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I said leave

Small talk with the others

*flashback mode has finished*

Kathy's POV
"that was the last time I saw Jen. It kinda tore us all apart when she left. I mean me and Hannah were always close, the closest. But when Jen left she started to... Change I guess. Me and Louise grew closer when Hannah started calling me fat and stuff like that, I even had anorexia. Well I still do have it... Sorta. I'm eating like I used to again, but last time it just took her to say one thing and I'd stopped eating." I watched Niall's face closely as I told him the start and end of my friendship with Hannah.
Niall look over at me sympathy in his eyes, "I'm sorry." Was all he said.
"I didn't tell you for your sympathy." I spat. His eyes widened with hurt. As I realised what I just said. "I'm so sorry Niall! I didn't mean to say that! It's just... When you looked at me like that, it made me so,I dunno, mad? I hate it when people get all sympathetic over me, it makes me feel weak and vulnerable! Niall, I'm sorry... Please say something." I rambled my voice getting softer at the end.
"it's okay, Kath. Now I believe there was something about a day with your aunt that I was supposed to get you to?" He joked. I grinned at him.
"let's go, pretty boy!"

Niall's POV
*back at the house*
I walked through the door to find the boys sitting there on their phones. Zayn had a goofy smile on his face so I guessed he was texting Jen. The others were just checking twitter.
"hey lads." I said getting their attention.
"oh, hey, Niall" Liam said. "How's Kathy?"
"well I'm fine thanks for asking." I said sarcastically.
"your welcome!" Louis joked. I rolled my eyes and went to the fridge to get a bottle of water.
"And she's fine, just having a girly day with her aunt that's all."
"oh, ok." Liam said, he seemed slightly disappointed that she wasn't spending the day with us.
"you know she's going back to school in two weeks, right? And that we only met her like two or three days ago. She doesn't have to spend her life with us!" I said, grabbing an apple and heading through to the tv room.


Hi! So surprise! I bet you weren't expecting an update so soon were you? Lol well ta-da! Thank you so much to those people who commented saying they wanted me to carry on! I love you guys! They were:
yeah i m that crazy gurl
Hailey Colleen
ok so question time!
1)how many languages can you speak?
2)do you enjoy school or wish that it would burn to the ground?
3)what's your favourite thing about each one direction member?
4)can you think of any way of improving my story?

thanks my lovelies! Georgi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps I will do shout outs every update if I can and if you want I'll do story shout outs! Xxx BYE <3


Haha sorry I took so long :( but the next chapter will be uploaded soon :) glad you're enjoying it and thanks for answering :D xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyy gurrl. I was excited for the update. I will always answah yo questions.
1.I do have a pet. I have three actually, but my favorite is my cat, Ebony. She is my baby.
2.I do not know where I would live. I have never seen the places where they are from although I am sure they are lovely. I would probs choose Mullingar though.
3.a. Brother - Liam.
b. Boyfriend - Zayn
c. Best Friend - Harry
d. Classmate - Louis
e. Boss/teacher - Niall

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

Yes thanks! Main girl is taken but if I could have a bit of a description for Tessa I'd really appreciate it! Xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyyyooo. Sooooo, I kind of wanted to be a character. Maybe the main but that sounds really kind of stuck up so, since I would love to be any person in your story I would be okay with being like the older sister or something. Zayn is super hot and there aren't many stories about Zayn on here, so Zayn should be in love. But that's just my opinion. Second choice would be Harry and then Louis. :D Best friend's name could be Tessa. She would be confident and strong and totally hard to get.
Hope that helps! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

1)two. English is my first and Im still in the process of learning spanish
2) I enjoy school and would probably cry if my school was burnt to the ground.
3) Harry - How down to Earth he is
Liam - how strong he is, I mena, the guy only has 1 kidney and he sings amazingly and he gets hate and mobbed pretty much everyday
Louis - I don't know. I don't know a whole lot about Louis but I do love his solo in Little Things
Niall - his eyes and his hands and just how sweet he is.
Zayn, All physical features as well as his relationship with Perrie. It is so beautiful

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne