've really missed hanging out with you guys!
N: Umm... Yh us guys...
K: So, I'll be around about six thirty?
N: Er yeah sure.
K: awesome, tell the guys I can't wait to see them!
N: I sure will Kay.
K: Well I've gotta dash. See ya later Niall!
N: Bye Ka-
She hung up. Well, I guess it's us and the boys tonight then. I suppose they'd like to know, so I walked down the corridor to see them.
I knocked on Harry's door.
"Come on in," Harry shouted. I opened the door to find him writing something down. "Hey Ni. Is everything ok?"
"yeah, I just wanted to let you know that Kath is coming round for dinner, and that she can't wait to see you." I told him, faking joy at the thought of all the guys being there.
"Cool, what time?"
"Er, about six thirty, I think..." I said slightly unsure with myself.
"Well, I can't wait!" He exclaimed, evidently happy.
"Well... Bye I guess..." I said feeling awkward.
"Bye Ni! Hey that rhymed!" He was laughing as I awkwardly slipped away.
I told the rest oF the boys and told Zayn he could invite Jen if he wanted. Right, I thought, now time to get ready.


Hi my lovelies,
I'm so sorry that I didn't update! I just thought that no one was reading, plus I had major writers block!! Anyway I just thought I'd let you know I'm back and that I'm going to try and update a bit more!! But I'm sticking to the questions at the end thing, so answer them please :) ok, so questions:
1) do you have any pets?
2) out of all the places the boys are from (Mullingar, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Doncaster, Holmes Chapel) which one would you most like to live in?
3) Which one of the lads would be the best to have as:
a) brother
b) boyfriend
c) bestfriend
d) classmate
e) boss/teacher?

ok thanks!
stay beautiful sexies!
i love youuuuu
georgi xxxxxxxxx ps: still willing to do shout out <33


Haha sorry I took so long :( but the next chapter will be uploaded soon :) glad you're enjoying it and thanks for answering :D xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyy gurrl. I was excited for the update. I will always answah yo questions.
1.I do have a pet. I have three actually, but my favorite is my cat, Ebony. She is my baby.
2.I do not know where I would live. I have never seen the places where they are from although I am sure they are lovely. I would probs choose Mullingar though.
3.a. Brother - Liam.
b. Boyfriend - Zayn
c. Best Friend - Harry
d. Classmate - Louis
e. Boss/teacher - Niall

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

Yes thanks! Main girl is taken but if I could have a bit of a description for Tessa I'd really appreciate it! Xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyyyooo. Sooooo, I kind of wanted to be a character. Maybe the main but that sounds really kind of stuck up so, since I would love to be any person in your story I would be okay with being like the older sister or something. Zayn is super hot and there aren't many stories about Zayn on here, so Zayn should be in love. But that's just my opinion. Second choice would be Harry and then Louis. :D Best friend's name could be Tessa. She would be confident and strong and totally hard to get.
Hope that helps! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

1)two. English is my first and Im still in the process of learning spanish
2) I enjoy school and would probably cry if my school was burnt to the ground.
3) Harry - How down to Earth he is
Liam - how strong he is, I mena, the guy only has 1 kidney and he sings amazingly and he gets hate and mobbed pretty much everyday
Louis - I don't know. I don't know a whole lot about Louis but I do love his solo in Little Things
Niall - his eyes and his hands and just how sweet he is.
Zayn, All physical features as well as his relationship with Perrie. It is so beautiful

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne